First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe


Thanks. I’ll check it out for sure :+1: Now you know the more I spend on seeds is less $$ for a ph meter :rofl:


I hear ya. @SmoknGranny gotta have priorities! All them seeds aren’t any good if you cant pH the water…

Hey speaking of which you should do something with rain barrels Something low tech like that!


Already in the works :+1:


@SmoknGranny Okay, wish me luck. Putting about 3 baggies full in the oven in a canning jar at 230 degrees for about an hour, maybe a bit more since some bud I put in the jar isnt dry yet. But needed it in there.@bob31 too


Okay. Fingers crossed and looking forward to your report. It’s good you’re doing it differently than I so we get to compare :grinning:
I was supposed to take truck to mechanic yesterday and today (check engine light and tire sensor), but hurting too much for driving. Last night was grueling :rage:


@SmoknGranny Sorry to hear that. My prayers for you to start feeling better. Did you run out of meds or the pain just out of good control? Likely like me, some days the meds do good :crossed_fingers:, other days…nope, not so good.:sob:. Had more than a few days like that.

Sor far so good. !/2 hour in the oven. Going to use this batch in a couple of sticks and hope it infuses it good. Using mostly buds and some trim. So it should infuse good into the butter once I do that. Going to try doing that in the oven as well in a jar. Got to check the recipe for it.


I’m down to one Vicodin from when I crushed a vertebra which I’m saving. Other than that my meds are White Widow & OTC. Between carrying in 40 pounds of cat food incorrectly last Wednesday and weather changes it’s been rough going for a few days. I just couldn’t smoke enough yesterday to get at least comfortable in any position :rage:. I’m taking it easy today & staying warm and out of the wind. My mechanic is wonderful and said just to get there when I can.
I have to look up making the butter the way you’re trying :+1:. I really want to try canna oil capsules but holding off order for the capsules until I find out about my truck.
Also talked to Mother-in-law (94) last night and am concerned about her latest doctor visit. Not good :pensive:


Well, its foing good in the oven. Going to use the crock pot method for the butter but at least I know it does okay in the oven in the jar carbolyizing it. Once the jar cools will put the batch in the crockpot outside in the shed and go from there for about 12 hours.


And no discernible odor from the decarb? That would be a plus if I can do decarb inside :grinning:.
FYI, I let my butter melt in the crockpot then added the butter and trim. My mini crockpot worked out for a pound. Remember to stir a few times. I set my phone alarm for 6 hours for stirring and cooked about 20-22 hours. One tool I think would be handy is a potato masher sieve thingy for squeezing out the butter.


@SmoknGranny A potato masher sieve??? Not sure what you mean by squeezing out the butter?

Okay, did it in the oven with fresh bud and trim in the jar as well as dried bud and trim. My son was a room away with his door closed, but didnt smell a thing. i smelled it only when I opened the jar after an hour in the oven. Had online folks mention burping the jar but not necessary. That would only increase the smell. The jar is tempered for alot higher temp than a person would be using. Just dont expose it to cold till it cools. I set the jar in my bathroom to cool and had no problem. No noticable smells at all. I used a 1/2 gallon jar so had plenty of room in the jar. Only filled it to about half. After an hour the bud had fallen to about a 1/4 th of the jar. I had it setting on a cookie tray in the oven. Anyway, it works as long as using a canning jar and fresh canning lids. No smell.

So folks can post it where they want here that its been tried and works.

Forgot to mention. Got the crockpot going with the mj and butter and water on low. Now just waiting. Will stir in about 5 to 7 hours. And leaving it 24 hours??? That seems long, but I guess I can since I want to get the strongest butter I can.


718D9515-8484-4E71-9580-F4400ADCBEC9Thanks. That’s good news for me.
After it’s cooked you pour it into a bowl or jar through your cheesecloth. Some recipes recommendation is squeeze out as much butter as possible then run another cup of water and squeeze again. I’ll try to find a pic of what I’m thinking about :grinning:. LOL found it above. I could probably squeeze it out easier and cooler on the hands


@SmoknGranny Still not understanding why you squeeze it out via the gadget? To get more of the bits out or what? Sorry if I seem dim witted here.


Plan on putting cheesecloth in it then the cannabutter then squeeze out the butter leaving the trim in the cloth in the ricer. (Found it on Amazon under potato ricer) I don’t have a lot of strength left in my hands and think this might work. Plus I think I can use it for cooking


@SmoknGranny okay, now i gotcha. Understood. Sorry I was so dumb. Guess its one of those days. Got my better half coming home with some brownie mixes. So when I get that butter done, can make me some brownies. Prefer those to cookies. Ordering that gadget tomorrow. When I actually have money in the bank.


And I’m here in the background taking notes. My wife would throw me out of the house if I decarbed in the open oven. I like that the canning jar worked. Is the crock pot in the house?

@cyberblast @SmoknGranny


I used my credit card points I was saving for a ph meter and got a ricer ordered :blush: I’ve yet to figure out how to do links from Amazon to here :rage:
I’m also thinking of trying cannabutter or canna oil or just decarbed ground trim in Christmas stuffing :thinking:


I see I’m not the only lurker🤣
I used toaster oven in garage for one batch then did one inside the kitchen. Pie pan wrapped in foil. There was enough of an odor inside that I dug out & lit about three scented candles. So I’m thinking next time I’m trying a canning jar.
I use a mini crockpot also in the garage and glad I did! More aromatic & I have no way to hide it from hubby.
I’m pretty sure I can run my mini crockpot and the radiant heater in the garage this winter (15 amp) without blowing the breaker but not the toaster oven.


I’ve used a potato ricer to squeeze butter and honey after infusion. It’s the perfect tool so your not touching the hot product. @SmoknGranny @cyberblast


@bob31 @SmoknGranny @AnneBonny I never even heard of a potato ricer before. I been cooking for…oh heck…56 years or longer. since I was 9 or so. So it gets ordered tomorrow. Along with several other items.

And bob, that canning jar works wonderful. You dont tighten it too much, just hand tight. You want it able to relieve pressure if any builds up. That is how it works in a canning kettle with the boiling water and the lid screwed down. The pressure pushes through the rubber. Same in the oven. And if you use a large enough jar with the right amount…about half of the jar full, then you wont get too much pressure to push air out and get any smell. My son has very sensitive nose. Didnt smell a thing and I asked him to make sure. He walked out in the kitchen unknownst to me even and didnt smell it. He is a non-smoker so he would know.


Thanks @AnneBonny I’m looking forward to using it. I ordered one with 3 different blades and ergonomic handle👍