First indoor grow evah!

Welcome to my grow where I do this shit my way. 3 gallon pots. Water till 99% is dry and then water again. Feed once a month. So basically feed water water water feed. . I’m watering once

a week so that’s 4 weeks between feedings. Hell yeah. No maintenance


Nice. What strain? And how far into flower

@Smokeydablunts Looking good. Check out this guy on YouTube(welcome to the grow tent), he uses the same feeding schedular as you feed,water,water,water, feed, he grows some nice plants. Hey maybe you’ve already been watching his channel

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If your Intrest in no maintenance grows that produce you can check out my grows as I often leave my grows for 8 days with no one checking on them, a one fill of the reservoir and some deflation twice when I have time.

Here was one

Here is my current about to wrap up. In a bit

Hope it works out for you we are rooting for you.

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Purple hulk by MSNL seeds and we are into week 2 of flower I believe.