First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


Prolly wanna pull that map homie. No idea but ur a cool cat n dont wanna see mr ban hammer come thru


That’s where I was driving through Miami…trying to brew the envy In the colder folks that’s no where near where i resides just a tourist attraction some one had pointed me to as a reference landmark I never go through Miami it’s like another country to me its dirty but your right I took it down


Man stuffs lookin niiice


Get it going and Growin’ Brother… Taking cuttings later this evening after heating mat arrives.


Join in the Clonicide! Lol


Looking good bromanian. Green everywhere. I bet that room smacks u with humidity when u walk in


Welcome to the jungle.

Sorry I highjacked your post @OldSchoolGrower But I couldn’t help it …lol


Livin day by day yea man some of the monster crops are still well are actually producing finally terpenes and tricomes lil girl smells yummy


Yea noticed thats. My dungeon is gonna b repugnant by xmas


Yo @dbrn32 what’s the deal with these found em on offer up can u grow with these


They are 32 x 6.5watt @500 lumens 6500k want just for a veg only lighting I think it is 4 boards of 32 x 6.5 so that’s a decent amount of power … do any LEDs work for growing or is it specific type to … there 208 watts per board if I’m not mistaken


I’d pass.

I’m reading 6.5 watts 500 lumens, that’s less than 100 lumens per watt. About the same place a 6500k t5 bulb would be.

If I had to guess the 32 means diodes per board, and total power is about 6.5 watts per board. Those mid power diodes aren’t running at a watt each let alone 6.5 per diode. Thumb eyeball tells me that. Also, that’s definitely not a 200 watt driver. I attach pic of 200 watt driver for reference in a minute. Another thing that seems a little sketchy is that looks like someone tried to remove current and power data from driver label.

Just my thoughts, but I think I’m pretty accurate. I’ll be back in a minute with driver pic.


Here’s top of line meanwell hlg 200 watt driver next to my average sized tv remote.


On my way to hopefully my last piss test

worked now 28 times :wink: wish me luck


Best of luck brah. 29 sounds like a layup


@dbrn32 are the manufacture watts rated on EB strips maxes out without a dimmer because ur saying 700 ma on a 1120 will be 27 watts which it says is the rating on it… but you say at 1050 it will be 40+ is not recomanded to run ar 1050 and if a power supply is not dimmable how can I get those different wattage (probally cant unless you can wire in a polarity knob after? ) and if that’s correct what is recommended max “ma” for these 1120 eb and what ma do the non dimma le power supply work at or I’m sure you can probally get all diff kinds but I’m mostly confused about the data sheet wattage to the wattage you say at diff powers


Hell yea man this one I’m alot more comfortable … lol I dont know y I get nervous it’s not probation officer I can walk out if I want but I dont want no headache last round the 20th I should be closing my case thank god say a prayer for me and my family make them fuckers leave me alooone


Piss test went good and got a lil present dropped off just because from the satallite room funnnkkkyyy


700ma is the manufacturer test current. 1400ma is the manufacturer max current rating. Bridgelux provides forward voltage data for both.

You would buy your driver at either output current. For instance, hlg-185h-c700a is 700ma output current off top of my head will run something like 7 1120mm gen2 at the 27ish watts. The hlg-185h-c1050a is the 1050ma driver will run 4 of the 1120mm strips at 40ish watts per strip.

Both are 200 watt drivers. The 700ma fills better and would be more efficient, so the amount of light would be greater. You also have to buy more strips, so it would be more expensive.


You the man what code of the the drivers signifies dimmablity