First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


Glad you got rid of them Fano!


Thank you missles compared to my last grow if that’s the worst these babys see they are on there way to the top shelf lol these babys are treated like royalty compared to last grow took so long to get running up off the ground… these ones are off and running from the cloner…


Yes I agree with you it is going a little better this time :wink:. Last time the cards weren’t in your favor


Damn man. Hate to see u took a mini infestation but glad u got it knickd. Im itching to see my girls again… its been since Sunday. N i had a lil buggie freak out myself. Gonna be another alcohol bath then we go from there


I heard alchohol and vinegar was a no no on leaves it strips natural waxes and protection away @PurpNGold74


Its alcohol or bugs… easy peasy choice. Plus it was diluted pretty heavy. Thus the couple rounds. And dammit lights out but the a day behind feed/water. Im itching to say fk they sleep


So you think your in the clear, hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here @fano_man. Sucks you ha e t seen the girls in a while @PurpNGold74. I went back to work for 1 day today & kept calling me wife to go check the temp. LOL
I however just started 5 days if vacation. Won’t see work til next year​:+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:


Im in the middle of 11 days off. Wont go bacj til the 2nd so i can avoid them for now. N fix in the am. Just dont want a disaster


I just had the idea to speed things up by lowering my screen on canopy a couple inches …DERP :crazy_face:


I dont got no work tomarrow I’ll do it then.


Ya I go back on the second as well, but I’m going to use the time to find a new job I think. I’ve been w my commercial handyman company 8 yrs in February, a job I use to truly love. I won’t get into it but it is crazy how this 1 chick has made my life miserable. I’m so lucky to have my girls to take my mind off shit!


Oh ya and my kid!! LMAO


How old is your kid


My boys 10 in 1 month. Hey how stoned do you have to be

this was at the Lake Worth bridge today!


Wow! :man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5::man_facepalming:t5: Thats gotta suck like fuq


Probably wasnt his car


That’s cool uve been a dad so long


I ain’t been a dad THAT LONG MAN…c’mon lol I’m 44 not 84!!! Just jok’n :roll_eyes::joy:


Wait a second… @PurpNGold74 your a Ravens fan… OH NO - GO PATS!!! I didn’t even connect the dots! I’m feeling woozy​:face_vomiting::nauseated_face: :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Lmao I love idiots they make stupid things funny as hell lmao… right at lake worth sounds about right…so many rich kids up there and in palm beach @basementstealth I would get money itWAS his can and he was probally under 21 and just got it for Christmas rich kids of palm beach willamaze you ungodly amounts of money there… there a place called royal palm cereal and 18th… highest congregation of multi million airs in the country… Bernie maydoff and scott rothstein both lived there I’ve done alot of work there amazing helicopters on roof tennis court on the 3rd floor movie theater and game / play area the second … I worked at this guys house who drives endurance races you know 24 hour races for Ferrari and he had some ferrari on the third floor solelyfor the purpose of his son to take apart and put back together to learn mechanics… the kid was 7…