First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


I think its the A, B, C at the end. Not sure which is which so i wont go there. But im pretty sure i have the B model and it has a screw turn for dimming.


Thanks purp current situation

white widow influenced decisions look at this frosty shit


Thats some nice frosting! N lake time. Nice. Raining n dreary here


That’s the the intercoastal ocean water


Bet its some little monsters out there. What u catch?


Is that brackish water?


Atlantic ocean?


Yes Atlantic ocean water comes into the I tercoastal and mixes with some canals that spill from lake okeechobee all up and down the water way so its brackish yes but some times by the cut it can be strait ocean water super blue greens pretty nice but not so much today didn’t catch nothing but s lil silence and a few mullet for bait but still better then sitting in the house but I cstch


I’ll make it down there one day just to fish.


Right catch r nah. Toss my reel, light a few. N nap… ive left a couple rods at lakes :joy::joy:


Usually a non conformist but I cant argue with numbers let’s do this


We be scrogging ya


Lol skr8 up!


Now that is so frosty it’s ready for some milk…


Always wanted to fish Lake Okeechobee for bass.


Done lake O many time I like my old back yard better catch 9lbser in back yard on a shiner… here’s the current situation I’m back running full screen I dropped the 175 mh waste of energy right now gave it back to buddy I gotta 400 hps 4500k and 150 hps to supplement some side light till I get the other 400 got the scrog in and the plants set to start poking through

monster crops do ing great I think there almost fully in veg leaves are almost back in normal shape.


Lookin’ good bro. g mail.


Lol get r done
Ok well here is gonna be a daily growth shot of the screen see how fast j can fill a 24x44" screen with 4 purple haze plants its gonna he super fast because I already have them lstd to the max I have 1/2 of 1 mainline so still alot of tops on it’s own… then have my trophy mainline that will be poking through the screen probally to narrow ashes already seems like she’s already grown 1/4" already since I through the screen in …I’m liking the screen as you can reference growth much easier then having to refer to old pics it’s easy to see glad I tried this out … man now the 2 spectrum lights are in full swing its bright like daylight in there

I’m trying different (ssmaller pot sizes ) to see what is ok or if less soil is ok as long as I feed and water diligently which will be no problem I wanna reduce the media size like dwc in theory you need to feed the roots and I’m not growing huge trees and dont see the buckets filling out completly since I dumped last harvest bucket in 3 gal and in 6 months there was soooooo much room for waaaaay more time and roots so I feel I can do same thing in smaller pots to kinda control soil growing more I dunno it’s my idea I’m gonna try stick around for results… I am in 2 gallon 2.5 gallon and 3/4 gallon and seeing if I keep up on individual plants needs can I manage with less pot space 2 gallon is a perfect size for my space really little less then 2 would be ideal if I can manage to pump some good stuff out of the smallest pots my nicest plant last harvest was in the smallest pot so I started as that pot size as my biggest and went down from there 2.5 gallon … it was also my biggest plant most branches most yield probally best in all catagoreys nothing special still but I’m trying to condense a little and I’m ordering my veg light parts any day 5 1120 eb gen 2 and a the 200 watt dimmable power supply cant wait 200 watts of that will surpass the 550 I got hps now.


Hey bro, did you figure things out from my page, missiles page and your page and combine it all to reach out. She got it figured out. We thought you might’ve fell out of your chair lol…


Lol u ok fano man