First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe


That’s so true about home cooking. Our local grocery store makes awesome fried chicken. When they offered a Turkey dinner for two for $20 I decided to try it :grinning:. I am cooking the cranberries tomorrow night. I’ll give you a report on quality and quantity after we try it :grinning:
I wanted to drive home to Florida last year. With my back and eyesight & old lady bladder I figured 3-4 days just one way. But again, I rarely go more than a 30 minutes drive away in case hubby needs me.


@bob31 well, you couldve not said anything. The two you say are yours are pretty darn good too. I like the …uummmm tricombs they way you got them looking. They look pretty good. Will wait a few days before I try again. Just put the OGK in a 7 gallon pot. So going to let it settle down after the flush and then repotting it. Hopefully it will staighten out.


Id go at least two but they can change quickly so keep your eyes on trichs


@Laurap Yea, figured two weeks, maybe more or less. The OGK is really ripening. I moved it to a 7 gallon pot 2 days after I flushed it. Flushed the WW and its in a 7 gal now too. And moved the Gold Leaf to a 7 gal too. It had started getting some changes in the upper leaves. Nothing bad but noticable to me. Looked like root bind syndrome. So repotted it. Dont know that it will make much difference at this late date, but could. Likely slow em down some and maybe they will drop out of flower. No matter, can always revert em back. Or go ahead and harvest. Unlikey there. Just going to watch em and see what they do. Going to give em a half amount of nutes today and let em sit a couple of days and not do anything cept give em water after the half nutes. Go from there. Your opinion? Anyones?


@Alton66 @bob31 @daz49 @SmoknGranny This one I meant for you guys just to advise you that I rolled and smoked another J but made with a mix of gold leaf and ww. More gold leaf. Some heavy bud, lots of resin in it.

The effect was very smooth. Not harsh at all. I had dried it for about 5 days and then cured for a couple. So yea, took it pretty early. Had to. I was hurting bad.

Effects, smooth, very little harshness in the smoke at the back of the throte. Surprising. Slow onset of the head rush, never got bad really. Very relaxing body wise. Smoked half the J cause was worried I was getting a bit dizzy. So stopped at that point. I was outside walking the dog. 2 in the AM.

Came inside and worked on the puter for a bit. Then laid down and didnt really wake up till 1 pm in the afternoon. Long sleep for me. Unusually and had few problems with the pain. Didnt take any pills till evening. So seems to work wonders. Oh, put me in a happy mood too last nite. Not much but felt it. So a good smoke.



Hi buddy!!

Hey I’m very happy that worked for you!!!

I’m sorry to hear about the pain.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Today we’re driving north about 30 mts for Thanksgiving.

I hope you and your family have a beautiful and blessed day today my friend!!

Talk with you a bit later!!:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


That’s wonderful news. And you should be proud that your efforts are paying off! I have NO problem with a little sample harvest :grinning:. I think it’s wonderful that you felt some pain relief and got a good sleep.
I’m hoping you & Mrs Cyberblast have a great Turkey Day. Hey! Does she make Southern cornbread pecan stuffing? Yummy :yum:


Actually @cyberblast I recommend sampling during every week of the cure so you can see the difference the curing really makes.

You have pain, you have meds, no shame!

Happy Thanksgiving!


@SmoknGranny At least the bud works and it isnt harsh…at least the gold leaf and WW mixed. Funny how that works. It really felt good getting that much sleep. First time in many months. many many months.

We are cooking as I type this. Started the turkey about 8 in our smoker. Shourld be ready about noon. The stuffing, I make, even though she is the southern gal. I am the cook. And yea, its cornbread stuffing. It aint turkey day without cornbread stuffing. Sometimes I put pecans in it, sometimes not. Depends on how I feel and if I got pecans…:sweat_smile: Forgot to add it today. But it still tastes ok. My wife kept sampling before I got it in the oven. I think she sampled about a cups worth. She said I outdid myself again this year. So guess its good. The boys areint here yet. They likely wont roll in till noon or so. Wifey is making her special fruit salad. A favorite of the boys. And the corn soufle which is my favorite. I take care of the turkey and stuffing. Oh, and the gravy. The boys will make the rolls and biscuits and anything I have forgotten. No desert today. Thats tomorrow. Everyone usually too stuffed to eat desert. So that is for tomorrow and leftovers.

Hope you and yours have a wonderful and tasty day. Let me know how the store turkey dinner is. Take care


@bob31 I agree. Sample often… :yum: And I can see already how good the gold leaf and ww is. I smoked a mixture of the two and boy, was it mild, not harsh at all, not too strong either. I used resin and some leaf and bud mixed. It was perfect for pain relief.


Excellent! That is what it is all about! My gold leaf is about ready for a little sampling. Maybe I will sneak a nug out of the jar tomorrow! @cyberblast


@bob31 Let me know how it tastes and smokes my friend. Its gotta be good.


A little tip that works for me :slightly_smiling_face:. If you have or can get a wood cigar box, place a bud or two inside overnight for a quickie cure.


@SmoknGranny I have a wooden box for cigars. A humidor I guess you call it. Would that work?


I’d try it. I’m just using plain boxes. Humidors should maintain a lower Rh than 62 so I think it’s just as good. It’s just a short cut I’m using while I’m waiting for long term cure. :+1:


Dont really understand why so late in game you went to larger pots. Theyre just fattening up now. Sorry but dont remember what kind of nutes you’re using? Planning to flush?


@Laurap Sorry. No, I was getting problems with the plants. The upper leaves were changing colors. And I was simply at a loss as what to do. The ph all around was fine. The ppp checked out. Had a slight problem with burn to one plant from a light. And then all my plants, which were in the 3 gallon pots were showing the leaf changes. I had flushed to one plant, the OG Kush and put it in a larger pot. I know it was late in the game but I simply didnt know what else to do. It showed improvement after doing that so I did it to the other plants. Right or wrong dont know but I felt I had to do something. And the plants seem to be showing signs of iimprovement. The leaf color is not getting worse and in some areas improving.

I should have checked with yall before I did anything I guess, and If I have screwed up, only myself to blame ya know. I have appreciated everyones help here for sure.

Forgot to add, I use Fox Farm nutes. Got just about em all. Will eventually on my next grow trying something else to see if any difference. I just have had a terrrible problem controlling the nutes on this grow. I have all the testing gear and know how to use it, how to calibrate it, etc. Just heck.


Makes more sense. You were in 3 gallon pots. Im using 5 gallon pots this time. Used the 3 gallon before joining forum and finding out 5 gallon were suggested. I had amnesia haze & ak 47 going last time & i could tell at the end my yield would of been larger using larger pots esp the amnesia haze. Think the ak wouldve been ok in three 3 gallon. Growing crystal noe & theyre monsters compared to others. Theyve grown 6" in two days. Just started transition to flower & id say they are 2&half feet, with tons of lst going on. Cant get hubby to scrog, he likes to rotate them and move around.



I think you should put it in a bigger pot.


@Alton66 I did. Its in a 7 gallong fabric now. And all doing fine