First indoor grow in soil


I’ve never cloned. Let’s see if we can get some help. @Familyman @blackthumbbetty @MattyBear Can one of you advise @Angie on the possibilities for cloning her GG?


You can clone through a few weeks of flower, I think. If you clone flowering plants you’ll end up with monster-cropped clones. They look a little funny to start, then they grow like…MONSTERS!


2-3 weeks into flower should be ok for cloning.


That sounds like it could be interesting. Plus I dont have anymore GG seeds. Thanks for come back


Grab some clonex and some rockwool cubes. Put them in a dome and mist them 3-4 times a day and you’ll have clones in 10-14 days when you take the clone, scale the bottom of the stem and nick the long side of the stem a couple times. Make sure to cut them at an angle also. Snip the leaf nodes in half too to slow transpiration


I appreciate it @Familyman. If I was to super crop would I wait longer to take a clone or is it time now?


You can take a clone/s when you supercrop. I’d just take a shoot off one of the bottom branches that wouldn’t amount to much anyways :v::bear:


I have 4 good long shots on the bottom that I can play with. How far away from main stem do I cut?


Can you post a picture of where you plan to take the clones and I will circle where to cut for you :wink::v:


Wonderful!! Thanks so much!!!



Few hairs but are starting to show at bud sies. Will this be considered monster cropping?


@MattyBear could you please show me where to cut clones. The last pics of GG from yesterday.


Cut from the bottom of the stalk and pick the skinniest shoot that won’t produce much. From those pics, there’s not really a good place to point out. Maybe the back side of the main cola that is being shaded


Ok thanks. I’ll give it a try.


I took 3 cuttings from a flowering Armenia’s haze auto from these guys. Great seeds. The flowering clones all started flowering right away and are about 4 inches of icky sticky bud you ever saw. I do mean bud. They look like bonsai plants. I’ll put on the pick of the 1 I put outside.


So then I took 3 from the veggin AH and the actually went to veg stage and they are looking better than the others in flower flower stage.

the top one doesn’t get enough light. I grow in a tent and didn’t know how easy it was to clone so I ran out of room when none of them died.


I didn’t do anything special but I will only take cuttings from the veg state in the future. Mine were all from the bottom when cleaning up foliage. Can’t wait to see how yours go. I started these in late Jan I believe. I do want to state I have only recently started the autos and have grown 4 AH but each one was a different trip to grow. Lots of fun and the last 2 weeks were scary cause they all acted different.


Yeah the first pic is a freaky looking little thing… in a good way I mean.:sunglasses::sunglasses: The other ones look pretty and strong. They are all from autoflower mom? I’m going to take a cutting from GG tonight when her lights come on being she turned out to be a photo but I’m not going to cut my auto. I’m wanting to take another a little later in flower to see what happens. That is depending on how the first cutting goes. I want to see how my hand is at monstercropping. I want to watch your auto clones progress.:yum::woman_farmer:


Cool. I’ll keep up with the pics once in a while. I’m so afraid one of them will hermi on me. I have a seeded ah that is flowering and I hope the two aren’t talking in that tent at night lol. Can’t wait to see what yours do. I couldn’t get the flowering ones to go veg again.