First indoor grow , and journal

Same here my bud igniter and bud factor x had chunks also I looked for expiration dates and couldn’t find any so I used it, I thought the chunks were normal


Idk this one dont have chunks but i did take the whole paper off the bottle this time. Last time i poked a hole but noticed this time its like paper not plastic like usual


Pics 2 and 3, 7 and 8.

Them nuggs frosty AF.

The bottom pics looks like she gon be a baseball bat


Yes sir ! I agree for sure, wish I was able to pump the smell threw here too share that with all of you as well, it’s very strong Haha. The resin production is awesome too, just having my arm touch a nug makes it feel like I just poured glue on myself lol im going to be gumming up a lot of snips come trim time hahahaha


Looks awesome in there!
I keep an old jewelry cleaning jar filled with rubbing alcohol and switch between 2 pairs of fiskars for trimming, once one gets gummed up it goes in the jar.


Yeah just doing that small defoliation the other day totally gummed up my trimmers, I did just pick up another pair of ac infinity trimmers that came with a blade cleaner with it I just havent used it yet so not sure how well it would work, it’s just one of those little tubs with a sponge in it that I’d slide the scissors into . I’m sure it will help at least lol.


I use several pairs of trimmers and when a pair gets gummed up i use the next and when all are gummed i scrape them and that sticky lil resin ball gets smoked or saved and dropped into the alcohol when i do extraction

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Yeah in the past years I would pretty much do the same thing, and now that you mention it , I just remembered that I still have a few of those “hash” balls that I got from last years harvest. Thanks for helping me remember ! Gonna go smoke those up now hahaha


Today’s update !!

Day 38 of flower.

Hello everybody, we are back with some more progress. Today was watering day so I finished that up earlier today. I was able to add in the rock resonator stuff with everything else I use. The ladies seem to be packing on visual weight day by day. Also everything I’ve been trying to achieve has been going pretty well too. Here are some pictures I took today.

Overall as a whole it is going exceptionally well I think , just very excited at this point to see how far I can continue to push them and maintain control over them as time goes on .

The outdoor girls are doing ok too, the caterpillar spray seemed to help but I’m still going to use it again just to be totally sure I get everything I may even do it 2 more times but leaving a week in between. also going to do a foliar spray with it as well before the buds start packing on which is soon . One of them is definitely flowering now amd the other isn’t too far behind it .

And also the clones in the 2x2 tent are doing good as well, their cal mag issue has definitely continued to get better but still there a little . So today I gave them epsom salt , and liquid bone meal into their water and hoping that soon with staying on top of it they will get to 100% again.

Also the new seedlings are doing well too!

Here is the wedding cake auto…

Here is the gelato auto…

And the zkiddlez auto that I planted along with those other 2 is still struggling since breaking ground and hasent made any progress in the last couple days , I dont know if she’s going to make it but I’ll stay with it and see what happens anyways. She was just so close , I dont know why it doesn’t want to stand and open up .

But whatever ends up happening with that last one is ok because look what we have here !!

The 2nd zkiddlez auto I started is now alive and with us !lol welcome to the family !

Thanks for stopping by everyone ! I’ll talk to you all soon!



Today’s update !!!

Day 39 of flower

So today for once I do not have much work that I need to do in the 4x4 tent , so instead I took some time to do something fun and that was trying to take some close up pictures with one of my magnifying lenses held up to my phones camera and honestly they didnt come out to bad !

And I also took some close up type shots of a couple different buds .

And then here are just some photos of all around the tent as a whole . (Or as much as I was able to fit in to the frame of each pic lol)

I am also excited to announce that once I got that email from Robert today , I just purchased some more seeds ! Lol picked up the 10+10 pack of the g13 autoflower. I am always looking for deals and when I saw that there was not only that but a brand new strain added into their inventory I just couldn’t pass up the offer. (Now if only they would add the other strains I’ve been looking at into a deal mix so I can get them (agent orange, strawberry cough) I would be ecstatic! But anyways happy to have them coming my way. I went with the autoflower due to the fact that I have an abundance of fem seeds but only about 12 autos so I wanted to bulk up my supply of them . As of now planning on popping at least one of those as soon as I get it as long as I still have the room . Lol looks like I’m going to have to put my 3rd tent up a little sooner than later haha. Lastly I also purchased a few things to upgrade the 4x4 tent as well. Nothing crazy but a few things that are definitely going to help me set everything up in the tent in the future! You’ll all see what I mean once they are here and I post up some pics of what they are ! But just wanted to hop on here to share those pics with everyone . I’m sure I will be on here again later with more updated info and pictures of everything else . Looking forward to speaking with you all soon !.