First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


The thick thin metaphor cracked me up, and it must feel good to be back again doing what we love. I finally transplanted all the next generation I will grow outside, and bud her during the summer, so I can sweat myself out from the Humidity. You may be surprised by the changes in next week’s pics. I do the training of mine a little different than the what’s it called? Damn, I can’t, oh LSTrain my plants outside a little different, yet it accomplishes close to the same results. Yours are meticulously stretched to perfection. I bend, twist, turn to my liking, and crack the branch into it’s


place.HOPEFULLY!!! I am glad, and happy you will keep an eye on my grow as it progresses. I will appreciate any feedback given because I learn more from one’s experience, than in anuarticle. Thanks again, but I have a question about the purple Haze x. What’s the difference between the x, and Purple Haze feminized? Pardon me if I am overstepping my boundaries. Greatfull for everything you have taken the time to waste on me.


I thought you would get the square miles of land, and how vague my location retort was. Meeting at some point in time sound really cool, but when we meet let’s fire up a fat joint. This action would start our meet up in a safe. and trust building manner. Cops can’t smoke out, so that would alleviate some apprehension. We have plenty of time in the future for that, yet thanks for everything. You are a cool cat!!! Next week’s pictures will probably be a little surprising because my way of LST training is pathetic. Thank you for being around to keep me on track, you are salt of the earth. I’m greatfull we met, and thank you helping me out on my grow.
Have a good morning, and carpe diem!!!


Update on the inside new room monster cropped white widows

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And heres there purples in the other room


That is possibly it. Was it from this breeder? Or where? Ill look into it. And no problem man. Any advise i can give, ur definitely welcome to it. Your training sounds like a lst/supercropping adventure. Cant wait to see what you come up with.

Fano the photos did not load properly. Try again


Thanks again guys for everything, and I appreciate the looking in because I like to learn anything new that will benefit the grow. I will help me diagnose an issue much quicker, and react because I don’t trust my cognition now. Have a good night


We all start somewhere bro. And hows the day rolling for ya. I lookd into that strain. They just showed a million diff hybrids with PH. No PHx. Sorry


I appreciate your message, but I was just curious what’s the difference between Purple Haze & Purple Haze x. Just a curiosity question, and hope your day is going well. I am working on a barrel tile roof today, and it’s a b@#$h!!! I don’t think I have you confused with someone else, but you roofed in the past a few months. If you did roof for a month and quit, then you have a lot of heart. It’s almost impossible to find workers, or when they get hired they quit before the end of the first Day!!! Gotta get back to work, yet I did the transplants earlier in the week. New pictures will be submitted again soon, but everything looks good to me. Good Afternoon


Naw that was me did roofing for a year… industrial sealant amd qaterproof coatings like GE silcone ,neo guard (biggest gragabe product out there for water proofing) some foam rooms re spray for get rid of of ponding water


Purple haze x meand i dont know what its crossed with it came feom a bag of purple haze weed bur qho knows what pollenated ot


Got my other apollo 400, cool Cool Tube and dimmable ballast can’t wait to get it up and running still haven’t unboxed it don’t know what temperature the light is pictures soon


I raise my hood up 48 in so I can get my monster crop clones to stretch check them out


3 and a half qeeks and i flip


How long since you cut clones


I got you guys confused, so excuse my memory. On a roof there’s nowhere to hide from the grueling sun, and you worked quite a while in comparison to the vast majority of others. I receive Federal Disability, but it’s a pittance. I do leak repairs mostly because it is the highest profit margin due to low overhead expenses. In addition, there’s a scientific approach finding the dysfunctional area/problem to repair. I only do word of mouth work, yet I am doing buy/sell houses for a national real estate corporation. I Fast Stress Trained several of my plants this week. It’s not nearly as tedious as your LST, but your process is awesome. Old habits die hard! I am still doing the old method when I use to do gorilla grows along highways/sides of drainage ditches where a Tractor couldn’t cut them down. Furthermore, drive out to big cypress preserve in air boat to grow with less likelyhood of discovery. I wrote previously I would snap new pictures every week. Do you think every week is good, or should I give more time between pictures? Have a good night if your logged off, and thanks again


They are all lookin’ great Brother. Nice job on the LST.


![20190113_200035|374x500] cct(upload://rMUhybT3LLlst8BHerxzqlCp2IY.jpeg) so I added another 400 in my closet maybe I’ll stand a better chance that’s a 56,000 lumen increase in same space and I have a whole more 400 set up I’m probally going to throw nex to it amd get the led out side cuz it’s easy to keep cool inside… tag me in your grow bro/


Looks great!!!


Little sneak peak I’m all closed up super covertly on this flower no light leaks just watered veg nutes again
15ml gal GH flora nova GROW
5ml /gl slf 100
15ml gal cali magic. (Seem to be showing a lil cal mag deficiency on lower leaves I havent checked ph in a long time and I’m partial used partially new soil so I might be getting a little ph rise from my tap watering with rhino skin might be giving me a little ph spike I need to get my meter asap or atleast another reagent kit… its gotten me this far…mm oh shit I just remembered where I got the reagent capsules nice I’ll do the light on tomarrow… without further adue here there …there starting to take off… all these branches are staying next round of shoot will be next clone army …and I will d indi same with other room

Uploading: 20190114_151218.jpg… that damn 2000k Is redicules lol honestly i ain’t messing around thisthis time amd lights out pictures will be limited


And heres the other clones doing good things under the 800 I’m flowering those top 4 with 550 and I’m doing these with atleast 800

and heres to monster cookies seeded say there 99%re vegged get in 7 pointers already