First indoor grow in over 30 yrs - suggestions?

Good morning all - this is my first grow inside in over 30 yrs. These are 3mos old and approximately 2’ tall. My height availability is 7’ - how long should I keep them in their veg stage before switching photo period and bulbs. The light is a 600w MH now and I have a HPS for flowering.

Thanks - MotaMan


Good morning @MotaMan and welcome to the ilgm forum. There are a ton of folks here that will help you out. I can’t really help you out with your question but just thought I’d say hello from Massachusetts.

Your girls look great!

Hey buddy welcome those are some fine-looking plants if they were mine I’d probably be flowering them soon because they’re going to stretch some and expand too and plus look really healthy and ready to go…!

…you’re going to get explosive growth in 2 to 3 weeks it’ll start like crazy you’ll love it, good luck keep us posted…! :thumbsup:

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hola senior @MotaMan! those are some good looking ladies there!

I agree with @Paranorman …the plants are ready, 3 months is a good amount of vegging time and the longer they stay in those pots the more packed the soil will get and the root mass will take over the container, water will take longer to soak in, what are those 5 or 7 gallon pots? They look like plastic, a fabric pot would help avoid the plants getting root bound.

do you have side lights for the lower leaves?

the buds will get heavy as they develop :grinning: and may weigh the branches down, they may need support.

Looking good!


Welcome to the sand box plants looking all happy and stuff . You should have a nice yield with them getting that mature before going to flower . I praise your patience 7 weeks is as long as I wait to change to flowering for height control my tent is only 5’6" good luck those should be beautiful

@MotaMan welcome to Ilgm, your ladies look gorgeous, great job so far😎

I believe that the pots are 3 gal - I’m on a budget and couldnt afford the cost of soil for a 5 . Never heard of a fabric pot but will look into for my future grow.

Thanks for the input – growing outdoors is so much easier


What about nutrients ? I use bloom booster for my outdoor grows – made by Miracle Grow.


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these are some of the more affordable fabric pots.
the cloth sides keep the plants roots from circling around and getting root bound, something called “air pruning”

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Most people here try to stay away from anything made by Miracle-Gro.

You need to get some nutes that were made specifically for cannabis.

Check out the Fox Farms website.

Thanks for the heads up on Miracle Grow - I will be checkin out Fox Farms and the fabric pot also. That pic was taken
1/27 – they’ve grown since then – will post some new pics tonite. They’ve gotten alot bigger …


Thanks bob31 - This is Illinois here - MotaMan