First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


Peroxide mist perhaps prior to harvest?


1 down :frowning:

now I have to watch the rest closely :confused:


Sorry bro. :rose: couldnt even like that


single quiet tear for you and the girl. A moment of silence. :slightly_frowning_face::frowning::expressionless::pensive::disappointed:. next time will be better


Hey y’all life goes on you live and learn not a total loss I definitely got my lessons worth I can be hard headed nd I need to burn my hands sometimes learn from my mistake I know I will … off the bat next time this is gonna he one of the cleaner grow rooms out there I promise that… I got 60 grams with trim and I had 2 weeks to go so it gives me hope for the fture


You’ve done a lot in a short time. I have no doubt you’ll bounce back and have an even better setup and grow next time from all the stuff you learned this go around.


Oh yes better believe it brother man … I got 95% there and I just got paid for my big paver job I just finished

I got some catching up to do … Finisher slf some kind of silica and a cal mag oh an a real pH meter and rh meter so about 200$ & I’m good


Yup. Well on your way my guy. N love the positive outlook


Good attitude. I’ve been growing about 3 years. What’s drying now is by far my best harvest, yet it ain’t there yet. You’re aware of the root rot problem I had. Got through that without a total loss. Just went to see how drying was going. Trimmed a couple of branches to bring home, yes I needed smoke, and realized I probably should have waited on the chop for another week, maybe 2. I’ve never been there before, but I keep getting closer. BUT next time we can CRUSH it.


Thanks fellas I was there withya @Grandaddy013 through the root rot problem ur plant was so big instead of cannibalizing leaves it was dropping whole branches root rot, bud rot really what’s the difference lol same end result and everything is a screeching hault… But hey y’all u all are making it seem like the grow is over I still got 9 plants kicking ass I’m going to hydro store in the morning fr some flawlessfinish or bud candy or some kind of finisher will probally go with GH as i liked there bloom complete food was affordable and worked about 90%of necessities out but. A 90 is still an A- which is not a bad job but still not 100%… I like 110%so I’ll shoot for that and see what happens will post some pics tomorrow morning


I have 8 to 10 week perfect world flower tirme strains so I’m at 6.5 since flip and some pistil are turning amber well a bunch a 40 %on some plants so I really need to think o finisher @MattyBear @Hogmaster @garrigan65 can u suggest a good finisher that will plump and juice em up in maybe 1 or 2 product combination
I’m in fox farm strawberry fields by the way soil less mix similar to ocean forest


I use Molasses as a finishing product after giving a final PK boost.


But I only run straight molasses at 5ml/gal the last week to 10 days


Who makes that and where can I get and how much I appreciate your response I see you with results over there boyy


So I took a gander at the clones

did some pinch tieing down an next day lower branches already like oh hey the tops available!!.. this one is next nice fim will be beutyfor sure and tear are to follow going to hydro store right now I’m excited gonna get some more dirt and a couple 1 gals for SOG maybe. New fixture probally another 400 after all the trimming of the plant with the bud rot I managed to get some good nugs nice and dense I keep checking in Daily for any progression of the botrytis little bits here and there but mostly it has ceased with it being severed from the plant so I am probably going to run most of it in ISO today will keep @Donaldj does this look like it has jumped ship to a new plant


I got the Earth Juice Hi-Brix molasses :wink:


BS says online open today got to the door not so much fml wanted to blow money there not Macy’s grrr


Some updates getting read for chop time


Almost caught it date was 11/11 @ 11:11pm with a 11:11 alarm but I missed it by 2 seconds lol


theres always next year