First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


Got walled up in his hideaway… Lol


Sry I’m down at the beach with the fam and ran across this funny lil gem smokin a joint well I thought it was funny

I still have to decipher didn’t know it was all out gonna look through missles


My name 1st add the rest… Hope you guys had a good time.


Got a minor issue folk I believe I have a little case of mildew mold on some leaves can any one help with this diagnosis like a shiny coating on leaves kinda like was a slugg leaves behind on a side walk with some dusty looking whitish stuff with black spot really small showing up and it’s on multiple plants

@garrigan65 @raustin @Donaldj @MattyBear @OldSchoolGrower @budbrother …I’m thinking a h2o2 solution if I’m correct can someone point me to good mixture strength of what ever I need please and thank you in advance…its almost shiny reflective u can see flash from it


Powdery mildew Bro…


On a good note all monster crops are fully back into veg took month and a half that’s crazy but I have an awsome foundation of branches and lst from early age


So it’s not a huge deal right how do I take care of it and keep it away in future and what can be I’ll effects of powdery mildew


@OldSchoolGrower could he do the peroxide spray like I did?


Can spread to all your plants you don’t want that. It is treatable.


Yea I see light signs of the gloss on damn near all plants… it was always there even last grow I thought it was a little residual of some nutes that might of dried up on a leaf if I got a little hit of water on the leaves when watering / feeding


Yes he can. Was gonna tell him there’s several sprays he could mix up. I remember the very 1st case I had. Looked like a bird shit on my plants. Lol.


Haha yea it does look like bird shit


Got a ratio that would work for healthy vigorous veging plants


I just did a mix of 3% peroxide and distilled water 50/50 strength. I only sprayed the areas that look like it had it. I have an auto and it’s at 43 days so I’m not sure what state yours is that and if it’s safe for it. you might want to write to someone else to chime in


The 50/50 mix of 3% will do it. Making sure to repeat again in 2 days. Also baking soda 1 tsp/gal works.


There you go @fano_man. I would get it before it spreads.


Thank you my son won’t fall asleep I will hit em soon thanks yall


Sweet lord baby jesus I have been missing out on the budder coffee man this stuff is delicious


I am a fan o’ the amended cup of coffee myself.


@fano_man during room clean outs (at least every 1-2 months) I spray the entire room with this, let it dry, then air out before ventilation turned back on. I know your soil which makes it easier!! U know we’ll get some opinions and thoughts???