First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


Congratulations @PurpNgold74 very nice harvest man, and weed does have that ability to save lives, I’m 3 years sober and a better person , it’s a great med for mind and body.


Congrats bro, you get what you put into it… Little effort pays off - Free Smoke Rocks !!! And good ppl…lol !! On the flip - I cant believe it 50 in Florida man - IM FREEZIN


Ha u tagged me broham. Im just starting flower. @fano_man is the grow champ here


Good God lol , I’m so scattered brained it’s a wonder I get anything done, plus I can’t remember shit lol, sorry @Fano_man . Congrats !!!


Sounds hella familiar. Forgot ish before the reefer. Now… meh. I forget half the ish i forgot :man_shrugging:t5:


Say whaaaaat lol… man I jus smoked a reeeal tasty PH bud and it’s good smells comming a lil… I need to rehydrate a lil bit on 1 jar this cold front down to 15 % rh dryer my shit out like straw so fast on about 10 grams was about 14lol thanks every one… on the rebound check this shit out

I’m likeing this manifold what I did iI defoled everything tword the inside of the plant and I’m gonna flower her in a 2.2 L to shape like open umbrella and it really promoted alot more branching from the inside I might need to flip soon :flushed:maybe I can throw it out side for 2 weeks to jump start flower and give the rest 2 weeks to veg a lil more … I really need to make this veg cabinet in my shed its stopping the perpetual… damn curveballs… and here is a few of the fimmed , main lined and topped first rounder clones Uploading: 20181128_215450.jpg… and the monster crops are starting to explode :heart_eyes::hugs::sunglasses: and that’s the story for now oh yea iI watered to ababouabout 20 to 40 % run off ph unknown but ffof with grow big is pretty compatible with neutral tap water … I’m at
12ml /gl -grow big
5ml /gl - calimagic
5ml /gl - slf 100
2ml /gl - rhino skin
There looking pretty health and happy to me what yall think


nice training!


Yea looking right nice man. That real manifold/mainlining thing is scary af. I did it and would have shakey hands again. Everyone looks happy tho. Crops look healthy. The good news is your training is keeping ur veg at a pace for now. It can and will go fast tho bro. Get that cabinet together


Lookin’ good Brother. Keep em’ Rockin’.


Updates …smoke is getting tasty and stinky and is looking great… all strains are strong I’m very happy how this turned out and is turning outUploading: 20181201_171835.jpg… super cropped and fimmed this mainline one last time before flip

monstercropp are doing well super cropped everything I could get my fat fingers on…has anyone noticed monster crop clones being extremely dainty on new shoot stems. Amy way I am on the white widow … is there a no cloning x amount of generationas where the Gene’s fizzle out or potency drops off…? looking good in the neighborhood… oh yea the films decided to fim everything to get a couple buds or colas before flippwhat are y’alls thoughts on this…


congrats fano!


Look up I updated with pics on previous post


looking goodg


Get on it Bro. Hammer down… To bad we can’t swap strains.


Yea I would be down for that … someone said there is a seed exchange section in the lab


Made up my mind. Gonna run those mystery seeds for the grow off. Hopefully their gonna be a decent strain. The buds the seeds came from was just grown by an obviously uninformed grower…


do it do it do it!!!


Yea I have a monster cookies bag seed that I’m going to grow the rest of for the grow off on 23"x23" screens


I’m building a screen in an hour


Current situation on the way to visit girls fam. )
Man … I’ve had this mochi before it’s always exceptional but WOW this one is exceptionally exceptional …got a couple medical patients I’m trying to turn on to the cats I get dirt cheap