First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe


When did they start flowering? @cyberblast


@bob31 About oct 20th. A few days either way.


@cyberblast almost all need 8 or more weeks of flowering. I would say you are a little early. This is when the buds picks up a lot of bulk, so stay with her a couple more weeks!


@bob31 arrrrgggghhhhhh…you know how hard that is going to be…:disappointed_relieved::joy::sweat_smile::thinking::yum:


I do know! I also know the benefits of waiting will mean more better weed. LOL Ya know in technical terms! @cyberblast

Then there is drying 3-14 days and 4-8 weeks of curing. You’re getting close to getting close! haha


@bob31 I forgot about the drying and curing…oh krimony…Or I can freeeze some and go for bubble hash. :smile::yum:


It goes by fast. My BBA is almost 5 months in cure and smooth as the day is long! lol @cyberblast


@bob31 Oh well, I still got plenty of brownies and over half a pound of budder. So got plenty to get by on. Least for a month. Going to make some candy today and see how it does using the water I have. AND then going to make some pancakes and top one with some budder…:yum::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


That sounds good @cyberblast I get them jarred up and after burping them a week I forget about them and check them once a week!

Hard to forget them though hahaha


OMG. I missed you yesterday but figured you were just having a family Sunday. I’m so sorry about your fall and injury but also so very thankful that you are not hurt worse. You experienced one of my biggest fears. Main difference is I could fall & no one would know for hours. Do not overdo!!!
I’m sorry about the plants but I’m sure you will get it figured out and make it to harvest etc
I’m on second cup of coffee and will head to mechanic in about an hour


We can’t find the leak on the dang tire or valve stem and it only lost 2 psi since Friday. So I’m pulling up the air compressor from the basement to the garage for when it goes down again. Check engine light diagnostics indicate a clogged vent & we’ll fix that later.
I hope you are eating your brownies and taking it easy. :hugs:


@SmoknGranny hey there. Been taking it easy today. Dam hip looks like someone took a club to me. Swollen and almost black with bruising. Doc has told me to keep to bed so am obeying. Just doggone uncomfortable. Been eating brownies to help me feel better. Only thing that helps. I eat one every 3 to 4 hours. Just about covers me.

Sorry to hear about your car. If you can get it nearby, suggest you get some green slime, its called that for tires… It helps with leaks like yours. Will seal it.

You let the air out of your tire, take out the valve stim and squirt the slime into the tire through the valve. Then replace the stem and pump the tire back up. Take it down the road aways the car, drive it for a couple miles to set the slime and it will be good to go.

If you dont have it, you will need a stem remover tool. Cheap…a buck or two at most. And then the green slime. about 4 or 5 bucks for enough to do one or two tires.
Most autoparts stores will have it as well as the big stores.


I have slime for the lawn tractor tires but have never used it so thanks for the tutorial :+1::grimacing: I’m going to hold off using it on the truck tire for the time being.
I wish I could help with your pain. We just don’t bounce in this grayed hair time of life :crazy_face: Do what your doctor has advised & stay with the brownies :+1: :hugs::heart:


Hey @cyberblast was just looking at the Nutrient Deficiencies chart:

on the plant showing (N) excess is that the problem also the Mg excess shows the same type of spotting. I’m a real newbie here and in growing but I follow the post daily so I might be all wet but just a suggestion.
Thank Tony


@TBrezzy Thanks for the info but unfortunately the leaves dont match any of the plants on the chart. Where the plant got too close to the light shows the problem but the under branches show normal. So burn is my diagnosis for now, anyway. But thanks for trying for sure. Any help or offer of help from anyone is appreciated.


@SmoknGranny Thanks granny girl, am trying to do what the doc said. Long enough to get to my desk and use my laptop once in a while. Cant sit up in bed to use it cause of the hip. Same with sitting for long in my desk chair. Oh well. And just got some more brownies out of the freezer to thaw. Each batch I get out lasts me for a day, maybe 2. So got enough in the freezer to last for a week, then I need to bake again.


I have a spare tablet that I wish I could send you :grimacing:. I use my iPhone for everything online anymore.
I’m still thankful that you are home and not in hospital recovering from surgery!!! And I wish we were closer so I could help you out with your plants :confused: I know how important they are for you. :hugs:


@SmoknGranny Thanks for the thought of the tablet. I do have one, a little 8 inch screen one. But I have it set up as a reader and I have my books on there. I can connect online if I need to with it but I took most of the apps and software, like email and all the other apps cause they slow it down. I like to have fast movement on the tablet. the more apps, the slower it goes especially since most of them only have like 1 gig or 2 gig ram if you are lucky. Alot of them have less. Anyway, I just use it for reading. If I had another one I would set it for online use then. So thinking of buying another cheap one to use online so I can visit important sites…like this one.

My hip is doing a bit better but still pretty dang tender and looks like someone took a baseball bat to me there. No kidding the bruising is black…no blue or much anyway. My knee too. Not sure how I hurt it in the fall. I bounced a couple of times down the stairs. Fortunately was on 5 or 6 steps. Unfortunately they were sold concrete with no carpet. Still it hurt.

Yea, the plants arent doing too well right now since I cant do much with them. Barely do more than water them. Cant stand in there and mix the nutes and cant use a chair in there. No room. Only sitdown spot is edge of tub and you know how that works…
Heck, cant even take a photo right now. and my family knows what I am growing but just not mentioned. So no help there. Unlesss…as long as just PLANTS is mentioned, I might bee able to get him to mix my nutes in a bucket and once done…leave. Long as nothing is pecific mentioned about MJ. :smiley: will see.


Keep your eyes on sales flyers as tablets usually get cheap this time of year. I have my Fire for my books and a tablet for internet. I really should use it more. Bigger print compared to my phone.
I was wondering if the family would help you as you’d said it was kinda a taboo subject. I’m crossing my fingers for you. :hugs::heart:️:crossed_fingers:


@SmoknGranny Yea, thats what I use for my reader is a fire. Internet on it sucks. So that is why it is just a reader for me. My other tablet, my favorite was one picked up 4 years ago, then a year ago it quit. Had the phone in it for connecting to the Iternet anytime. Was great. Then it quit. Oh well.