First Indoor grow for PhatCPO

I had some success this past summer with an outdoor grow. Followed many posts here and decided to get an indoor grow for when I cant grow outside. Bought ILGM white widow auto to try.
Amazon sent me the following items: MAXSISUN 4x2 Grow Tent, VIVOSUN 2020 Latest VS1000 LED, along with a MAXISUN 4 inch fan, speed controller, hygrometer etc. I used coco coir mixed with peatmoss as my base. Used some of my own vermicompost and aged rabbit poo. I used a 16 gallon sterilite tote. Started a single seed in this mix on Sept 15 and she emerged on Sept 18. Started at 18 on 6 off lights at 100%. Been amending soil with worm casting tea. She has begun the flowering stage and I have gone to 12 on 12 off. Temps have been rock solid at 75-80. Humidity been 60-70 %. Here she is on day 56.

Sounds like you have a good setup and you are on your way to being addicted to growing like the rest of us lol. My only concern is that you are asking alot from a 100w light. It will get you to harvest but you could get more with a second light like the one you have. Of course if you buy a 1500 dollar light you could be a hero lol.
Keep us updated and pics are always nice (we love some bud porn) good luck and welcome to the neighborhood :evergreen_tree::sunglasses:

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I doubled up my lights to a MAXISUN VS2000. Moving towards week 9.

:+1: I’m not familiar with the light but if the 1000 was 100w it’s a safe bet that this one is 200w that gives you 300w in a 2 x 4 I’m not a mathematician but I think that’s about 40w a square foot which is perfect. I reread your original comment and realize that you are growing an auto flower if so you should be running your lights on a 18/6 not a 12/12 I would start adding an hour of light every 3 or 4 days until you get to 18 and you need to get your plant used to the extra 200w I would raise all the lights about 10 - 15 inches above where they are now and lower them back a couple inches at a time every couple days until you get back where you have the single one now which should be like 15 inches from canopy. watch your plants if there’s any droop or negative changes slow down