First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


Royal Palm cereal huh? Must be next to Royal Palm Beach


Alright 1 more cup of coffee and I’ll transplant the golden girls.


Lmao yes…cereal that’s what I intended… captain crunch lives there and count chocula


Go Pats!

Three years til you reaching teenagehood!




I love it when old people think they’re young. Lol so cute. Jk we are all from a previous millenium


My daughter is 5. So really mean u are ahead of me as a parent… I suppose most people are a parent ahead of me…


THANK you. My wife won’t give me the respect of calling me a parent… She’s got two little boys she says… (As I’m in the middle of a NERF war)


Hell, I love when young ones think their grown


Touche old man :eyeglasses:


It’s good to be young as long as possible. Some age caught up with early

I’d love to have an excuse to play with nerf toys


There is always an excuse to play with nerf if it was around when you were a kid


I can’t remember who gave me the idea on here, I know someone linked it up, but Thank You - Got the Box in the mail👍


Lol I meant now


What is hemp wick for?

Oh. Nvmd. I see. For pipes and bongs. I havent had a bong RIP in more than 15 years


1st off I think the hemp is just a little trinket of products made w hemp, little keep sake maybe. The wipes work good the wife cleaned her bowl with one last night and said she didn’t taste anything. Lastly the bong thing - it had been at least 10 yrs since I hit one & buddy made me hit moonrock (1st time seeing it) w a gravity bong.
LMAO - I slept over


Haha sounds about right I love gravity bongs .in rocks are sweet to I’d never buy it again tho funny one time novelty thing


Saw a few more thrips did another pyrethrin treatment today… should he ordering majority of my custom light build


Best of luck with the insects. Growing insect free is much easier in the winter here in MA. Its tougher in the summer. Can’t imagine what it’s like in FtL, FL keeping them out.


Without insecticide fungicide… impossible its 78 degrees right now lol