First Indoor Grow- I need help

@Hellraiser am having a temp issue, running between 79 and 82 day and night. I want to lower the LED light I have in the tent to slow down the stretch, but afraid it will rise the temp. Long term thinking I will need something to control the temp in the tent. Any suggestions? Am on day 4 of planting, and don’t have a fan or vent in tent yet. I can afford to buy something

You’re gonna need an exhaust fan and some ducting to remove the warm air from the tent, specially when you move to using the the MH lights, temps will increase much more.

I would go ahead and lower the light though to avoid more stretch while we get your ventilation system sorted out, have a fan blowing over your sprouts so they don’t heat up too much from the lower light, it’ll stay pretty much the same temp in the tent, same heat source (the light), doesn’t really matter if it’s 4 feet high or 2 feet high, still generates the same heat. Up to 85F is actually still in the safe zone so you’ll be OK.

Then let’s talk about the ventilation system that will work for you.

Fans for inside the tent. I’d get a couple fans like this to move air around inside the tent.

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For an exhaust fan, I use these

Need to see what actual equipment you got for the MH light setup to see if we can also use the exhaust fan to air-cool the light (easiest way to keep a tent cool running MH/HPS light). Can you take a pic of that equipment so I can see exactly what you have?

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Housing for all bulbs: Will arrive Thursday.

400 and 600 watt bulb are the same manufacture:

My current vent system: I havent hung it yet, was about too. I was going to buy the 6" inline system you recommended for my flower tent:However can buy it now.

I put a 6 inch fan in the tent, and ordered a 2nd one, they one you recommended:

Flower tent is 48 x 24 x 5. About to order the 4 x 4 x 80"

Housing set up now with fan on.

Correction, my current tent is 2x4x5, was going to try and keep as veggie tent. Flower tent will be the 4x4x80"

Your current vent fan will do fine for your smaller veg tent, and the one I linked would be great for the flower tent.

Now on the reflector bulb housing. The one you got coming is going to pump out some heat and is not adapted to being air cooled. Which means higher temps which can be avoided with air-cooled reflectors.

Like this one

Or this

You are also going to need a ballast for each light like this, can run MH and HPS bulbs from 250-600 watts.

You could just use your current led light for vegging, use your current fan to exhaust air from the top and setup an aircooled light in the flowering tent to save some money.

@Hellraiser I will look at both hoods, I think air cool is the way we need to go plus the ballast.

When I checked my plants, they’re dry. Even though on day 4 it’s ok to water again, right? 4 oz, to each plant again

Yep, if dry and light, water away, allow excess to drain, back to dry tray.

Here’s what my veg tent light and exhaust look like.

Air-cooled hood->ducting->ac infinity exhaust fan->ducting->hole in ceiling to attic

My flowering tent setup

carbon filter->ducting->air-cooled hood->ducting->ac infinity->ducting->window exhaust

Out the window with an ac window exhaust kit

Temps are much easier to control if you can get the exhaust out of the room the tent is in.


@Hellraiser ballast and new light housing ordered. What size is you flower tent? Is your infinity fan on the outside of your tent? We will have to talk carbon filters soon. That system you have looks nice, in, out, done. What I want.

@Zee, both tents are 36x36x72. Fans on top of the tent to keep their heat out of the tents, and with a 3x3, anything that does not need to be in tent, isn’t in the tent. And notice how I have my fans hanging upside down on the adjustable pully things (buy a bunch of those), so they don’t take up floor space.

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@Hellraiser got a delay notice on shipping, my 400W will basically go from 3 weeks you use them to 1 week of me using , before the switch to 600, again in veg stage, any concerns? Also, going to ditch the blurp light from Amazon when I switch.

I need to ensure when I switch to the 18/6, that some light can go into the tent? I have my tent in the bedroom and it can’t be moved, will a simple blanket covering my tent it during lights out, be ok for veg stage?

I got feedback that the flower stage has to be complete black out.

@Zee, During vegetative growth (18/6), a little light getting into the tent during the dark period is not a problem, during flowering 12/12, it is crucial that no light enters the tent during the dark period, and yeah you can use a blanket to help with that if need be.

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@Zee, Also wouldn’t worry about the delay on the 400, your led light is fine for early veg.

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@Hellraiser how far above the plants do you hang your light on veg and flower?

Also, reading that having an intake fan is a must, but not doing, am following your method, girls look stable on healthy on day 7:)

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@Zee, About 20-22 inches for veg and about 18 inches for flowering.

Intake fans, some people like having one, in a bigger tent (5x5, 4x8, or bigger) I could see the use. But for a 3x3 or 4x4 I don’t find it is really necessary if you have a strong exhaust fan and can open up a passive intake (usually mesh type squares with flaps or covers near the bottom of tents). There will be no shortage of air coming in. But there could be a specific reason for someone to use one, say if you can’t use the big squarish screened passive intakes because of too much light pollution in the room (problem during flowering). You could use some of the black insulated ducting and put an intake fan on it to push air into the tent without the problem of light getting into the tent. Some tents have round duct holes on the side bottoms for this purpose. I just open the back passive intakes and no light gets in from back there for me so I’ve not had a reason to use an intake fan, since I’ve always had a strong exhaust fan and no issues using the passives.

Glad your girls are doing good, keep it up.

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Thank you. I have read a good amount of threads on this site, I don’t think I have seen one issue about oxygen deprived. am sure it’s out there, but certainly must be uncommon.

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