First indoor grow in soil


Hey there everyone. Im Angie. This is my 2nd go around with an indoor grow. I had 6 other seeds that didn’t even crack. Big let down. I have been planning researching and gathering everything needed for an indoor hydro grow for about a year now. It can really be confusing. Everyone has different ways to do things. So I finally decided to try again but I’m using soil in fabric pots.

So here goes. I have a 36x36x5 tent with 4" inline fan plus a 4" pulling air out and 4" filter. 1600w full spectrum board from amazon. Humidifier and 4" fan inside. 2 digital thermostats. I have a 5 gal bucket with 2 air stones for reservoir. I have to ph my water before every watering to keep at 6.5. 1-9 @ 5 PM I soaked 6 Miss Early Auto and 1 surprise seed from a bag of hydro. It was claimed to be GG. I shall see what is what. I named her Antonia after ol boy I got the smoke. 1-10 @ 5pm I put them in paper towel on a mat. 1-11 @ 6am 4 EMAs popped already and ANTONIA to my surprise!! 2 EMAs still show nothing. 6pm all went in pots. I mixed 3 part compost 3 part peat moss 2 part wet perlite 1 part wet vermiculite. Into tent. 1-13 6am. GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!!! Then Bella popped up later that day. 1-14 Antonia said hello. 1-15 Eloise.shes trying anyways…poor baby I don’t know. 20190116_091000|242x500
This was taken this morning. I’m not liking Sunshine’Sunshine’s color. Eloise still has hull for a hat. What do I do? Everyone else seems happy. Any suggestions? Plz. Does Sunshine look ok?


Finally getting the temp down and humidity closer. No nutes just water from res. then ph down to 6.5 every watering. Am I doing any good ph ing after it comes from res with air?


Everything looks good… just make sure that your letting the soil dry enough that your not overwatering… it’s hard to do at this stage… :wink:
By the way , Welcome to ilgm angie… :grin:



Thank you and yeah I worry about that. You think that’s what’s wrong with Sunshine’s color?


No , I dont think I’d be getting super worried just yet… just make sure you tread lightly with your watering… they are super small and don’t need alot of water…:wink:
You dont want to squeeze your little bunny rabbit to death… :grin:



Lol! You noticed my grandsons art work? I had to stop and think for a sec. :thinking::hugs::smiley:. So I need let them dry pretty good before I water again and should I leave them in their pots for a week or two? I have 3 gal cloth pots.


Wait for the soil to start separating from the side of the cup and use distilled or rain water is best on seedlings. About 7-10 days in the cups ,then depending on how big you want the plant to get transplant into appropriate size container. Large container = large plant small container =small plant. Keep your light (CFL best for seedlings) within a few inches on seedlings so they don’t stretch. I transplant mine as soon as the first set of leaves stretch over the side of the cup about 5-10days. Your going to do well and welcome :alien:


Thank you for the welcome and the advice. I’ll back off the water. I picked cfls up to 6" this morning but I’ll drop them back down when I get home. This is going to be really cool to have support from you all. Was a bit nervous at first but I feel really good about asking you all for help. Thanks again.


What do I do with this girl?

Still won’t turn loose of the hull. Will this hurt the plant?


That one looks pretty stuck, you can try to moisten it to help make the seed hull softer . I have also herd of using spit , something about the enzymes in the spit helping break it down . I have never managed to save one that stuck though


I’ll try anything to save it. I’m going to spit on it and see if that works. Thanks. I’ll post a pic .in am if spit theory works or not


I have never actually tried that one good luck


Lol We shall see come the am. I tried to move it but it wouldn’t budge so I spit on it…poor baby. I’ll sure let you know.


:flushed::flushed::blush::smiley: I’m a little slow on that one but your right I find myself wanting to check on them too often which makes me want to water so I definately need to back away a bit.


I had the same issue, used a toothpick to gently pry it off.


Just grab both sides of the seed and pry it apart… she either lives or dies… if the seed hull stays on , she dies for sure… :wink:



Your very welcome hope it helps you. Yeah folks here are pretty relaxed and enjoy helping others. 2-4 inches from plant with cfls. You will develop your own techniques that suit you as an individual and this is great place to learn
and share. Green Grass & High Tides


Hey Angie I recently sprouted about 20 seeds and had a few with stuck seeds. I found that the sharp Acne tweezers are great for removing those pesky seed casings. Good luck!


Ok I tried spitting on the shell a few times before I called it a night. I couldn’t really tell a difference.So I spit on her again and covered with bottom of water bottle. Hopefully this will work. If it does her name will be changed to Loogi. Sounds like it is I guess. A big thanks to you all.


Anyone see a difference?