First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


Man no work has got me stressing still haven’t been able to make it to homedepot to battle these thrips! I’m so tight on money right now… anyway plants are growing well in spite of the thrips heres an update

I’m really liking the monster crops stature when they take off…look like twins (or CLONES :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


And I think we have a girl monster cookies …FIRST SHOT!

looklook like pre flower pistils to anyone?
@roseofsharon heres my journal


I don’t see any pistils yet.


Calyx I mean sry


Could be the start of a callyx there.


Yea I’m pretty sure it is five studies a little about pre flowers and it’s in the shape of female definatley not the shape of Male


that’s identical to how they look to me pointed… pre Male sexing is much rounder


I’m pleased to finally say that I have launched first strike against thrips and aphids… I got miracle grow natures choice pyrethrin solution it lists thrips and aphids on the label kill…kills on contact


@fano_man kill them lil bastards… I’ve just nitcived these SOB’s gutting my frigg’n new mango I’ve grown from seed.


I rather enjoy popping the little shits. Maggie da mango is getting a Seven bath…


Awe man mango from seed is the worst way to do mangoesif your hoping for good fruit. I used to run a fruit tree nursery in west palm… 15 acre hobbiest my dad knew let us cultivate his 15 acres and we did AlOT of experimenting with just about every fruit and vegetable you can buy at publix… but what I’m getting at Weber done mangoes from seed as well as avacados in the same category as what I’m getting at… mangoes n avacadoes might take 2 to 5 years to start producing edible fruit…and just because it came from a delicious mango dosent mean the fruit is gonna he same alot of times it’s the opposite and first couple yields are BS… best thing to do with mangoes if your looking for good fruit is go to a legitimate nursery … they use all grafted mangoes from already yielding delicious fruit so your plant can me 2 to 3 ft yall and it will be hanging over to the freaking ground full of fruit since its a “mature clone” just like the weed clones we do… I’ve done so many seed mangoes that really wasted alot of time effort and space …u might spend 50$ on a good mango graft but it will pay for its self by second year in mangoes …you will get mangoes first season…those little white dudes are stink bugs or that’s what I always called em get them every where here where abouts are you located brotha


My mom said that and I just couldn’t believe her. DAMN IT, I’ve wasted 2yrs on this mango already… grrrrrr. My mom has such a green thumb, I’m sure I get it from her. LMAO BUT she won’t grow funny :tomato:’s for me. Forest Hill/ jog btw & sorry for hijacking the thread ppl. I did start a lil half ass grow journal yesterday. Chocolope therapy.


Oh shit your not far from me I actually did the nursery plot I was talking about at forest hill and sansbury farms road right by the turn pike just south of the canal back there 15 acres I know you wouldnt think there’s a plot back there but its surrounded by developments for million dollar houses and dude is holding strong and wont budge on selling has stupid rich already… man no worries all chatter is welcome here brother maybe we can figure a way to compare notes in the future in person since your so close @LoCoRock


I work of Sansbury…I know u vape. Ever seen 93%


Haven’t got to big into the vape world have really only bought 1 cart in my life I plan on grabbing more asap I just got a new ooze pen 5 setting blahblah lol but haven’t got to try it yet… u seem like you are about my age I’m 31 how about yourself and the 93 I’ve seen 91s they were co2


44… LOL we are the young ones! No offense all you old farts!!! I’ve been drinking egg nog :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:


Not to far off …we gotta figure something out I see ppl be meeting up from the forum and I’m like damn ain’t no body in Florida gonna have the balls to meet up being non legal to grow


Ya no doubt @fano_man… Definitely, do some clone trading, maybe talk that butter procedure. Everyone’s got me aching to try some butter.


No doubt bro well link up after the holidays definatle down for new strains I got a bunch of diff seeds of really good weed definatley wanna trade clones sweet now I’m excited :grin:


By by thrips and aphids … hello green leaves… was looking like leaves were diseased thank got I got that taken care of… I did a lil defol today and finally located some pipe cleaners makes lst super simple