First indoor grow , and journal

Holy shit!!! Its a scorcher out today!!! Look at the environment in the greenhouse today.


@Covertgrower oh yeah i love these rings they work very well. I know this brand has 6, 8, 10, and 12 inch sizes . I actually had the 16in ones laying around so just used then to put them to work but had to do half hand water and half water by the halo cause it would obly reach around bace of plant . Now with these 12 inch ones i can just attach the hose and walk away i love it


I may look into the larger ones if the smaller ones I have don’t work as well as I thought they would.

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Damn ! That’s pretty warm!
We’re actually below 90 today but that’s just because a cold front with possible storms is moving over us.
Back to the mid 90’s next week!

Everything looking good man!!

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@Tylersays thanks bro! Over in my area it seems we have been in a constant heat wave for the past 2 or 3 weeks ! Think it only a high of 90 today where im at but thismorning i slept in a lil so by the time i got outside to open the thing up it was already scorching and having the side and door closed just made it hotter lol but they are taking it like champs x loving it actually lol if my indoor grow got that hot they would turn to dust lol. But on other fronts hows everything been brother ? Anything new over on your end?

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Damn man, talk about Sea Of Green!!!


@Beck seriously brother lol its honestly very intensive maintaining that thing by myself with all the other grows i have going on , but it sure will pay off once i get to reap the benefits of the harvests!

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I can only imagine. I’ve got ~30 plants and that feels like too much at times. You’ve got what like 3x that in plant count, maybe 10x in plant volume ?


@Graysin well yeah that’s sounds just about right hahahaha hey i guess it’s just what comes with the territory growing the way I do lol

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So its official boys! I just received my trimmer in the mail today ! Played around with it for a little (just to play lol dont have any nugs that need trimming) and im so far happy and satisfied with the purchase! Everything seems to be in working order and in honestly awesome shape, Ill post up some pics of it in a few when im back next to it for a good cleaning later tonight. Also my nugsmasher should be here by the end of the week as well. Lots of exciting things going on around here lately lol. Always a good time getting new toys and equipment to help build and progress my business #EagleEyeSupply !


So here are some pics of the new to me trimmer! Has bucking slots and a silicone/rubber type bottom that the entire unit sits on then its like a big grinder screen then the blade then the bowl part.

Also have some pics from the tents today

4x4 tropicanna poison clone sog flower tent

Autoflower/ veg tent

Overall pic

Close up of the keeper pheno from my gold leaf grow that is revegging

My XXX from ethos

My yeti wedding auto beginning to flower from my boy @Graysin

My 2 bloody skunk autos! Excited to see the purple phenos i get from them!

Also its been really hot and the outdoor ladies wernt happy about having to wait an extra day for watering so they looked like this when i went to check on them today

But i fed amd watered them and shortly after they looked beautiful lol

But overall everything has been going well other than the crazy heat we been getting lol and im very excited and looking forward to getting to use my new trimmer! Also very much looking forward to getting my nugsmasher this week and smoking some oil for the first time in a long time . I love getting new toys lol.

Until next time my friends.



Dude - the size and health of all your individual grows never ceases to amaze me.
You have truly got it nailed down.
I wish I had half the energy you do! LOL!

Yeah - those ladies are looking pretty grumpy. LOL!
I started loading my outside ladies with bloom nutes last week - the 3 big girls are all flowering at this point. I think we only get one day of rain this week but now I’ve got to start worrying about it since they’re going into flower.
The Citradelic Sunset is good to go now. Looks like a couple of Z’s maybe a little more. She actually looks more fuzzy than frosty! LOL! I might have a spot of bud rot on one tip ugg!

Keep up the great work man!
I don’t know how you do it!


Alrighty so just like every other day today was a very busy one lol . It was water/feed day today for the 4x4 flower tent . Also seeing as they are 20 days into flower today i decided to do my day 21 defol today on day 20 lmfao. It was a lot of back breaking work having to lean my 6ft 3in tall ass over the canopy to get to the back of the tent lol but nonetheless i got it all finished up now. Also preformed my preventative maintenance today to make sure i i don’t end up with any type of problems in the future.

Here are some pics of the tent before i did the defoliation

And then here are some after pics

.then here are the same pics again but just next to eachother for sn easy comparison


The storm last night seems to have broken the heat wave, yayyy :clap::clap::clap: