First indoor grow , and journal

@The_Chef thanks brother ! I do gotta say im pretty impressed myself that even with 45 plants i only have like 2 that are problem children and dont like the same parameters as the rest lol but ill take 43 out of 45 lol


You really are knocking it out of the park man. It’s ridiculously impressive! I’m not rushing my second run because I’m putting a plan on paper to make things more organized like you and free flowing.
When starting it felt like I was buying shit and throwing it at the grow. Not gonna happen going forward. :joy:

I’m planning another 4x4 for now that is strictly a veg/clone tent. I see how you and a few others do it to keep the gap of harvest small. It will be nice to have plants ready for the flower tent as soon as I chop what’s in there. In the process now of getting my hydrolock system and drainage plans completed so it won’t take long to put together. Just about there.

I told you that you inspire me brother. You’ll see it shortly when things get rolling again :metal::beers:


Dude I’m retired and couldn’t keep up with all that! LOL!
I just spent the last 3hrs feeding the 10 in the 4x4 and I’m wiped out!
And still gotta get the damn garbage to the street before morning - which means sometime soon cause I’ll be damn if I’m getting up before 10am! LOL!
All good though - after so much time in the tent I’m pretty wired up!
About to smoke this joint and start getting the shit together for the trip down! LOL!

Those sunflowers will take off and grow soon. They thrive in the hottest part of the summer which is coming.
Your entire set-up, both inside and out, are superb man! I’m no where near organized enough for all that.
Though I did manage to arrange the plants in the 4x4 tonight so the air flow will be dramatically improved…maybe…time will tell!
It’s definitely an inspiration though!

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@The_Chef im excited to see you get that set up as well my friend ! I definitely have to put that into my todo list , making an irrigation system . I invested a bunch of money into a whole bunch of stuff to design and create one but then it stopped there cause it got put on the backburner . Need to make some time to figure something out now that im thinking about it. guess ill dig out and dust off the stuff i got to see what im working with lol

@Tylersays well thanks a lot bro , appreciate the kind words a ton . But dont you and @The_Chef go thinking what i have going is end all be all. Cause it may seem like i have things pretty organized but only my pup and my girl see the real behind the scenes where im running around with my head cut off most of the time trying to keep up with everything to make aure i dont fall too far behind. Even taking 1 day off totally screws up my entire system hahahaha. But im getting there to where it will be at the point where i deem it efficient enough. As soon as i begin not insisting i flower out every plant i get my hands on it’ll be alot easier lol. That and once my outdoor girls get finished up itll make my life a lot easier . Having just indoor grows going is one thing . But then adding in another operation outside opens up a whole new can of worms . Will all be worth it in the end tho. Im expecting to see 20pounds + once all the plants i have now are finished up . And that should keep me stocked up . For 6 months at least :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::love_you_gesture::smiling_imp::+1:

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Hello everyone so i got a bunch of stuff to catch you guys up on. As always , was another busy day today.

So firstly the 4x4 tent is now at the point where i have no choice but to feed/water everyday cause they are finally at the point where they are at their peak time for growth to fill in until the buds are fully ripened. Day 46 of flower today . Unfortunately my refill order of jacks didnt come in today so had to use the sunshine booster line again with some additional additive supplements.

I also took some time to actually keep track of the pictures i took today so i can show you guys some stuff better. I know i have recently mentioned something about how between the 6 gold leaf plants i have… i have been seeing some different phenos in the group and wanted to be able to show you guys the different ones i got .

So this first one is the one i like the best. It has the nicest looking nugs (bright orange hairs with frosty lime/bright green flower) that awesome bag appeal stuff , with in my opinion has the best bud structure and calyx to leaf ratio. To me shes a pretty close example of the perfect plant for a gold leaf from the different phenos i see.

Here it is…

Thinking shes gonna be the one i keep around and re-veg so that i can take some clones off her in the future and keep that pheno around for a little.

And then heres another pheno. I like this one too but not as much as the other (looks and growing wise) . Nice bud structure , consistent stacking, and overall a very nice producing plant.

That one is prob my second favorite as far as looks and growth style/ structure. Just a very consistent shape and size of colas all over.

And now we have a third pheno. This one is the only other one thats pretty close looking to my favorite one i showed first. The bud structure is identical but the color and amount of stigmas arnt as desirable (again this is all based on looks amd growth i havent gotten the chance to smoke any yet lol)

And then these next 3 are all pretty similar to eachother but different than the rest. All still desirable, fat and swollen calyx’s , frosty as ever. Nice dence nugs. But personally they are a little leafy looking for my liking. Lol. They are still great dont get me wrong. But if i could of just had the structure of that pheno that im going to keep around, i would be ecstatic Haha.

Heres one…

And another …

And then the last…

And then heres an overall shot that i took today as well

So now keep in mind i still have a little while before i will be cutting them down (at least 9 weeks) so theres still some time for one of them to possibly impress me and then have my decision swayed one way or another to which one or whatever that i decide to keep around. And we also have to remember once i smoke all the stuff and try it ill have a better idea as well. But those are my thoughts as of lately.

In other news, my recent seed order arrived today! So that was pretty exciting. Its always one thing that i look foward to greatly! Love getting new and more genetics.

@Tylersays i ended up getting those LA OG kush seeds for my NASC freebie as well so i was pretty happy about that cause its what i was hoping for cause i didnt have any of that strain till now.

Then i took another pic of all the ethos genetics that i currentlt own . This makes me happy haha.

And now to switch to another topic that im not to sure how i feel about lol. So that tropicanna poison mother has done what i needed her to . And she has been getting very big and unruly so i was originally planning on just flowering her out and chopping her down when i flip my next group of plants which are prob all those other clones. But after thinking about what im actually gonna do its just not something thats feasible at this time. Like i said before things can be a lot more easier for me if i just dont insist on flowering out every single plant i have . So i chopped her up from a huge bush into a small plant again. I SUPER Supercropped them lol just to get her out of the way and just alive so maybe if i can pull it off i can maybe someday take her back out and bank on those genetics.

Here is before i touched her …

And here is after i did what i did lol…

See her looking all sad in the corner where she used to over tower everybody else in that tent hahaha. She will be fine tho im sure . Did it this way just to have some fun and experiment. I have never choose to cut a perfectly good plant like this before so it was the first time i ever did this . Im accepting of it now but it still just feels wrong that i actually did it hahaha.

And then to wrap up this yet again very long update. Some pictures i took of the outdoor ladies today. I really hope you guys appreciate these photos, i no bullshit had to climb my ass up in a tree next to them to get it all in the frame hahaha.

One last thing…in those last pics you can very clearly see why i really want those sunflowers to catch up so i can have at least SOMEKIND of buffer between my neighbor just coming up to the fence and that probably 20ftx 5ft plot of 3 solid monster plants lol. Itll be incredible if i get through growing them without some kind of awkward encounter with him once they flowering and going nuts lol.

But anyways , take it easy folks. Im going to smoke and then bed . See you guys around here …



Beautiful girls and damnbon the ethos collection

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Beautiful man! So much goodness in that tent to choose from! Just beautiful!
Loving the Ethos collection! I can’t wait to agonize over what to start next! LOL!
Outside ladies are looking PHAT!! Awesomeness!
You literally work your ass off keeping all these ladies happy. Not to mention the human one!! :laughing:
That’s the one that sucks up most of my time! LOL!

The 4x4 girls were looking good when I peeked in this morning but I’ll be able to investigate further after 8 when the lights come on for the night.
I did feed 2 days ago and i Ph’d low as the soil is creeping up in the 2x4 and I’m seeing a touch of that in the 4x4 so hoping to bring it back in gently.
The 2x4 needs a shock treatment! LOL!
Just limping her till the end then I think I’m going RDWC with two buckets. growth rate is phenomenal in those things!

Keep on strokin’ man!

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@Tylersays its funny you say that cause today i got a bunch of my supplies together to run a few plants in DWC until i can get some money together to either buy or make a RDWC system lol. Im that impatient that even in coco and with all these plants still looking for ways to minimize time between harvests and anything to speed up growth rate lol so im right there with you buddy . I can only imagine how my life would be if i just had everything already in a system like that lol

Got some photos i just took to show you guys.

These gold leaf plants have an estimated flower time of 9 weeks. Which im gonna guess is based off a 12/12 light cycle. I run 13/11 so should cut some of that time off the back end. Going to begin looking into the tricombs from here on out to make a better judgement on how much longer they have.

Today is 7 weeks into flower, day 49 today.


Very nice Brother :+1: :evergreen_tree: :sunglasses: :peace_symbol:

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@NUG61 thank you bro! Im very excited about getting these girls out and the next group in! Always looking forward to the next grow lol

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getting mine going in a few weeks :sunglasses: :peace_symbol:

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@NUG61 yeah by the looks of things i will be too !! Haha

So i broke out the microscope quick to take a look in a little closer. Heres what i saw…


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They were taken off a couple different plants on a few different nugs as well. The ones with the most amber is the pheno ive been liking the most . She definitely looks the furthest along. Thats another awesome attribute of this pheno and another reason why imma keep her around lol. But anyways def within weeks now for this crop . Now i can start to get an idea on how to proceed moving foward

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Some overall shots of everybody

4x4 flower tent

4x5 veg/auto tent

Outdoor ladies

And wanted to also share the progress the mammoth sunflowers are making. They are getting tall. Most over 2ft now, so they are really hitting their stride. Feed them some jacks today as well lol. But still battling these damn rabbits.


I can picture the sign , on a pole , at the end of your driveway. “Flip Dawg Canna- Nursery” :rofl:

It’s so impressive bro! :metal:

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Holy crapn4 real i love every update