First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


Started a new watering technique to me with the theory that I water less more often to leave drier soil spots for root to easily take up nutrients instead of soil being saturated for 2 maybe 3 days and the roots are kinda being suffocated I’m thinking drier the better I’m doing side by side I feel I see results already


Check it out I emailed Jorge Cervantes a while back to basically say hello, got a typical one line response but still neat.


Who is that @locorock


Jorge Cervantes is an American horticulturist, expert pot grower


Learn something new everyday y did you contact him @LoCoRock


Hahahahaha. I just read this. The game had me all kinda an emotional wreck today. And nerf wars are awesome. I bought the stepboys a couple n we been shooting all week.

Dang @fano_man, still at war? Nuke the fuqers


Lol never stops regardless the green must grow on… I’m aborting screen as of tomarrow I’ll have to do that when I’m able to expand its taking up to much room for my goals to be met… long story short I’m going to flip this week I cant hold off any longer lol my main shoots on all my heavy trainees are all branching good so I’ll be happy with the amount of tops I got I’m some where in the ball bark of last run and I have much more food available for them this go so hopefully I can get some good buds this time…


How those monster crop clones lookin?


Blah @ Ravens game… snuck that win in by a hair @PurpNGold74 - although I love watching Baker Mayfield cry - lil puss he is. Oh the other hand Pat’s didn’t sneak it in and Dolphins got crushed - Sweetness!


@fano_man Jorge wrote the growers Bible. The go to book for marijuana horticulture. If I had as much knowledge as he’s forgotten - ol Bergman have a run for his $$$… regardless how you been man. Been so frigg’n hot lately. I had to put an AC unit in the pot crib last night. That was after fixing a small (lol) leak @ my mom’s house!


I been chillen man jus wreaking havoc with my boy he just got out of prison 15 years we just lit a big ass Christmas tree on Dania Beach was fun as hell tried to light it. With Roman canales didnt work to windy but we got it and I picked it up stood it up got it really cooking with the wind d when I turned it we set it down grabbed our shit and as we were running back to the car we ran right past the police walking strait tword the fire lol but there was about 3 other fires out there lol… @PurpNGold74 my MC clones are doing great I’m going to flip everything this weekend and take clones in about a week I’ll grab some pictures tomarrow I’m out tearing shit up tonight have a safe happy new year every one catch yall in 2019​:call_me_hand::call_me_hand::dash::dash::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::+1::+1::call_me_hand::call_me_hand::dash::dash::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


I abandoned the scrog I mentioned before and am really digging these pipe cleaners for training best fastest tool to spread a girl wide open …absolutely perfect … had another thrip episode I think it was the eggs that hatched saw alot of larva that’s good that means I’m whipping em out I’m gonna have to get another bottle … any way heres some pictures I’m trying to bend all my tops same night right now to simulate a screen and I’m gonna throw in those 3 stage round cages @hangthebanksters use like screens and will work perfect for my LST I’m doing I’m got em super wide … my buddy just acquired 2 brand new apollo horticulture 400hps lights and is giving me one for 60$ ! So perfect I’m very happy about that …also will be ordering my strips in a few days after I finish this job… yes work picked up a little for me…thank you lord… anyway here are some pictures… OH before I close this out I just a had an awsome idea … the 2 400s my buddy got are in cool tubes so can i run my AC exhaust line right through the cool tubes and use the end of the last cool tube as if it were the back of my ac and run the exhaust out from that point without any issues i know the ac exhaust is already hot but i dont think it will hurt the lights @dbrn32 what do you think about that … heres some pics

Uploading: 20190103_085313.jpg…
@OldSchoolGrower this girl just might get sosome water bottles
And this MC clone of my mystery plant last round that smelt of oranges heavy throughout veg but got bud rot bad so I really have a re run of everything first run except gsc …the satallite rooms vest weed was the purple haze that shit was funky dont get me wrong the white widow was good from ilgm but same techniques side by side the lil bag seed purple haze wave phenominaly better I mean me and pips were co fused we were so high and the joint wasent even half gone yet … (and out by the way) lol any way about the unknown clone my cat for some reason probally chasing a lizard into the grow room I was so high all the time I didnt realize I put lizards in my room to help with pests and I thought I was … awww look how cute Charlie has a pipe cleaner in his mouth… gif says…haha he must think it’s a toy… next day I go in the room DAMNIT CHARLIE!.. he freaking took a pipe cleaner right off my mystery seed clone man that thing was doing so sweet it naturally topped its self into 5 tops it was a monster crop also … and last but not least I’m almost positive the monster cookies is a girl


Hell yea we did! Ive never been so emotionally shot after a football game. After Pitt won i almost lost it. Flashbacks from last year.

Fano damn thats a me sized update… thats a buncha pot. Everyone looks solid. Hopefully the gsc is a chica. If not u know what to do with’m :wink: n good luck with the round two on the orange mystery machine


Sounds like it could work. I would be most concerned about restricting exhaust from ac and freezing up compressor.


Great job on the training brother. Yeah you know I love my pipe cleaners. Wish you had more room . I want to see one of those girls circle the wagons…


Me and the old lady have split up for good …I’m happy for one …you know what that means @OldSchoolGrower in getting these 2 brand new 400s hps today for 110$ I’m gonna move my dresser up and throw one pant with my scrog on a 400 by its self Inside my house no bugs no cooling issues and I can let that thing be on it’s own scheduel… and take 6 months for a monster screen


Get it going, and get it growing Brother. Looking forward to see what you do with it. Don’t let a Brother down. Got faith in you…



I’m not following the cool tube/AC thing @fano_man maybe some pics would help but restricting your exhaust is a good way to freeze a coil up like @dbrn32 said!
Sorry (kinda maybe) about the ol lady! Wrap that rascal! Raincoats saves lives & Child support!! Especially while living it up with your recently free’d boy. LMAO I can hear the party from my house.
On the other hand —I finally did it. After 7 yrs I told my newest supervisor he is F’n destroying the company & Sunday is my last day!!! It WAS F***ING awesome. AWESOME, awesome!!! I was singing at work today so frig’n GR8! Happiest I’ve been in months. So I’m the new maintenance engineer for a high rise on Palm Beach across from the Breakers. I’mma :honeybee: smoking blunts in my golf cart watching the ocean from my parking garage… BITCHES!!! 1 interview -1 job =BOOM


I’m unboxing my new light apollo hydroponics 400 hps with a 2000k bulb ready for flower… heres the unboxing … man I’m such a pot head look at all this munchies and weed oil and pipes all over the place… lol…so I fell asleep in middle on in boxing lol…Durban poison oil knocked me out