First indoor grow , and journal

:drooling_face: who came up with that name man? :rofl:

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Toon town grower on ig. Lmao. He has some pretty slick stuff bud. Sask squatch stash. Purple titties saskatoon berry coming out with prairie billie berry shortly. Here is his coffee mugs i got. Badazz


Today’s update !!! Day 35 of flower, start of week 5.

Hello friends I am back again for my daily update on the grow . So everybody seems to be doing very well, I havent seen any more signs of that slight nute burn I saw continuing so that’s good. I did drop my ppm levels in my mixture down to about half of what it would usually be and went up maybe another 25% from that last watering . So with tomorrow being their next scheduled watering I’m thinking that I’m going to boost it up to almost back to normal . Then as long as things continue to go smoothly I will leave it be an move on like nothing ever happened, just glad I caught it when I did before it was able to do any real damage. I did get in there and did another very slight defoliation. Like usual I went pretty light with it , took out just enough to allow better light penetration and air flow, and also like usual I’m thinking about doing another within the next week or so as long as everything stays consistent enough for me to feel comfortable that the plants can handle it , just dont want to over do it seeing ad it’s my first attempt at this technique. But I’m sure they will be ok cause even with the multiple times I’ve done it already they have never showed me any negative effects and always took it like a champ. Lately on the last couple of runs going in there I’ve been more focused on trying to open up the middle section of the plants/canopy more than the tops cause that’s where I feel I’m having most of my issues with everything getting so cluttered. But anyways here are some pics I took today before I did the defoliation…

And here is a pic of the leafs that I took off…

I know I know , that really isn’t much considering the amount of plant I have in there but it’s all I was comfortable doing at this point :rofl: lol. The reason they are separated the way they are is because one pile is a keep pile and the others are being thrown away, I like to keep the trimming that has a bunch of tricombs on it cause they really are just so very frosty I know that I can do something with them if i would like to .

And then here are the pictures that i took after doing the very minor defoliation…

But still even with the smaller amount that I took out I still feel that I can see a slight difference in light penetration throughout the canopy. I did also try and take advantage of the upper net some more by weaving more / different branches threw it so that things are a little more evenly distributed throughout the tent.

I also wanted to add that I believe I am starting to see the effects of the purpinator and terpinator on the plants. Not only do they seem to be exceptionally frosty and sticky but I feel like a few buds I am beginning to see a slight purple coloring starting to come threw, I have also been trying to give them some cold temp therapy to help that out as well by making sure day and night temps swing enough both ways to help them take advantage of any coloring they may have within them. I also just purchased some fish sh!t from fish head farms. Seems to be a pretty popular product as well as a good one with how they market it and what I have seen it be able to help with. I havent applied any to the girls yet but planning on it soon just not sure if I’m going to start these girls on it now with them being later in flower I’m just not sure if it would be beneficial to them or not , but if they dont get any my other plants in the other tent will.

Have anybody else used it ? How has it worked for you? Would love to hear some Input on it. But anyways thanks for stopping by like usual , hope you are all enjoying following me through this journey so far . Will talk to you guys on here again soon !!!



Wow mate lovely!


Thank you kind sir! I’d say it’s a pretty good result for my first time indoor !!


Did u ask for some stickers for ur tent walls. Usually gotta ask but they usually have stickers and all for it. I got like 8 of them when i asked. Dont need that many but they just gave me a bunch of the stickers they had lol. Fish shit htg stickers mammoth trbus and ones for the glasses company i forgot name of it


Also as a little bonus for today I wanna throw up some pics of my other tent. I just did some more training on them just now to keep them as low and bushy as possible so far has been going very well, they are all clones in there too by the way …

And also with a little bit of effort, patience, and convincing I think I got that zkiddlez auto to finally pop her head .

She was struggling for sure, germination was slow, planting went… oddly, so I had to kind of dig her up and reposition her then re cover her back up for her to finally get going in the right direction , then once she finally poked up she had helmet head , so after some delicate surgery I got the husk off her and now she should be good to spread her wings on her own soon lol. Just glad that I got her to come up , I didnt want to have a dud obviously and in my time that I was contemplating what I should do with her I ended up germinating ANOTHER zkiddlez auto seed just in case that one didnt make it on me :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming: lol oh well just looks like I’m going to have 2 of those on deck soon hahaha.

Also here is an update pic on the other 2 seeds I got to pop yesterday…

Wedding cake auto…

Gelato auto…

But those 2 seem to be doing well so far, very excited to watch them grow :grin: god I love doing this! Such a rewarding journey all the way through!

See ya guys later…



No unfortunately I didnt get any stickers, I would have loved some . You should see the stock pile of stickers I have from other things tho lol . Definitely gonna ask next time around cause I’m sure the ones they make for the product are awesome lol


Looks just like pic on bottle lol ! Here is some of what i have. Some on my wall already some in drawer lol.


Yeah definitely need to get my hands on one of those purple titties stickers for sure !!! Lol

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Where could I get my hands on some of those seeds/stickers?


Most of these ones for nutes cane from my local hydro stores. I just ask if they have stickers to bang out my wall


Do you know where I could get my hands on some of those purple titties seeds ?


Toon town genetics


Cool thanks I’m going to be looking into them, they look very cool would love to get my hands on some


Today’s update !!!
Day 36 of flower

So today was watering/feed day, so I went ahead and did that along with adding in “fish sh!t” from fish head farms. I also bumped up my ppm levels to almost back to normal . Next time they should be able to handle full strength . I also did something that usually is a bit of a no no. I did another small defoliation today . The reason I say that is cause I also did a small one yesterday and I know that I dont want to out them threw to much stress but i feel with the smaller amounts that I take off they are more than able to handle it . I guess I just totally overlooked a certain area when doing it yesterday so i had to make sure all was well all throughout lol.

I did forget to organize the photos in an " before and after " way but I did upload the pictures in the order in which I took them (I think lol) so you should still be able to see and follow what I did with them today . Everyday they are suprising me with their looks, smells, and progress . It should be too much longer now at this point as I can see the end getting closer and i cant wait to cross the finish line with these girls lol it’s going to be a lot of work and time preparing them for smoke haha. But still looking forward to every step of the way . I’m sure my girlfriend is ready for those to be ready as I’ve been spending most of the time in my day working on all the different grows i have going on haha and lately this tent has been the bulk of it as I’m sure you guys can imagine hahaha.

I also finally recieved my package with that captain jack stuff that I’m going to use on my girls that are outside . And I did actually use some on both of them today so we will see how that goes, I do hope that it ends up working for me because I am starting to notice those little burrowing buggers making themselves at home on my ladies , so I want to rid all of them and prevent any further potential invasions especially before the buds come , with will be very soon by the looks of them .

But other than that issue with the pests they are doing very well otherwise . The plants in the 2x2 tent have been doing well also , still sorting out an issue with them with their calmag issue, thinking of giving them some epsom salts and see what happens , the problem has been getting better I think but still not totally good yet .

Also the seedlings that sprouted the other day are doing well. But I didnt take a photo of them today, I’ll make sure I add them in tomorrows update . Lastly that zkiddlez seed that I’ve been trying to get to sprout hasn’t made any further progress yet, I’m not gonna give up on her but its definitely an easy swing either way if she’ll make it or not but that’s ok cause the other zkiddlez auto seed I dropped in a shot glass yesterday, sank and grew a taproot within 24 hours , so I planted that today and we will see what happens . I will keep you all updated , and now again I say … do you see why my girlfriend has been mad at all my time I’m working on them ??? Lolol :rofl::rofl::rofl: definitely have a lot on my plate lately with all of them haha but anyways hope all is well , as always thanks for taking the time out of your busy days to stop by and read my posts , looking forward to speaking with you all soon !!!



Epsom salts are a good source of Magnesium. Not calcium, ull need another supplement for cal. Like Gypsum, silica (only certain types), liquid bone meal, or dol lime (slow acting)

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Yes was thinking about grabbing some dol lime as well ! Thanks for the suggestions on other stuff as well I would like to bulk up on everything and anything I will or might need at some point lol


Just watch getting certain nutes mostly the wet nute usually expire after time start building nasties in the containers. Get chunky and what not. I had to take a bottle if bud ignitor bacj to the store. The guys said i cant do nothing about it we dont refund open nutes i said u will refund me my money or give me a bottle that not chunky. So we got a new bottle because there was alot of ppl here waiting in line and i posed a big ass deal about them selling bad nutes. I even dumped some out to make sure chunks didnt come out like the first bottle. Lol


Today’s update!!!

Day 37 of flower.

Ok my friends its finally that time …

For me to finally post up some juicy shots of the girls, we had some family photos taken earlier today where I actually took some time to try and get some decent ones. As I have been saying , it has honestly been very impressive that these girls have gotten so frosty and beautiful in such a short amount of time. I would definitely have to say I already see a big difference since I started adding in the new stuff to my feeding mixtures . Also excited to say that I went out and got 1 more thing I’ve been wanting to add, which is rock resonator heavy yields. I believe that with the other things I’ve been using is helping make a big difference in tricomb production which is one of the things I wanted to try and push . (Now if I could just pull some nice colors out of these girls I’ll be as happy as a pig in sh!t) lol. But anyways I wont go on and on like I usually do , today we will just get right to it .

Here you go !

Those were taken to try and get an overall scan across the entire tent.

And here are the juicy ones !

So i think they are looking very good for where they are at , still got a couple more weeks to really fatten these girls up , very excited to see what the future holds for them ! Hope you guys enjoyed today’s post as much as I did sharing it ! Talk to you all soon !