First indoor grow in soil


Tonight is the night!!! I gotta say I’m a little bit nervous. It’s my first clone…:slight_smile::slight_smile::slight_smile: I’ll be shouting out before I cut I’m sure!! Lol!! 15525177878224515618591372337524|374x500



You will do great!


Ok here goes

she is growing like crazy!! Ok I’m cutting here



I’m dieing to know what yall truly think.


Looks very cool. All I did was cut, put in rooter, stuck in Happy Frog dirt and a little water but I mostly misted a few times a day. I don’t like to lose time transplanting and freaking them out. Seeds and cuttings right in their pots and no transplanting. I didn’t lose any from this batch. Even when they look like they died the root is growing and the plants are growing. I can’t wait to see yours get going. It’s exciting


I thought about rooting in pot but took the safer way out. Next clone I will maybe. This one never even wilted. All perky this am.

So far so good!!:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


@MattyBear … GG clone this am. She never wilted not even a little bit. Looks same as when I first cut it. You think the air did that?


I got my referral to go to cannabis clinic. What’s happens next? I’d like to know what’s to be expected and stuff.


They will usually look pretty good if they are in water. Check for roots after 5-10 days :wink:


I just submitted all my info online and then went in to talk with the Cannabis license issuer. It was a 10 minute conversation and they went over medical history and that was about it. I have plenty of conditions that qualify for medical cannabis in my state :man_shrugging:


Yep, that’s about it. They just want to know what ails you.


I had to get a referral from my orthopedic and primary dr starting why I should get it. I have plenty reasons to get it also but we only have 2 drs here and they can only take 100 pot heads each. Wont be able to get meds until May.


Ok I am tickled about this little clone. Shes strong.


That’s too bad. Are you in a medical only state?


Yes indeed. Louisiana. They just legalized medical. Cant get weed just concentrates and edibles. Can’t get anything until May that is IF I will be one of the 100 patients. I’ll trip right on over to Lafayette if I have too. I am determined to get mine!!!:smirk::smirk::smirk:


OMG!! Two weeks ago the idiot cutting the grass busted a coil on my a/c unit. It was cool for a couple of days but really humid and muggy. My grow room was at 85°. I had a fan pulling air from window day/night but the RH was kicking between 70-80. So I put a window unit in and when I got up this am it had turned cold outside so my tent definately cooled off and RH is 47% and holding.

My clone is happy happy. This thing is working out great for germination tent! Holding 82°.


Now that I have a window unit in my grow room would I need to worry about light leaks.

If so I’ll fix it…if not I’m going to finish my light.