First indoor grow - ILGM Big Bud

Hi all

I have grown a couple of ak47 autos which I just stuck in a pot in my garden and they seemed ok (did ask a question on the forum). I now have a tent and have the following setup.

I am only growing 1 plant and have a 2 x 2 tent, a 250w dual cfl plus an extractor fan with a carbon filter and of course the obligatory grip fan.

My seed went into paper on Sunday morning and today I planted it into my small pot with about a 1/2-3/4" tap root. I am using new potting soil mixed with sand and perlite.

The small pot is just sitting on top of the 5 gallon pot (small tent, limited space) until its time to transplant. I am hoping to try LST on the plant, watched loads of videos but I am sure Ill be asking questions, to try and fill it up. Its all just for me and as I only have 1 small tent, I am hoping that I can get enough to last me through to the next harvest as I dont have a vedge and a flower room :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed


Yep feel the pain of a small area lmao. Glad I’m not the only one :sunglasses:

Whats your temp under that batwing reflector thats really close


83.1. It looks closer than it is. Its about 2" above the 5 gallon pot and its down inside it by about another inch and then the bulb is about 1" inside the batwing. so its not really that close. I can put my hand underneath and hold it no trouble

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Oh okay it looked really low lol
83 wouldnt let it get that high i run my whole grow under 80 degrees best growth under 80 my experience hope it helps


Awesome, thanks. Ill shift the lamp up a bit


Down to 78 :slight_smile:


That will work great
Nice job


My current grow 35 days old autoflowers


Nice. Not long til you will be enjoying your efforts


40 to 50 days if all go’s well

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I think the light is way to close.

I read somewhere that the light needed to be a couple of inches above until it surfaced. I moved it up about a foot away but always happy to take advice from people who know better. Do you think I should move it higher?

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I think your good right there your running CFLs that should be ok


Top banana. Fingers crossed for my first bit of growth

Hey Scowners, I have a similar set up and my tent is only 5’5" tall so LST comes in handy and I am in early flower with my first SCROG.
I use a 125w CFL for seedlings and I place it about as close as your pick without a problem. You may want to adjust a little due to using a 250w but I thought seedlings liked it warm and humid, that being said I use a dome for seedlings
I also only grow one plant- 2 max
This is Betty and she is ILGM white widow


Hi Paul
looks good to me, think ill probably use string around the poles, not really thought about how yet :slight_smile:


So 1 day after planting

It all seems to be ok and its sprouted already.
Temp is steady around the late 70’s but humidity is only 54% and ph is as shown.

So day 2 and the plant is doing well as you can see.

Temps are low 74.6 and high 78.2 - lights on 18/6
Humidity is only 42%
PH is 7 which is a worry although the plant looks fine and I imagine that once I feed it nutrients that will bring the PH down in any case (not imminent I should point out of course). Its just whats in the soil right now.

Do you think I should do something now? Great if I can do it with something in the house rather than buy it (wife has already given me a hard time about how much I have spent…she isnt a smoker :slight_smile: )but if not then I will have to fib a bit lol.

Any advice is appreciated

Day 3

And looking good.

Temp is a bit low, early 70’s so have moved the light a bit closer to warm the room up although it has been pretty chilly today.

Been looking about at dwc on the forums today but it all seems a little difficult, compared to soil, stick in the seeds, water it a bit and its pretty forgiving. dwc on the other hand seems to be 1 drop out and you kill your plants and loads of maintenance. Is the extra effort really worth it compared to a soil grow?

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