First indoor grow in soil


Ok. It may take me a couple of days but I’ll get it and get back with you. This is actually fun!! Thank you.Ill do my best to make you proud!!!:star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


I want enough light for to have a successful harvest. I am poor folk don’t get me wrong that’s one reason I’m growing in my middle room but I would rather do it right and not cut my plants or myself short. In the end I want a set up like Jewels. That’s a nice light.


If you want a setup like that, that setup is the cheapest way to get there. You said wanted cheaper, so I’m giving you a way to get a portion of the way there cheaper. The question is, how much cheaper?

When you build, you decide how to spend your money. Do you wanna get halfway there, 2/3 of the way, 1/4 of the way?


Yeah I do but can not afford $250 all at once right now I just want to do what can be done to get the absolute best harvest I can. You have to excuse me I’m like a kid in a candy store.


Today pic of the girls patiently waiting for me to finish their light which is in the works thanks to @dbrn32 help. 20190307_003437|374x500](upload://hZBhPuMguwle90POMLjzzDvBo1T.jpeg) EMA

GG#4. She’s got aa bit of stretch h going on since I switched to 12/12.




I’m glad you didn’t mentioning the sacrifice of the Old Smokey, I wish I still had one.


Lol!! Smokey survived!! I finally found aluminum plate.


@GreenJewels are you using mega crop nutes? I got my free bag. Just wondering how its treating your girls.


They look great @angie looks like you GG is starting some nice bud sites.


Thank you @Bubblehead. Yeah it looks like she’s trying but still very few pistols showing and only on the top.
Do you think she may be a photo after all?


Yes I started using megacrop in DWC on my cheese autoflower, tomato, lettuce ,etc ( the list keeps growing)
I can’t judge with the cheese auto. I stunted her from the get go. My fruit and veggies love it :grin: I’m getting ready for another soil grow and I’ll use Megacrop on those.


It looks like you were gifted the GG seed from reading your journal. The way it is acting it sure looks like a photo.


I’m planning on using my next grow but I’m not certain the dose. I do plan on using on my tomatoes and herbs outside in a raised bed


It was a gift seed supposedly an auto but come to find out they thought auto meant it auto-matically grew. He had no idea what an autoflower or photo period was. it’s all good. My first go around will let me watch and compare notes on the growth pattern of auto and photo side by side same tent same treatment.


@GreenJewels are those QB120’S?


Yes they are QB 120’s with a HLG-240H-C2100A driver :sun_with_face:


@GreenJewels thats the exact setup im building right now. Just waiting on the driver to come in from the mail and I’ll be golden. What size tent do you run it in?


There is a chart on the bag for EC. The bag chart is for soil. There is also a feeding calculator on their website for hydro
6grams of MC= 1 tsp. Hope that helps :v::green_heart:


@imSICKkid the tent it’s in now is actual measurements 30"×30"×62"( listed as 32"×32") it will go in my new tent eventually that’s actually 35"×35"x70"