First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe


@Alton66 Thanks, I will wait then. Wont hurt it. What do you think about me putting it in a bigger pot at this point in time?


@bob31 100 pics for improvement? Arrrrrgggghhhhhh. But yea, I can believe it. It is not easy to use and get focused in. Depth of field is pretty poor as well. Going to try with my camera as well and see if i can match it combining lense and size of photo and depth of field. I think with practice also, I can get some good photos with my Canon. Will see.


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Wanted to let yall know that I tried my OG Kush this morning. Rolled a joint from the stuff I cut off a few days ago and dried. Wasnt cured by any means.
Anyway the join…poorly rolled …crap its been 30 years since I rolled a joint…maybe longer.
Anyway, toking on it and I have a head high from it, somewhat sedative but not bad. There wasnt much smell to it as I smoked it. Didnt get a hugh rush or anything. Not that strong yet I think because I smoked the whole thing and not a huge high at all. Am getting a bit drowsy now and relaxed. So has had some effect to me, just not a big a one as I expected. Will see once I do harvest it in a couple weeks or so, especially after I split it and let go for 4 or 5 days after.


I’ve had to do that with plants in the past. I think at that size, root bound, there won’t be much shock. It’ll just come out as a solid mass. Having done that though, there was no root movement into the larger space. Just FYI.


LOL about rolling a joint :rofl:. I couldn’t roll one back in the day until a friend taught me how using a dollar bill. I was amazed that I could still do it a couple of years ago. Now I just use a pipe. No fuss no muss no waste.
I’m glad you got a little buzz with the early stuff. That’s actually a good indicator :+1:. So expect a better high down the road.


@Myfriendis410 Yea, well, gotta do it anyway. At least it will help a little and if it moves or not, not a big deal. I am hoping it wont make a problem.

I flushed the White Widow this morning also. And its worse than the OGK. Took me 45 minutes just to get 5 gallons through. It is all root…nothing could move hardly Will be putting it in 5 gallon, maybe the 7 gallon just to do it. The gold leaf I will also move to a new pot as well. Likely a five gallon.

@SmoknGranny I learned to roll tobacco years ago when I was a kid, about 6 or 7 years old. My grandfather smoked still then, and rolled his own till he took up chew. So he taught me to roll his for him cause when he was on the tractor, he ccouldnt do it. So when I rode with him, I rolled his cigs for him. But when I tried to roll the joint this morning seemed like my fingers didnt want to work right.

No matter. I can still do it. Just have to get my fingers remembering how.
Well, it was a little buzz for sure. Was a nice head rush initially, a lite one but ok. Stayed with me for a couple of hours now. Wearing down. But gave me some energy to get some stuff done this morning which I liked. Felt good.


First, I’m hoping for the best with your ladies so sending positive thoughts on them.
My dad had a rolling machine and I rolled his cigarettes. I totally forgot about that :rofl:.
I know what you mean about the fingers not working. I taught myself how to crochet a few years ago and got quite good at it. I had to give it up a couple of years ago due to the arthritis pain. I really miss making stuff for others :slightly_frowning_face:


@SmoknGranny I rolled my granddads cigs until I was about 11 when I was home. That farm was home. Loved it. Wish it ws still in the family. My grandad left it to my grandmother and when she passed it was split up between me and my brothers/sisters and my aunt. We kept it for about 15 to 20 more years then all voted to sell…I voted no. But was outvoted. I wanted it. If I could have afforded it I would have bought it.

And thanks for the positive thoughts. All will help. Funny, I used to crochet and knit. been many years. Only did it for about 5 or 6 years but enjoyed it. Went into pottery after for the hobby. Made some nice things there for the family.

I make knives now as a hobby. I enjoy it, but my hands dont have the strength to do as much now.


I have little to no physical strength left anywhere. And I’m stubborn and hate asking for help. I fought being a “helpless” little Southern Belle my whole life … unless it was to my advantage :blush: of course! Now I have to either figure out how to something physical without hurting myself severely like carrying 50 pounds of dog & cat food. It’s the little things like opening a jar that drives me crazy now. I’m planning on trying to get back to learning power carving walking sticks and canes this year. I had just bought a good Dremel set when hubby went down & became my primary focus. Now with the arthritis and cataracts even doing carving may be a challenge :crazy_face:


@SmoknGranny @bob31 @daz49 @Alton66 @Laurap

Just a couple of photos I took this morning with my microscope. Practice.
This one is of my gold leaf. Small popcorn bud I plucked.

This one is of a bud I got off the bag seed plant in my other tent.


@SmoknGranny @bob31 @daz49 @Alton66 @Laurap

Well guys. How long you think for the gold leaf? 2 weeks at least, maybe 3 yet.

The bag seed plant gots a long way to go yet. 5 or 6 weeks at least.


I wish I had the experience to say. It seemed like my clones turned milky overnight. Then they hermied😡. I’m still blaming the Eclipse!
As an aside note, I’m picking up coconut & canola oil tomorrow. IF the weather doesn’t change and I can leave the garage door open, I’m going to be making canna oils Thursday instead of cooking a Turkey :turkey::slightly_smiling_face:


@SmoknGranny Hey, can I come over for the non-turkey dinner??? yummy Specially if you make some brownies…:wink::smiley:


But of course :heart:️ I’m actually picking up our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow and I’m planning on baking Friday. Just be careful on your drive up!


@SmoknGranny boy oh boy. Would be up there in a second. But cant drive myself. Not that distance I think. Everyone that could drive me gotta work. That sux.

By the by, you mentioned about being the petite southern belle. :wink: You and my wife would be perfect together. She is a southern belle too. She was pretty petite too…not as much nowadays. But she was a fighter…still is. Seen that little gal take on some gals who thought they were feisty and big and scary. Nope…not after my wife got done with them.


I’d love to have you both! It would be wonderful to have someone to spend the holiday with. Hubby and I are like ships passing in the night and rarely talk.
I can’t drive myself long distances or in dim light. Plus I can’t leave hubby or my critters long enough to go somewhere for R&R.


@cyberblast the lens of the microscope needs to be almost touching the plant. Get it right in there an 1/8 away. Turn off the led lights and just use white light. Most of those microscope have their own light. Just want it on low!

the pics should look like this


@bob31 Okay, good example for sure. Well, got more practicing to do. :sweat_smile: Thanks alot bob.


@SmoknGranny Boy dont I wish we could come up there. That would be great. The trip itself would be enjoyable. But would need a few days to get there and back. I cant travel in the car for long cause of my pain and muscles cramping and spasming. So usually only go about 6 hours or so at a time. Sometimes longer if on interstate. I can take over for wifey if on interstate for a couple of hours. But thats about it.

Wifey has to give several weeks notice to get time off from work, and this time of year, forget it. Holidays are not open for her so we just dont do much other than fixing dinner at home, and once in a while we will buy dinner to pick up or have delivered. Much prefer our own cooking. Seldom found turkey din din elsewhere that was really good compared to home cooked. Doesnt matter whose home its cooked in, just so much better than from a resteraunt or cafe.


Now I will admit! I stole that off the interweb. Here is one of mine

This is a leaf on a BBA