First indoor grow in soil


Finished!!! Now since my little clone is so perky I’m thinking on cutting another or two since I dont have anymore seeds.


EMA is starting to get frosty and GG is growing so tall!!




Girls look happy after 11 hrs of their new light! Good temps and rh too!!! Total awsomeness!!! 20190318_074505|374x500


I am soooo excited and happy with @dbrn32 & help from the forum that I am wanting to join the RB Lab. I did some digging to find out more then I sent info in and waiting to hear back. Why isn’t the lab talked about more? I feel like I’m missing something. If so can someone please enlighten me? :woman_farmer:


Cost of training modules I think. It’s actually quite inexpensive compared to other training programs. We would love to have you!


Thank you!! I look forward to joining you! It may be a week or so but I will be seeing you there!!


Flushed last night for first time. 1 tsp blackstrap/1tsp Epsom to gal for each. Ph 6.5 and r/o was 6.3 for GG and 6.4 EMA.

GG is still growing. I’m taking 2 more clones from her Sunday


Dock that guard dog a day’s treats for napping on the job! Looking good :+1:


Lol! It was bedtime and MY time to do what I do without their help!! Thanks @elheffe702 but EMA should be getting close to harvest but shes not very big at all. I thought she would be taller😉 and fatter!! I guess didn’t treat her to her liking. I dont know. Is there anything that can I do to fatten her up?


Have you stopped feeding grow nutrients? They start to need less N around that time, and more P and K. You could also gradually lower your lights. The closer they are, the more photosynthesis can happen.

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Ok I’ll change nutes up a bit. I get nervous just thinking about it but I know its gotta be done!! Lol. That’s probably why they are small I was too scared to overfeed so I probably underfed. And the lights… I didnt want to put too much light too soon and cause burn. I’ll work with that too! Thanks @elheffe702.

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@Hippiebeachbiker It was a auto they flower based on the age of the plant regardless of light time if its on 24 hours a day or 12/12 so the clone is the same age as the mother plant they will flow at the same time as the mother plant .

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Thanks I get it now. Theywill be one bud wonders. Lol

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I would be interested to see what they look when they finish though .

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Sure I’ll send some pictures as they move along.


GG clone doesnt look so good. Is she too far gone? I noticed a yellowing spot last night then today this is what she’s showing? I don’t know what to do?

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@elheffe702 what did I do to my little clone? Light burn maybe or just out right dieing? Can I fix it or just let her be?


I can’t really tell from that picture. Is it just soaking in water? No roots yet?

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