First indoor grow ILGM groilla glue auto

Almost done name Sloth Gorilla Glue (SGG)
Environmental Indoor
Humidity between 40-60%
Temp mild 22 Cold outside once in tent controlled between 19 and 26
Type 70 % Indica 30% Sativa
Seed Supplier ILGM
Size Pot 200mm
In Ground 17th May
Germination 19th May 3
Veg 16th June 28
Total Grow Duration
Dry Time
Fertiliser Veg ozmocote, changed to rose ozmocote during flower
Water Schedule 1 daily 300-mls, 1ml to 1 ltr of seaweed extract weekly.
Ph Veg 6.0-6.2
Ph Flower 5.8-6.0

Grow, Cure and Smoke Notes
"Started outside in seed trays. Was cold overnight and took a couple of days to germinate. Then had cold snap and took ages for the seed shell to shed. At day 10 magic happened and a 200W CFL arrived. One plant was struggling while the other looked healthy. Time to move into a more suitable environment. Inportant note: never start auto’s in seed tray, always start in pot you want to raise them in as I think this has contributed to them being small with one really struggling. Over the course of the grow a few more enhancements purchased Ph measurer and up down solution. Keeping the Ph steady for watering between 6.0 nd 6.3 has seen massive improvement in growth. Well the light worked with one thriving along and the other getting that much little burst it needed. Another small surprise arrived 18th June a mammoth grow tent. Setup that evening noticed now in heavy flower so expecting less than 40 days to go.



Another nice plant!

Very nice. Welcome to ILGM!

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