First indoor grow , and journal

So I wanted to hop on here and post up some more pics of the buds on the drying racks and some that I put in bags today, also gonna throw in some pics of my outdoor ladies as I have not been updating on them much and havent in a while. They look way different now hahahaha.

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Outdoor girls…

And here is some that I put into grove bags today

And can we all take a moment to admire this ghetto drying area I had to make in the corner of my room because the room that I was originally using to dry in ended up having to be used for the exact week that I needed it to dry hahaha stuck a tarp to the ceiling rails and put an ac and dehumidifier in there with a fan as well to make a little dark area in my room lol totally wasent happy about loosing the room I was gonna use but I still made it happen hahaha

But as of right now I have bagged up a little over 13 ounces off of 3 plants and still have the other 6 plants on the drying racks so it’s looking like I’ll probably be close to or hit over the 2 pound mark for total yield for that grow . That’s just a guess right now but I’ll make sure I update with the actual final numbers once everything is in bags curing. Way more than I thought i was going to have but totally happy about the outcome too. The plants that are still drying were the nice big fat cola ladies so I’m real excited to see what they give me. I had to order more grove bags today as I thought I would have enough but that’s not to case lol


Nicely done my friend! And there’s nothing wrong with McGivering a dark room! :raised_hands:t3:

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Wanted to post up a few more pics I took today when bagging up my buds to start curing in grove bags . The couple plants I did today yielded my a little over 5 1/2 ounces each so I’ll take that win . I really wish I had a better camera cause my phone DOES NOT do these beautiful buds any justice at all they look so much more amazing in person . I’ll have to try and take some under some more natural looking light . But here are some more pics.

As of now I’m right at about just under 1 1/2 pounds and still have 2 full plants drying which one of them being the biggest one that was in that tent so I’m looking pretty good. Also got to keep in mind I still have those 5 girls outside which 2 of them are absolute monsters , so I’m gonna be looking pretty good for a little while haha and I’m gonna let the plants in the 4x4 now go for another week or 2 then flip them to flower to keep the harvests rolling in . Very exciting. Also once this group is all finished up I got some seeds that I am so very anxious to get to try ! So it shouldn’t be too much longer before I get to pop those bad Larry’s amd get them going. But heres a quick pic of the 4x4 as it stands now .

And I also have a GSCE in the 2x2 by itself for now that I have begun mainline training for my first attempt at that. The work never ends ! Hahaha but I’ll keep you guys updated as usual as I get more through everything to take that last grow to a close! Talk to you all soon !


Ok friends I am finally back again with the final numbers ! So from all the girls in the tent i yielded just over a kilo ! I topped off at about 2.5 pounds total . I would definitely say that i am happy with that number considering it being my first attempt at indoor !! And i still have my outdoor girls going so more will be coming in soon ! I did also chop one of my outdoor girls so i only have 4 left outside but the one i did chop looks like it’s going to be somewhere around at least a half pound maybe more so we will see once its fully dried up so i can weigh it ! But i am definitely satisfied. The girls on the tent were giving me 3 ounces a plant for the small ones in there . The medium sized ones were giving me about 4 ounces a plant amd then the big girls in there have me 5-6 ounces each so they definitely did a great job !!! And the quality is top notch ! Very excited to keep this grow perpetual and keep it going !


Also wanna throw up a pic of how the tent looks now

Today is the 2nd day since flipping the lights to 12/12 because I honestly just want to get these girls flowered out and ready so I can pop some of the seeds that I am really looking forward to grow . So trying to get these girls done asap. The 3 under the net are clones from photo plants and all but the biggest sized one in the right side of the tent are autos . The bigger one is a photo and is that one that started to flower by itself under 18/6 while it was in the 2x2 tent if you guys remember me asking about that plant a while ago . But the autos are well on their way to harvest . But today is watering day so I better get my butt moving and give these girls something to eat/drink !!! Lol


Best cooling solution for grow tents

Just so I can get some more people to give me some ideas or advice I wanna post this link to another topic I just started on here so whoever’s may be following me still can chime in to try and help without me having to post the same thing to 2 different topics . Any advice to that discussion would be awesome !


nice haul flip… looks like u got bud for a week or 2 lmao


Very nice man! The trimming threw me for a loop the last few weeks. I was looking at trimmers and wondering if you’ve looked at Risentech. Possibly going to get the automatic one for my next harvest, ~$650 and even their manual one looked good for $320ish cant decide if it’s worth it compared to the $2500+ trimmers but quality looks alot better than some vivosun shit!! Good pull bro best of luck​:+1:t2::fire:

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