First indoor grow ( gsc x ?, purple haze x ?, couple randoms)


And has any one ever seen this type of leaf pattern it’s doing it on 3 of my purple haze plants not a bad thing but looks like a geometric triangular type growth pattern check this cool stuff out


Oh wow! I can’t even notice the colors when I’m in there it’s s freaking bright ,see the purple tints on the leafs ?niiiice


@Donaldj ^^^^^pictures above about triagular pattern leaf^^^^ can this be that the plant is getting confused since I have 3 different light sources all different u know what I have by now 400 175 150 HPs and mh mixed is he dancing to 3 different songs at the same time and coming up with this? Or am I just stoned to the bone lol


I think the triangular leaves is just the strain. I wouldn’t worry about it.


Yup. Just genetics imo. But the PH is fattening up. They all look good


I’ve tried a few different things on flower watts. For my first and second grows I had the 400W HPS and 400 MH going simultaneously. When i finished the two grows, I had 22 quart jars chock full of herb - 7 from my first five plants and 15 my my second wave of 7 plants. It last me from January to September. I never weighed the final product, nor calculated light usage per gram.

I just jarred my LAs from my third grow - six jars total from 4 plants. They were outdoor for veg and under 400W HPS only indoor for flowering. I got about 192g of dry trimmed bud in the jars and a boat load of trim/popcorn bud that will be used for cannaoil. Lost of product lost to bud rot, mites, and aphids.

Here’s my journals if you interesting.


@Sixpackdad thanks for stopping by man looks like I got some reading to do I did a skim but I’m very interested thanks for the links should be informative as I have similar set up cheers


@basementstealth this is my journal


ok :+1: set to watching


update plants are bouncing back very well from the salt water fiasco … Lol wtf was I thinking good intentions … wrong delivery lol anyway all is doing good oh little things I noticed today from that little but of shock I gave them it kinda made all the calyxes almost snap a little amber and the day after a new head of white calyxes were sitting over the older browning ones could that be from the shock, can it of caused everything to hault and then resume production is that a sign that the shock did some hinderence in the flowering process @raustin @Donaldj @peachfuzz @Hogmaster anyone ever seen em flash amber way before there supposed to be following a breif shock and will things progress and finish as normal or have I reduced yield by throwing a wrench in the system

P.S - lay it on me don’t tell me what I want to hear tell me what I need to hear … I’ma big boy I can take it … I hope :wink:


ur screwed. may as well harvest now :wink: just kidding idk


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I have a stragglers outside that wasn’t getting much sun and I had some white hairs on it before throwing her outside and the shaddeddays made it almost contract all white and they went brown and stayed brown but plumped up a lil bit not much … there also extremely neglected compared to me divas in my wall lol


Yea i just harvested my ignored, overshaded, none fed, neglected, reggie girl from outside. I knockd her up with a Kush male i happened to grow as she was flowering and plan on just stripping her for seeds :joy::joy::joy:. She didnt do much at all. But she took a BEATDOWN and had a great baby daddy


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Any one ever done a SOG and ScrOG combined I was thinking about designing a ScrOG net that I can use with my perpetual SOG operation I’m getting up and running


@hangthebanksters has one going right now. Not an ‘official’ sog but yup.


I know that SOG is to cut out the time for ScrOG butbi wanna do best of both worlds and do multiple medium size plants and it won’t matter if I get some stretch because I will be tucking as well ??? SOG I guess you can veg as short as long as you want but I dot have mothers to supply a 50 man army but I can sacrifice a couple branches off of each plant on each run to make next round so that in mind I need to recover the branch I lost in my clone clipping with I say another week and a half of veg that should give me that cola back or at least get another shoot started to compensate for the clone so 1.5 to 2 weeks of time turns into another whole harvest good investment in time I’d say and that will give abother week to 2 weeks for another tuck or two on the ScrOG anyone got any thoughts o this I really don’t know if it’s gonna be worth the time and effort in tucking I need to see what a run of these clones do strait out the bullpen with 1 top and a little Lst at 4 weeks veg