First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe


@Laurap Well, find I dont need to scrog since doing the STM’ing and bending does it the same. Look at my grow with @Alton66. My second tent is being taken over. Got some photos there that are interesting for sure.


@Alton66, cyberblast said to come look but only info was your name. Got a journal with pics . Would love to see


@Alton66 @Laurap @SmoknGranny @daz49 @bob31 ok guys here are some looks at the tricombs of my OGKush


and one that is by its lonesome so can look at large


You’re getting better with the pics :+1: See what a little practice does :clap:t2:
I’m still seeing lots of clear trichomes now.
Now as a side note, the store cooked turkey was excellent but the sides not so great.


I like couch lock so id wait for amber


@SmoknGranny Yea, it does help, plus having Photoshop to edit them. :smiley: I dont really edit them much other than cropping them and adjusting the color some. Not much that can be done to them as jpeg’s. I prefer working with RAW photos. Just my preference for editing.

At least the turkey was good. That is what I usually find with those prepared dinners. The turkey is good but the sides not so great. Dont know, they seem to hurry the sides or lack the right spices or just dont add enough or undercook the sides. I have never had a good dinner pre-prepared by a store or cafe or whatever. My wife brought home leftovers from where she works from the dinner that was cooked for them there. I almost gagged when I tried the turkey and the rest of the sides were worse. Only our dog would eat any of it. She liked the turkey but wouldnt touch anything else. So it all got pitched.

Yea, the tri’s are mostly clear. Just a few cloudy and very few brownies. Got a while to go for sure. Least a week or two. Going to give nutes for at least another week, then I think I am going to flush again and go a week, then split it. It will be the first to ripen, I am sure. The gold leaf was starting to have problems just before I put it in the new pot, the 7 gal. Seems to be doing okay now. The damage seems to have been contained. Same with the WWidow. Still have hopes things will recover. Amazing how these weeds take so much care. dang it.

We smoked our turkey and it was excellent. I love smoked turkey So does my lady. And my sons. I also made the stuffing. Cornbread of course. Didnt put the pecans in it. I had the ground pecans all ready and forgot them. We like to grind them since some in the family dont have the teeth to chew on whole nuts. So at least grinding them gives the flavor. But I forgot them. And my older son made english style muffins. Forget what they are called. And then my wife made the corn soufle. I love it. Can eat it all by itself almost.


@Laurap I dont know. I like some to be able to just give me a high but be able to function. I like the couchlock at nite or when I am in alot of pain. So soon as I get mostly cloudy going to harvest part of it so I can get the relief without being locked down. Then harvest the rest at amber about 50 percent for the couchlock. I still have the White Widow and Gold Leaf going as well. They have about 2 weeks left as well, and the WW maybe 3 weeks.

Then also the other tent with the bag seed plants. got about 4 weeks at least for them plus the two bigger GL clones that are growing well. The one clone that I posted the photo of is really flowering. Got some nice buds on her and getting sticky. The bag seed plants buds are light and not really any resin on them yet. Not sure when they will start getting sticky. Hope they do. Doesnt really matter though cause they were an experiment from the beginning. But going to be interesting this spring when I plant those 50 or so seeds out back. Going to spread em around on my place and the neighboring property. Making it look like an accident or bird or animal dropping. Back in the back its pretty brushy and not visible really so they should grow good back there. As big and tall as they are getting I imagine they will get to 8 foot or more back there.


I actually have had a good prepared Turkey dinner years ago from a local grocery store back in Missouri many years ago. Hubby was working out of state and I was working about 12 hours Mon-Fri, 8+ on Sat/Sun, plus running our kennel and whelping puppies. Time was a luxury that year! All I had to do was cook the cranberries and stick a pie :pie: in the oven. The only thing missing was the cornbread pecan dressing! I like your idea about grinding the pecans and may implement that at Christmas :+1: Nuts are one of the many things I miss eating with these darn dentures. I’m with you on the smoked turkey :turkey:.
Between never knowing when hubby will be up & my back this was at least worth a try.
I’m so happy that your ladies are picking back up since the repotting. I know how much this grow means to you and have been sending positive thoughts south! So do you think 7 gallon rather than 5 gallon pots are a better option?


@SmoknGranny The best turkey dinner I have ever had was at my aunts home where she cooked and then all our family came and brought different sides for the dinner. Used to eat there at least every other year and it was fantastic. Now my grandmothers turkey dinners were great but my aunt had more family who would come and they were great cooks and from different backgrounds and ethnic areas. So the amount and difference in sides was wonderful. She has since passed away and had stopped cooking for years before but those meals I still remember even well into adulthood. It was those holiday meals that got me interested in cooking.

Oh yea, grinding the pecan nuts helps alot for those of us with dental problems or with dentures that are ill fitting or not suitable for eating such things as nuts, etc. Grinding the pecans gives you a the wonderful flavor of them without having to chew though I will admit I mist the sensation of the crunch. But thats okay. I have learned that there are many things that I can grind that add wonderful flavors to different meals and recipe’s. My grinder I use almost every meal/recipe. Its one of my favorite cooking tools.

along with repotting the ladies, I moved the lights higher. I found those were not helping as low as they were. The ladies handled it before but once they had room for their roots, they didnt like the lights as much. Not sure why. Have to think on that.

Didnt know you used to run a kennel. What breeds and how many. I love dogs and would love having more than I do now. One of these days. I would love to get a good rabbit dog. and then a retriever would be nice to have as well. But oh well.

Here is a photo from my latest batch of the tricombs.

I didnt take any photos of the latest look at my gold leaf lady. She is getting really cloudy. Not many brownies yet. But she is looking good. The WW also. The OGK is turning cloudy too wit h a few ambers but not many yet.


I miss those big family dinners. although I’m from a small family we did the Holidays as big as we could :grinning:! But my favorite was a young GI wife trying to cook my first turkey overseas for half a dozen GIs. OMG the mistakes I made :slightly_smiling_face: & the tears I shed. The guys were so awesome and I learned a lot. Good times :+1:
Yep. We raised, trained, field trialed & hunted primarily Field English Setters. Along with puppies on the ground we had over 30 that year! We also boarded for friends (not the public) at Camp Run-amuck plus a rescue here and there. I’m trying to remember if I had one horse or two at the time :thinking:
I really think you’re going to have a great harvest. You’ve had some ups and downs but have managed to work through them all. I just hope that I do as well this Spring growing independently from my grow partner.
I will say that the patience I learned with bird dogs has served me well with patience for growing.


Forgot to add this for you or whoever has problems with their dentures I recently found a good product “secure” Did some research and found it highly rated. Called the company with a couple of questions & they sent me free sample. In the two years of extractions & numerous refits I can now CHEW food, sneeze, cough, laugh etc without shooting my dentures across the room🤣.


@SmoknGranny going to check out that “secure” product. Wife and I both need it.


@SmoknGranny welll heck…I plan on growing some outside this spring so we can support each other. Whatcha think? Going to grow some of these bag seed and some of the other kinds I have still, the gold leaf, WW and OGKush. Going to get some Blueberry to try outside too. The auto’s…groing to try them inside as well. Just want to see how they grow. Have to keep the neighbor out of my yard though. I think I will run a fence between us. That might work.

Those english setters are beautiful dogs. You still raise them?


First off please do check out the dental adhesive. It actually works (for me) way better than the polidents etc. it releases with cold instead of hot and is waterproof.
After evaluating my outdoor grow situation I think I’m going to have to go with autos and will definitely need your help, advice and encouragement :+1:. I prefer photos but will have problems with light contamination from the house at night :slightly_frowning_face:. No matter what I grow I will have seeds from the local ditch weeds. I’m trying to decide which Autoflower seeds to order :thinking:


@SmoknGranny I was trying to decide what autos to use myself a while back and @bob31 and others all suggested the blueberrys as the best, at least for me I presume. So you might try those. They seem to be the most reliable and the best for outdoor grows. So I will likely be ordering some come the first of the year.

Havent seen too much ditch weed in the area, though I will admit that I havent really looked that hard. Light contamination wouldnt be too bad for me where I want to put these. Its pretty much screened by brush plus not that many lights outdoors in the area.

I already checked that Secure out and found it at a local store. With the end of the month coming up I can get it then and we can try it.


The BBA’s kick butt! Easy to grow and great smoke!

Amnesia Haze Ive heard good things about and I have one finishing up in the next week or so/ I will let you know on that one, but easy grower like the BBA for sure @cyberblast @SmoknGranny


@bob31 thanks for the reply there guy. Yea, the Blueberry you recommended highly before to me and I knew you had said you had the AH growing, didtnt know it was that close to finishing. Be very interested in hearing how it is. Both those I will likely get since Robert sells them in the auto pack so getting the 15 seeds for 99 aint a bad deal. Wish he would sell a pack with my recommendations that I sent in to them. 1 seed per species in a 10 pack or 20 pack. That would be great.


Call the company for a free trial. They sent cleaning tablets and coupons as well. :grinning:
@bob31 and @cyberblast Blueberry is on my list of possibles. Ideally, I would like a hardy Afghan or something equivalent high in Indica, a high Sativa & maybe something in between. I figure that variety should cover most of my health problems & hopefully, my husbands (I’m still working on him :slightly_smiling_face:). Whatever I finalize on it can’t be a finicky grower or highly susceptible to mold and mildew. I do have a small outdoor greenhouse I can setup if needed.

Even though most people out here cut down ditch weed it still pops up every year and is prevalent around me. It’s just one of the cons of growing outside. What few seeds we are finding isn’t as bad as it could be.


Amnesia Haze From Leafly @SmoknGranny

With earthy flavors of lemons and citrus, Amnesia Haze is a perfect strain to start your day with a smile. The uplifting, energetic buzz is one you won’t soon forget. Its genetics have been traced back to the South Asian and Jamaican landrace strains, and this Cannabis Cup winner (1st place 2004, 1st place Sativa Cup 2012) has since been popularized in the coffee shops of Amsterdam.