First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe


Ditto on the Fire Internet. My phone is always with me (in case I fall down :blush:) & when I was having 6 months of problems with house router I got used to just using it. Verizon gave me a free no strings attached tablet for not dropping them.


@SmoknGranny Thats a good way to get a tablet I guess. Wouldnt mind getting one that way. I dont use a cell phone though the rest of the family do. I use a landline. A little behind the times. I have had cell phones but either I lose em or break em. Guess why that tablet didnt last me long. This fire I have had for a couple of years and it works okay long as I dont put any apps on it. Put anything on it or try to use the internet with it and it slows to a crawl. So I use it for reading and thats pretty much it. My laptop, actually laptops…got 3 of them. Dont know how it happens but I inherit them. I have had more of them. Given 2 or 3 or em to my grandkids and daughter and to my wife and both of my sons. I dont know how I end up with them. I was in repair for a while so some came that way doing replacements and so on. I had some real small ones I gave to the kids and should have kept one for me. 10 inch screens perfect for being stuck in bed. Oh well… Looking for one now that I can use in bed.


I just got lucky with the right customer service agent :slightly_smiling_face:. He made the offer and I said okay especially with the no strings attached.
Checked my tire and it’s down so I think we have to replace the tire sensor $100. Too cold for me to mess with it today so I’m going to wait until tomorrow to pump it back up. We even had a snow flurry today!
I hope you’re doing a little better today. Any luck getting some help?


@SmoknGranny wasnt aware you had the tire sensors and other stuff. Likely missed where you said it. Anywyay, I am not familair with that kind of setup on a tire and stuff like it.

Not doing so great today. My leg and hip is so stiff and sore cant hardly stand it. Been hitting the brownie heavy today. Going to have to make some more in a few days I think. But okay. Got about a week or a little more from harvesting the GL maybe. I dont want any body lock, or may only partial. At least from the GL. The OG Kush I think is the body lock kind. either that Or I have my kinds mixed up.


I have no idea about those. I get somewhat couch locked with my Widows but I’m a lightweight :slightly_smiling_face:
Have you tried either heat or cold to help with the pain? I’m on an ice pack now. But I sleep on a heated mattress pad.
My truck is a 2007 GMC with all kinds of bells and whistles. I bought it from Mother in law about 6-7 years ago at a good price. I’m going out Friday so will get tire back up & make appointment for Monday. It’s just another PITA to deal with. :grimacing:


@SmoknGranny Not familiar with that new of a GMC. I havent had a newer truck than a Ford 2002. Driving a 2000 toyota and our second car is a 2001 Ford cop car. Forget the model. They both drive pretty good and minimal things wrong. I buy used and have for many years. Usually get a used one and put a couple of grand into it fixing the stuff wrong and we then have a decent vehicle for a while without the bucks put into a new model year.

Well, this was my first trip up out of bed in about 5 hours. Trip to the john, then kitchen for a drink, stopped at the laptop, saw your reply, answering it then back to bed. Just too dang sore to be up longer.

Oh, my son did mix the nutes up for me.


I normally wouldn’t have bought that truck :grimacing:but “Matilda” is like a tank and will pretty much go through anything! Which is why I have her :slightly_smiling_face:. Woke up to 16 & high today is 29. I’m going to try to pump up that darn tire about midday when it’s the “warmest”:nauseated_face:
After I crushed my lower vertebrae I installed a small frig in my bedroom. I keep it stocked with water and some snacks (& canna budder). It has come in handy and the best $20 I have spent in years.
I’m glad your son is helping you with at least the nutrients. I know the time & effort you’ve put in this grow but I have faith that all will turn out okay :heart:


@SmoknGranny before we got this toyota we had a chevy PU. 3/4 ton 4wd About like yours could go anywhere. We had had it on our farm and we kept it to use hauling our RV when we started traveling. Kept it from almost new to here it was a 96 and we got it in 98. Kept it for almost 20 years.

Got a fridge in my bedroom/office as well. For the same reason. Though had it in here before I fell on my hip and knee.

Yea, he is helping. He and I have always been very close. Closer than any of the kids and anyone. If I need something…I can count on him. Even with this. He wont get into the tents at all, wont even look. But anything that he can help me with otherwise…he is there for me.


Glad he’s helping :grinning:. Here’s a hug :hugs: for him!
As soon as I finish feeding the little four paws I will head out & pump that tire up for as long as I can stand the cold. I can’t lift the big compressor :nauseated_face: so have to use the cig lighter one which takes forever :confused:
My grow partner is driving me up to Omaha tomorrow for some shopping so I may be late checking in. :+1:


@SmoknGranny well you be careful outside there. Make sure there is no ice near where you are working so you dont takea spill like I did. Wasnt icy…but was slimely for some reason.

What you going to be shopping for up there? Been a long time since I was in Omaha. My dad was stationed there in the AF and we lived near downtown in those old block row houses. Low income housing it would be called today. Kind of like apartements nowadays. But long rows of brick buildings divided up into homes. two story types but all connected.

Wasnt that far from the old stockyards. Could smell them when the wind came the right direction. Mixture of blood and manure. Dont know if they do much slaughtering there nowadays.

You aught to get one of those long compressor hoses and hang it where all you need to do is unhook it. Thats what we have. The compressor is in the shed, and have a hose run out to the front of the carport and then have it connected to another hose for using on vehicles. Easy way to use the bigger compressor than having to mess with a small one or a portable. I do want to get a larger compressor and perm install it and them pipe the air where I want/need it.


No ice just cold & I bundled up good. At 29 psi so I should be good for tomorrow morning :+1: I’ll top off all tires tomorrow before I head home from my friends house.
She has a couple of gift cards for Target burning a hole in her pocket. :grimacing:. So instead of doing our usual local shopping & I haven’t been more than 15-20 miles away from home the last year we decided to head to Pappillion/Bellevue :slightly_smiling_face:. We might also hit a couple of pipe shops!:grimacing:
I’m going to ask a neighbor to bring up the air compressor to my garage when he has time. I’m going to put it on wheels so I can roll it out to Matilda and I have good long extension cords. It would be nice down the road to set up something more convenient. I’m also going to ask him to put my generator in the back of my truck so I can have a new draw cord installed.


Wait…what? I don’t see how I could possibly hide it from someone I live with. I think my partner in crime thinks I have a mistress in the basement.


You do… we all do


@SmoknGranny its cold down here as well. Near 34 this morning. Was snowing over in San Antonio Texas from what I heard and likely other places down south. Unusual to get this cold this time of year. Usually not till mid january or feb.

Hope you hit the pipe shops today. You need a good one. I need to get me one too. Next time i am in town will chck out a pipe shop and find me a good pipe. For smokers but can be made to use for us.

Hope you get the compressor set up for you. we dont have a generator any longer. traded it off for something a while back. Needed the something more than the generator.


Basically he lives on one side of the house and I on the other. He also hasn’t left the house in 4 years and stays in his room 23 out of 24 hours- bipolar depression untreated as we have NO insurance. Due to his upbringing & previous employment with HIGH security clearances, he’s never smoked MJ.


Home and sore. We had a good trip but ran out of time to visit the Wizards pipe shop. Maybe later depending on the weather. Temperature dropped early today but we might see 40’s next week. I’m finally thawed but I have one more trip outside.
How are you and the girls doing???
I’ll bbl. Gotta get Moose out :+1::hugs::heart:


@SmoknGranny me and the girls are doing fine. About time to harvest I think. Going to flush tomorrow or the next day. You can see what I mean in the photos next Dont think I have to post one at a time to blow up. Easy to see. Your opinion? @bob31 @daz49 @Laurap

This is the latest photo of my gold leaf nugs. Pretty close to harvest.

This next should be my white widow girl

the next is my OGKUSH.

I can post seperate if anyone wants but dont think it necessary since they all show quite a bit of amber. Opinions?

If yall agree, going to flush tomorrow or next day and then wait a few days or 4 or 5 and then split them.

Forgot to tag a couple of folks. @Alton66 @Countryboyjvd1971 Sorry Alton, been one of those mornings. First time in days I got a good look at my girls and they surprised me.


Good morning my friend. All I can see is clear to cloudy but with my cataracts let’s wait for others to chime in. :+1: Worst case scenario might be just harvesting & drying a little bit to get you by :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m glad you’re getting a little better. At our age healing seems to take forever :nauseated_face:


@SmoknGranny yea, I see a bunch of amber in all. Your cataracs must be bad. My wife had them or should say developed them when she was in her 20’s. So she has had those artificial lenses for alot of years. They do work. I noticed you said you dont have insurance, what about checking into a doctor to do probono. No charge for his work only pay for cost of lenses. They do one eye at a time. It does help. Thats what my wife got them to do. The docs didnt charge for their time but we paid for the lenses and associated costs which where on a percentage basis. You can do things that way and most doctors and clinics will do a percentage basis. And do payments on that percentage.


Looks like chop chop time to me! @cyberblast