First indoor grow in soil


Ok I will find something that will work tomorrow. Ty​:star_struck::woman_farmer:


I’m ready for sunshine!:sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:


We’ve been having sunshine, ir jus means it will be colder than…in the morning.


It was brought to my attention that autos lst can go against yield at a certain point. What I’m asking is at what point do I untie and let go?


Can I take a clone after she starts to flower?


When I tie them up, I usually leave them until harvest. If you cut them loose before they’ve hardened off, they’ll probably stretch right back up. I’d leave them alone. And most typically advise against cloning autos. I’ve heard it can be done if the timing is just so, but once flowering, I think you’d only be hurting your yield.


Thanks @elheffe702 I appreciate you… thats what I needed to know.


Morning pics of my girls.


Observations please??? Can you share your thoughts about the EMAs smaller thinner leaves compared to GG#4 big thick 9 finger fan leaves


GG probably has more indica dominant genetics than the EMA. Indicas grow shorter and more squat, and have broader leaves, where sativas have narrow leaves and they grow tall and thin. At any rate, they look great :+1:


Thank you @elheffe702 you pretty much confirmed what 8ve been reading. But HAYYYYY "Wake n Bake jar and “Most of the Time” jar!!:wink::wink::wink:that will work out great for me as long I have a successful grow that is​:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: so I’ll apologize ahead of time to everyone for bugging yall with my uncertanties. I’m a pretty good learner especially when I’m enjoying doing it but mainly good teachers!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Folks like you are why folks like me spend time on this site…just here to help. No need to apologize :slight_smile:


Sure happy to be amongst folks like you!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::woman_farmer:


@dbrn32 will this work. I’d have to order extruded heatshrink. If this wont do I can exchange. At least I know what my choices are share aren’t much and there’s no home depot here​:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:Just point the way!!:woman_farmer:


I’m guessing you meant to attach something for me to look at?



1/8x2"x8’. No plate bug enough


Ya, that will work for like 4 strips if you have something to fasten it together with?


I can attach them. Will 4 strips be enough or could I use more. I can always get another bar.


Depends on how big of a light you want?


A meanwell hlg-185h-c1050a is $46 driver before shipping and taxes. It will run up to 9 of the bridgelux eb gen2 strips, those are about $8 each. You’ll still need some thermal transfer tape, connectors, wire, power cord, and hardware. That would be a pretty kick ass light for about 6 square feet.