First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


My ac tubes are same size as on reflectors even so its 6 inch and I duct taped a 4 inch to it as an extension to get it out the door with a little less space it takes up… any way it’s been running like that for about 3 months strait really barely any breaks no problem I take the filters out fairly often and clean em since it can be dusty sometimes… any way still thinking of how and where to set this up


What is the efficiency degradation on the hps bulbs over time?
I used to follow several different light technologies: incandescent, halogen, cfl, and external induction lamps and all of those lights decrease in efficiency drastically over the first 20% of their lifespan. Except for external induction lamps. Nowadays it seems LED is becoming more efficient and maintaining its efficiency over a longer span of life, but I hadn’t followed led because they used to be relatively low efficiency and high cost. With their cost coming down and efficiencies so high, they may be a strong contender against external induction lamps. Incidently the induction lamps become more efficient as they are larger. This is in direct opposition to the way cfls work (as you all know cfls decrease in efficiency as they increase in wattage/size).

I have yet to try induction lamps with a grow but i would love to find a 50,000 lumen lamp at 5000k or 6500k and see how it does in veg… did i mention these induction lamps last much much longer than hps, incandescent, and cfls?


Induction I’m not firmiliar with the hps degradation over first 20% is something like 20% it’s pretty linear I believe then they hold at like 75 to 80 % for the remainder of there say 20soething thousand advertised but if you change bulbs every other grow witch is only a 12 to 20 $ cost you get pretty much 90% labeled value at least before you change … 2000k bulb used for 12 and 12 is 12 hours times say 11 weeks max 77x 12 hrs that’s 924 hour it says 24,000 on these new apollos

I’m gonna take a look at there data sheets I’ll get back to ya…oh yea I cleaned everything out of my closet and got rid of my dresser that didnt have much in it any way and I now have about 16 sq feet (4x4) im putting the 400 there and im putting the scrog just to keep things low but I’m throwing the 4 biggest clones in there (all purple haze) and put them on 12 and 12 tonight or tomarrow…I will show pictures of the set up when done


That’s about 25w/ sq ft. It will work, but a 2x2 area would be more in line for that light. Don’t get me wrong, it will work, but you will get a lesser yield. I’m running a 1000w on each 4x4 I have. I started with cfl. They worked, but I harvested about 1oz per plant. It ain’t real cheap, but it’s a LOT cheaper than buying quality smoke


Yea I’m not using the full 4x4 yet I will be but I’m building a strip light as well so I will get my PAR up by the time it counts…I have a 400 and a 150 on these 4 alone now I had 12 plants u der this last time with another old 175 mg so this should be plenty for 4 plants in the wall cavity I’ve learned not to over crowded these 4 are go ing to need space ther are heavily trained out ward

these monster crocrops are going out ward as well hut I’m delaying there flip 4 weeks to off set harvest to start the perpetual off and running … will take. Clone in a few weeks from above plants I already got pretty much all the tops I’m looking for . 1 mainline that broke in half from a fall… one full mainline and a a fim and a topped with slot if lst


Looks like the first post from the first run but with a fraction of the plants awsome this was effective but time consuming might be better to do @OldSchoolGrower sog from seed as monster cookies would be about ready to flower if it didnt have aphid issues in begining and under bs cfl most of life…

I’m using about 4 sq ft right now and will only use probally 6 to 8 when in full flower I understand I dont have a monster amount of light but it will grow weed and better then last run as I know where I we ring


now then … close lol not quiet but better set for success


Lookin’ great Bro. Get it Goin’ and Get it Growin’…


@S.FloridaSwampman heres my journal I’m in ft Lauderdale where you located down here


Looking good fano. Those mc’s are bushing up. Almost time to flip?


I’m giving em 4 weeks more to offset perpetual I’m on day 3 flower in other flower room so 25 days


Those are going to be huge in another 25 days. :deciduous_tree::deciduous_tree:


The lone 4 are doing great I’m getting another 400 tomarrow identical apollo set up for 45$ jeez I keep winning


Your grow is Amazing, and the foliage on all of them is that perfect beautiful green. I like how you open them up with the lst. My address was unincorporated Ft. Lauderdale, but we were forced to chose a city. We went with Davie, so I am logistically between Stirling Road & Griffin Road from north to south From the west my House is in the Acres section between Hiatus(East) Highway 27(west). It’s a bummer to cut weed eat, edge, plus constant maintenance, yet it is very quiet for S.Florida Standards. The best part is it’s a good community, and my neighbors are really cool many years. I traded Hawaiian Queen to my one neighbor for a frest venison backstrap & roast. I don’t kill anymore, but I love to cook/eat. Thanks again for the invite, and I will definitely follow along to learn more along the way. I was working late, so don’t take my untimely retort in a negative manner. I do not believe your Ego, ID, and Super Ego is in conflict like other clowns. I am behind schedule on a original Spanish Barrel Tile roof, and I just stopped since 6am. Have a good night, and thanks again


Yooo. Watch the locations man. Its for ur safety n the sites :wink: fano i think ur cool. But :man_shrugging:t5: Being honest. Watch out for big bro, bro :facepunch:t5:


Once again, don’t take this personal, but the area in square miles is vast, and I have been reading case loads from our courts. If it’s not considered a money venture by the grow size, then the state attorney’s office is laying off the Disabled with Federal Benefits. The case load exploded when thc became legal, and the sky watch started overloading the Broward County Jail system. I concur because I don’t want to pay an attorney to have it extinguished/exsponged after documentation presented to District attorney. I will never do that again, and that was Dumb!!! I told you I am a moron!


I completely gotcha man. And im the last guy u gotta worry bout. Just putting it out there. No offense taken.


I appreciate your candor, and you are one on here that definitely is cool without thin skin.I am going to fire up my water bongs, and chow.


Im bout 4 blunts in. My skin is thick enough to play QB for the tide rn :joy::rofl::joy:.


Always watching for the fuzz thanks for the reminder…cant be to csrwfull… yes very large area funny u said hiatus and…27 lol made sure to up the sq mileage @S.FloridaSwampman we gotta compare notes over a beer or something or not at all and just grab a beer lol I did some roofing about 12 years ago for a year when I was 19 …first job with the company they sent me to paradise island in the Bahamas in an al lm inclusive resort alchohol limited to 2 free drinks per day but if you keep tipping they a keep onnn coming … anyway stoked about bring back in flower again I felt empty once I cleared out that room and i was left with those little bitty clones I was heart broken but were off and running again