First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe


@SmoknGranny I ordered the same one I bet…or will…got it in my cart anyway, the 13.99 one I bet with the 3 blades.


I actually bought one about $5.00 more as the handles looked better for me. I haven’t figured out how to post from Amazon on my iPhone to here


@SmoknGranny Using my laptop dont have iphone. Just a matter of copy the link and paste but for iphone…dont know.


It’s a Bellemain stainless steel $18.95


@bob31 Forgot to tell you, the crockpot is out in my shed.

@SmoknGranny this the one?

I might order this one too. I like the extra handle for holding onto it at the end.


Yep :+1:. I’m hoping that the handles will help with my grip :muscle:


@SmoknGranny That small handle at the front looks like it will help lots. The one I was looking at doesnt have one at the front like that. So yours is for sure better. Going to order it in the morning.


@SmoknGranny @daz49 @Alton66 @bob31 Okay folks…just letting ya know. Got a pan of brownies in the oven. 28 minutes to go till done. Replaced the oil with my budder. added a little bit of oil extra though. For body. Budder or butter wouldnt give the same body or texture if used by itself. Happens to help having a baker in the family.

The ladies are doing very good. Looking okay and trichones looking good. Just wonder just when these will be ready to harvest. The OGK looks like its not far away. The GL is pretty close too. The WW has at least a week maybe 2.


@SmoknGranny @daz49 @Alton66 @bob31 Well the brownies are done and just waiting for them to cool enough to try part of one. They smell great, and I dont smell any mj. Just…brownie. That is nice.


:drooling_face: @cyberblast


Awesome on cooking the brownies and now I know to add a little extra oil for the texture :+1:. I didn’t notice odor during baking either. But I did notice a mild sort of nutty taste which of course I liked :slightly_smiling_face:. I also liked it on honeyed biscuits.
And it doesn’t seem to matter what we grow from veggies, fruits :apple: to MJ, the patience patience patience is the hardest thing. Ahhhh, but the reward of a good harvest … Priceless!


@SmoknGranny @daz49 @Alton66 @bob31 Okay, tried one piece 1x1 x1/2 inches. Been about 20 minutes and I can feel it. In my head but also feeling a sleepy feeling. I think I am going to maybe be couch-locked. Not sure…my eyes are getting fuzzy. so is my head… Oh well. now I know. My eyelids getting droopy for sure. And I wanna go to bed…but have a batch of unfuzzy brownies in the oven for the family. Dont want to burn em. Body is getting very relaxed. it works. Soon as the familys brownies are done I will be hitting the bed so I dont fall asleep standing up. :relaxed:

Well, I know my budder is good and the flavor of the budder in the brownies is great. A little dryer than otherwise but its okay. The extra oil made a difference. And the mj does give em a little nutty flavor. Very tasty. cant wait till the other pan of brownies is done so I can munch on them :yum: Can just munch out on my brownies. Would knock my self out for a couple days. :rofl:


I was gonna say cut them in half @cyberblast Enjoy! They sound great!


You and me both @bob31 :rofl:. A little bit can go a long way, but I think most everyone eats a little bit too much the first time :grinning:


@bob31 they are great. For sure. Surprising that they are working as well as they are. Amazed at the body relaxation and the sleepy eyed feeling



Excellent on the brownies!!!:+1:

Glad to hear about the plants as well!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@SmoknGranny @bob31 I am back. After a Loooooooonnnnnngggggggg sleep. I did wake up last nite for a while, ate another very small piece of brownie and then went back asleep till a while ago. Couldnt believe how being able to sleep for a decent time felt so good. I do know how much of brownie I need to eat now to hopefully stay awake. Gadddssssss this stuff is strong. Cant believe it. That first piece I ate wasnt the 1x1x1/2 I thought…was about half of that and it hit me like a freight train. Still a bit fogged right now. That was a mixe batch of green that I took off all of the plants to get a good mix. Allmost all buds, popccorn type, except for one small branch I broke on the White Widow. Accedental break when I was looking for some small bud on it. Broke about a 4 inch section.

Anyway, it wasnt a huge amount of mj but apparently for me, and it looks like its fairly strong stuff. Made some strong budder. whew. Going to try a small bit now…very small, to see if I can get an amount that will allow me to relax but stay awake. I hope.


I’m glad you checked in :hugs: I was wondering if you got knocked on your butt :rofl:
I received the ricer in today’s mail but haven’t opened the box yet. I’m heading out tomorrow and will get the oils I forgot last week.
I still didn’t make it to the mechanics this week but I’ll get there probably Monday. Last night I was not hurting near as much but I still barely slept. I am in dire need for one of your brownies :drooling_face:


@SmoknGranny Glad you got the ricer today. Mine wont be till tomorrow I think. Wish I could send you some of these brownies. Got enough to last me for a month I would think. Maybe longer. Got some in a baggie in my desk in my room and then put the rest in the freezer. That bit I ate a little while ago seems to be the perfect amount for me to stay active. I can feel it in my arms and body is relaxed but so far thats about it. That was a small piece. 1/2x1/2x1/2 actually a bit smaller than that cause thats about the amount that put me out yesterday. it was about a half x 1 x 1/2 so about double what I took today. Will see if it knocks me out again.


I’m confident you will find the right dose. I think it’s awesome that your budder turned out so potent :clap:t2: In the meantime, enjoy getting some actual sleep and rest. It’s a glorious feeling and helps our mental health as well :+1:
Now when you get the secure and they say use a small drop to start please do so! Small means small in edibles and the adhesive :rofl:y