First indoor grow in soil


Ok. I’ll get back when I find something. Thank you for your help​:star_struck::star_struck::woman_farmer:


You made those???


They look like high $ stuff I run across right before I decided to go with my $65 Blurple!!!:flushed::flushed::flushed:lol.


You can do a light like @GreenJewels too. Just a better option for doing all at once.


Jewel’s light is really nice. Looks expensive. I’m really needing cheapest way until I can do better. Ill wait til tomorrow to see if I cant get aluminum plate from metal depot free. I know I can buy one from lowes. Ill let you know what I find. Enjoy your day👩‍🌾


Probably $250 or so to do a light like that. Boards may be out of stock right now though


@dbrn32 Is there something that wont cost nearly that much? Something to add to what I have for flower to make due for a bit. To put it mildly…the cheaper the better. Lol. At least for right now.


Yes, that’s why I put you on hunt for aluminum. We’ll see what you come up with there.


Thanks man I appreciate that! Going to sell some stuff on LETGO!!! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:



@dbrn32 I will Google it and see. If not I’m going to lowes tomorrow. Can you tell me what would you get? On the cheapest note?


You have a tent full Steve


Really nice happy bunch you have there


If you’re going to buy something I would just buy some heatsink extrusion. You would likely have to order that.


I looked at that. 12x24x1/8 ??


It was 78° yesterday. High 60° this am 57 now and supposed to be 36 in the am. This weather sucks!!!


I would take that weather right now. It is is 15f now and going below zero tonight.


I found this in the shed. Aluminum level.or…ladder maybe??? should be able to findsomething it seems.Lots of crap


Ladder isn’t flat, or at least have enough surfaces that are flat.

Plate like that was just an example. I also said you could use angle or bar stock wide enough. Something like this is about $4.50 per 24" piece and will allow better cooling at higher current.


You can get angle at Home Depot that is reasonable.