First indoor grow in NE

One plant is in it’s 5th week the other it’s 6th week. I added a 3000k Bloom light to the mix.
I purchased a PPM meter, studied, and it seems I need to raise my PPM. So many questions? When they say ones plant needs 1200 PPM is that what they are putting in? The highest I can get my PPM going in is 421. Coming out I got 750 PPM for the one and 898 for the other. So I need to raise the PPMs. Studying again. I’m in FF Frog which has nutes so?
So my water had a PPM of 125. I added nutes and got 421. The runoff was 750. I need to understand this more, LOL. Plant is getting 454 PPM? My calculations?
Here’s the ladies. Other than the tips of the sugar leaves getting a little yellow which I think is from having them too close to the lights I’m having fun and doing Ok,.

Another watering with nutes today. Here are the numbers. These girls were planted at the same time in the same FF Frog. IGLM Sour Diesel.

P1 Water 116 PPM. Nutes 569 PPM, runoff 850 PPM

P2 Water 116 PPM, Nutes 569 PPM, runoff 1123 PPM.

Seems like they have food?

This girl is beefing up some. Not a bad plant for my first indoor

Plants are in the 4th and 5th weeks of flower. Autos. Everything was great as far as I can tell. Then I found one leaf with some issues.

My last grow in this space. Moving up. Thanks for letting me share. Talk to me?