First indoor grow in soil


Thanks Jewels I’ll try on a tomato plant or something.


OMG!!! This grow has been educational for sure!!! Right off the bat I end up with Hermie.

So I sent it to a home so that I could watch its progress without handling it (taking a shower as soon as I get home for precautions.) I had a couple of bag seed on porch since Jan through the rain and freezing nights. One was yanked due to it being male and the other never being transplanted is still looking perky. I lost a seedling to a stuck shell. Im thinking now that GG has turned out to be a photo instead of auto after all. I managed to get my first Autoflower to a beautiful budding young lady being able to compare an auto and photo. And last but not least I am learning to build a grow light!! I still have a ways to go before harvest and Im just wondering what’s next? So yeah…it has been a real learning progress!! You gotta love it!! Thanks everybody for the help!!


GG at feeding time.

She doesn’t look happy. This is everytime I feed. But EMA trucks on and never showing any kind of a reaction. Only thing different is EMA’s soil has more peat. She isn’t as heavy as GG.


I think the GG looks fine. Are you letting their soils dry out? Something I had to learn is to match their watering needs not my schedule. When I started, I had it in my head that the would get watered on Wednesday and fed Sunday. Boy did they teach me I was wrong. They may also use food and water at a different rate so adding moisture may be on different days. What time was it in their light cycle? If it was late GG could be napping already.


Oh man yeah I fed after lights were out like 4.5 hrs. I didn’t even think about that!! I have been feeding on Friday and H2O with blackstrap & Epsom when they get really light usually by Monday misting between… She didn’t droop when I give her h20 mix. Even though GG looks so hardy she’s definately more picky than EMA. I will have to change feeding time. They are surely showing me who’s in charge. Lol! Thanks for enlightening me!!


By the way…what did you think of Hermie? I dont do anything for her. No food just water and a fs grow light from wal mart and misting. I just wanted to see how a hermie would grow.


You don’t want to give the phot light after the lights have been turned off. It can cause them to hermie. They need to have full dark for 12 hours.


Hermie is interesting. What are you going to do with it?


I’m going to let her finish and see what kind of smoke comes from it. I have heard they turn out ok smoke. We shall see. Curiosity I guess.


It’s best to feed soon after lights on, so they have the whole day to utilize it. This also keeps the roots from soaking overnight.


Sooo should I not open tent at all after lights out?


Ok. That’s a need to know. I wasnt sure about best time to feed. Thanks


Now that you know the GG is a photo no you should not open the tent after lights out. It is very important to make sure you do not have any light leaks also. Don’t forget you can set your light to cycle best for your schedule, it’s your world after all. Mine comes on at 7 pm and shuts off at 7 am. Gives me time to feed/water when the lights come on. Their day is when I sleep, then I can check on them in the morning before their day ends.


That sounds doable. About the light leaks. I can see bits of blurple from around the zipper. Should I fix that?


I’ve got some very small pin holes that I can see light through also around sticking and zippers. There are not a ton so I am not worried about them. Someone may chime in with a differing opinion but that is how I’m playing it.


I’ve been reading on photos and read no light leaks but couldn’t find the exact about it so I will be grateful to find out for sure. I would just cry if she hermied on me too so please Seriously I have done plenty research on autos but GG threw me a curve that I wasn’t prepared for.


Hope she doesnt hermie because I have had her tent open a few times with lights out.


Now I’m freaking out​:grimacing::cold_sweat::scream:


Ok I got this…it is what it is I guess. I’ll watch her real close and keep in total dark. Thanks again @Bubblehead you may very well have saved GG.


I was wondering if it would be too late to get a couple of clones off GG.