First indoor grow , and journal

Same here my bud igniter and bud factor x had chunks also I looked for expiration dates and couldn’t find any so I used it, I thought the chunks were normal


Idk this one dont have chunks but i did take the whole paper off the bottle this time. Last time i poked a hole but noticed this time its like paper not plastic like usual


Pics 2 and 3, 7 and 8.

Them nuggs frosty AF.

The bottom pics looks like she gon be a baseball bat


Yes sir ! I agree for sure, wish I was able to pump the smell threw here too share that with all of you as well, it’s very strong Haha. The resin production is awesome too, just having my arm touch a nug makes it feel like I just poured glue on myself lol im going to be gumming up a lot of snips come trim time hahahaha


Looks awesome in there!
I keep an old jewelry cleaning jar filled with rubbing alcohol and switch between 2 pairs of fiskars for trimming, once one gets gummed up it goes in the jar.


Yeah just doing that small defoliation the other day totally gummed up my trimmers, I did just pick up another pair of ac infinity trimmers that came with a blade cleaner with it I just havent used it yet so not sure how well it would work, it’s just one of those little tubs with a sponge in it that I’d slide the scissors into . I’m sure it will help at least lol.


I use several pairs of trimmers and when a pair gets gummed up i use the next and when all are gummed i scrape them and that sticky lil resin ball gets smoked or saved and dropped into the alcohol when i do extraction

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Yeah in the past years I would pretty much do the same thing, and now that you mention it , I just remembered that I still have a few of those “hash” balls that I got from last years harvest. Thanks for helping me remember ! Gonna go smoke those up now hahaha


Today’s update !!

Day 38 of flower.

Hello everybody, we are back with some more progress. Today was watering day so I finished that up earlier today. I was able to add in the rock resonator stuff with everything else I use. The ladies seem to be packing on visual weight day by day. Also everything I’ve been trying to achieve has been going pretty well too. Here are some pictures I took today.

Overall as a whole it is going exceptionally well I think , just very excited at this point to see how far I can continue to push them and maintain control over them as time goes on .

The outdoor girls are doing ok too, the caterpillar spray seemed to help but I’m still going to use it again just to be totally sure I get everything I may even do it 2 more times but leaving a week in between. also going to do a foliar spray with it as well before the buds start packing on which is soon . One of them is definitely flowering now amd the other isn’t too far behind it .

And also the clones in the 2x2 tent are doing good as well, their cal mag issue has definitely continued to get better but still there a little . So today I gave them epsom salt , and liquid bone meal into their water and hoping that soon with staying on top of it they will get to 100% again.

Also the new seedlings are doing well too!

Here is the wedding cake auto…

Here is the gelato auto…

And the zkiddlez auto that I planted along with those other 2 is still struggling since breaking ground and hasent made any progress in the last couple days , I dont know if she’s going to make it but I’ll stay with it and see what happens anyways. She was just so close , I dont know why it doesn’t want to stand and open up .

But whatever ends up happening with that last one is ok because look what we have here !!

The 2nd zkiddlez auto I started is now alive and with us !lol welcome to the family !

Thanks for stopping by everyone ! I’ll talk to you all soon!



Today’s update !!!

Day 39 of flower

So today for once I do not have much work that I need to do in the 4x4 tent , so instead I took some time to do something fun and that was trying to take some close up pictures with one of my magnifying lenses held up to my phones camera and honestly they didnt come out to bad !

And I also took some close up type shots of a couple different buds .

And then here are just some photos of all around the tent as a whole . (Or as much as I was able to fit in to the frame of each pic lol)

I am also excited to announce that once I got that email from Robert today , I just purchased some more seeds ! Lol picked up the 10+10 pack of the g13 autoflower. I am always looking for deals and when I saw that there was not only that but a brand new strain added into their inventory I just couldn’t pass up the offer. (Now if only they would add the other strains I’ve been looking at into a deal mix so I can get them (agent orange, strawberry cough) I would be ecstatic! But anyways happy to have them coming my way. I went with the autoflower due to the fact that I have an abundance of fem seeds but only about 12 autos so I wanted to bulk up my supply of them . As of now planning on popping at least one of those as soon as I get it as long as I still have the room . Lol looks like I’m going to have to put my 3rd tent up a little sooner than later haha. Lastly I also purchased a few things to upgrade the 4x4 tent as well. Nothing crazy but a few things that are definitely going to help me set everything up in the tent in the future! You’ll all see what I mean once they are here and I post up some pics of what they are ! But just wanted to hop on here to share those pics with everyone . I’m sure I will be on here again later with more updated info and pictures of everything else . Looking forward to speaking with you all soon !.



Today’s update !!!

Day 41 of flower

Hello friends , I am back again for another update . I didnt get to come on here much yesterday due to being very busy with life and all but everything has been going well. One thing i did have to give attention to in the tent was that some of my taller branches were really starting to get weighed down by the amount of bud that has been fattening up these girls branches . So lucky after a trip to the local grow store I found a better solution to this problem that’s better than my usual tying them to something with twine string . I found a product called plant yoyo’s it’s a retractable support clip that I could also lock in place if I would like but has a spring load lock so I can also keep it open and still allow the branch to sway with the wind to allow some give while still supporting the branch enough for it not to drop over from weight . Was able to get a 12 pack for about 20 bucks . I installed some yesterday when I got them and also put some around the tent on some other branches just to be able to pull them out of the way of other budsites. It’s really beginning to get very dence in there again so I’m thinking about doing the “day 42” defoliation tomorrow . What would you guys do ? Is it still beneficial to do so at this point in flower ? I think 1 more good go at them could be essential to me achieving the fat fat colas I really would like to push these nice ones I got now to the max .

But those are just some of the pics I have taken in the past couple days . They are definitely moving right along . Smells great in there haha ! Still working in trying to pull some nice colors out tho haha . But still very happy where everything has been at.

Hope all is well , will be back in later so talk to you all then !



You can see the yoyo’s in this pic here , they are the yellow things tied along the top of the tent, amd they have like a clear fishing line type of wire going down to the hook that supports the branch. I love them so far. Think they are a very cool idea !


Hell yeah six weeks, I’d take off some fan leaves with stems and open them up some more


Today’s update !!!

Day 42 of flower .

So today is finally the start of week 6 of flower ! We are finally getting into the home stretch with these girls ! They have been continuously showing me signs of great growth and health everyday . I decided to do a defoliation today . So what I did was give the girls half the water I usually give them and gave them some time to soak some of it up , then did the defoliation, then gave them all the rest of the water . That way some of the water they loose could be replaced with what I gave them afterwards . I feel that I was able to take out a little bit more than I usually would which was cool cause it is helping me open up more budsites to direct light and also helps me with air circulation and to keep my humidity down . Let me tell you guys tho that when I was doing the defol I obviously had to touch the buds and had my arms hit them as I was manoeuvring throughout the tent to get to the leafs I wanted to cut out and it felt like I poured honey all over myself because everything that touched some of the buds was just so very sticky . Even now typing this with my phone my thumbs are sticking to the screen lol i ended up having to clean my shears about 10 times to keep them from getting to gummed up lol. But anyways here are some pictures that I took before doing the defol .

And here are some pictures that I took after the defol…

And here is a picture of the leafs that I took off…

I know that it doesn’t look like much in the picture but that was one dence pile for sure , I also can clearly see a difference while looking in the tent in person I’m not sure how well I was able to capture it with my photos but I am definitely feeling good about the amount I was able to take out today. Really wish there was a way for me to share the smell of this tent with you guys, it really is very strong and smells amazing ! But overall I am very happy with how everything has been going ! Hope you guys are as excited as I am to see these girls cross the finish line ! I’ll make sure I document every step of the way to share it with all of you guys !
Hope you all enjoyed today’s post !
Talk to you guys soon!



Damn :open_mouth::open_mouth::heart_eyes:


Also just wanted to say that the little bud you guys see in the photo of the leafs I cut out was there because I may have accendently cut it off of one of my branches while I was doing the defol lol, whoops hahaha it’s ok tho because now I can try and dry it out enough so that I can try a little sample of that plant lol .


Ok people’s before I get into my normal daily update I have something that I would like to ask for some assistance with. I seem to be having some issues with my seedlings I just sprouted with the seeds I purchased from ILGM from the sweet auto mix I believe it was called (gelato auto, wedding cake auto, and zkiddlez auto) . I’m not sure if it is something i am doing wrong or what but i have never had these issues before and I’m not sure if it is because these are autos? Just really stumped at this point because I am using the same methods I always have with all the seedlings I have ever sprouted and never had this issue before. So what’s happening is that my seedlings are looking… burnt ? I guess I could say , they are like very wrinkly and just not looking right . The weird thing is that out of the 4 I just sprouted under the same conditions 1 of them died and didnt fully sprout which was a zkiddlez auto , 2 of them are looking all wrinkled and not right which were wedding cake auto and gelato auto, and the last one is another zkiddlez auto which is doing perfectly and that’s why I’m confused cause since that one is doing very well and all were under the same growing conditions I’m just not sure why these other 2 are doing what they are . Anyways heres some pictures …

You see what I mean ? The 2 that are not doing well are both 9 days old today, and the 1 that is doing good is only 5 days old today and its shooting past the 2 problem ones by a lot already . I’m just not sure if it is from the seeds being not great or what but I’m feeling kinda disappointed due to this being the first round of autos and seeds from ILGM I’ve tried and it’s already not going well. What do you guys think about this ?

This is another pic of the second zkiddlez auto I sprouted that is doing well. 5 days old today.

This is a pic of the gelato auto that is struggling, 9 days old today.

This Is a pic of the wedding cake auto that is struggling, 9 days old today .

And here is another group shot.

But can you guys see why I’m concerned? Lol like I’ve said they were all under the exact same conditions and only 1 of them is doing good. Just not sure what’s going on here . The temp , rh, distance from light and everything is within spec of where it should be and that’s why I dont know why this is happening. What do you guys think ? Bunk seeds? I mess something up ? Need some advice on what I should do about these girls . @PurpNGold74 and anybody else that may be able to help , please share your 2 cents .


Also wanted to add in some pics of what the first zkiddlez auto did .

So as you can see , what it did was when it finally broke ground it just refused to straighten out and open up to begin growth . Germination was slow, but when it finally got to the point where I was able to plant and I did so, it took unusually long to break ground and then when it did that happened and it just ended up dying . Not sure if that’s something I could bring up to ILGM and try and get another batch of seeds or not but this is why I’m bringing it up to you guys first. What do you think is going on with these things . It seems like I have been having a lot of issues with this batch I recieved .

Also just so there’s a few more pics , here are some older pics of the 2 problem seedlings I have …

Wedding cake auto …

Gelato auto…

And a group shot

All of those pics were taken 2 days ago, what do you guys think ?


Also wanted to add some info on the conditions they have been in .

Under a 1500watt philzon cob led with only the veg/bloom switch on , stronger off and the stronger is what controls the cobs, currently pulling 115 true watts from the wall on that setting and they are about 28 inches away from seedlings .

They are in solo cups filled with happy frog with added perlite , with a small top layer of coco to assist germination and sprouting they were also under a humidity dome until they sprouted

Temps have been around 75°F in the tent with about 60% RH

2x2x4 tent with a 6in ac infinity raxial series for exhaust fan , has an oscillating clip fan on the plants in there as well.

Those are just some things I can think of that’s usually on that ticket I see around the forum. Anything else you may think could be a factor just ask amd I shall answer.


I’ve had some bag seed look like that and it died, also had one have a hard time losing its shell it made it, ilgm stands behind it’s seeds so good luck

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