First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


Sweet Bro. Makes me want to dive in the pan and eat like Cookie monster.


Brownies were a hit and so are the buds starting to cure up nicely I got well over a half lb. Actual weights wont know because smoking it and definatley recouped every penny from the grow and then some probably most of the current as well…thank you all for all your support and encouragement along the way stay tuned for the next episode


here’s what’s left iI’ll weight it all up to narrow after work…small wood top is 41gs is a 3/4 L jar…bigger wooden top is 1 L 46gs over are 25ish to 35ish top ones were from bud rot and sold


Congratulations on a great harvest!


Thank you sweet heart for the compliment and the help along the way your a cool person @raustin in my book :slight_smile: ( what ever that’s worth ) :heart:


It’s worth a lot! :kissing_heart:


Oh yeah I forgot to let y’all know I got a new vehicle thank the Lord things have been going so good in my life and I’m so happy and I really can give all my things to marijuana because marijuana is keep my mind occupied keep me away from opiates you know I kind of felt that I had pain issues but it was more I like getting high and I was a bad person for a while and I am starting to really like the person who I am becoming you know now I see what everybody was talking about good things happen to good people you know what I guess it takes a little while before bad people become good people because good things are starting to happen to me life is good and thanks again all…OH! it’s snack time at work brownies and a bud maybe I should eat the weed and try and smoke the brownie :joy::joy: obviously I already smoked some of the weed I got so much I gotta try new shit lol!!


Ok caught up. Sorry was outta likes when i startd. Ill do a driveby likeathon one night i have em to spare.

Sweet haul. Looks like good smoke to me.
Hella fine brownie batch. N the clone girls look awesome. Yea revgging is slow but looks like itll be worth it. We’ll find out wont we? Lol. Good sht on the wipe down. Im sure everything is a go


That was a grade A recap bro lol thanks man


Haha no problem. I hate gettin so far behind. Try to answer everything in one long rant :joy:


Glad everything is working out for you. Good people, bad people, matter of opinion. I know some people believe the Bible, some people don’t. Regardless, there is some good stuff in there. Mainly, treat others the way you want to be treated. I think everyone here pretty much does that, and that makes it a good place to be.


As a wise man once said… “Who cares the messenger… did u get the message”

  • ok hindsight. he may or maynot have been Eddie Griffin. But still valid


Who is Eddie griffin


A comedian. N one i would never classify as a wise man again. But very valid point


Lmao crazy eyes!


:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: i love that movie. Gotta go redownload it.


Man I like the weed I grew I hope taste comes out more but I could kick myself for the stupid flush mid flower and for not having my finishers to really make all that effort I wouldn’t say a waste of time but I better know next time type thing


Midflush shouldnt hurt. Just had to go back in with food. Lesson learnd tho. Next round will be better


Yea I left em flushed till next water didn’t realize when you flush u feed right adter


Haha yea thats def a no no