First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe


@SmoknGranny Yea, i understand about the fire. Lost a friend to a propane leak. His parents too. We got some bad wiring in this house of ours as well. Makes u wonder when you plug in a small microwave and it blows the fuse. And its a 20 amp fuse with nothing else on it that we are aware of.

That cooker I put the link to above is something I am going to get before long. I like to cook but dont have much energy for it any more. That thing sounds like it would be fun to use and simplify things some. And it is pretty simple if you read a little on it. Amazingly simple.

Oh, are you going to use the jars? I got some sugar leaves and small buds that are pretty dry now that I am giong to try in the oven tomorrow if it cant be smelled from the jar, will be great. Its just a small amount and will be using little jelly jar canning jar. Small pint size. Or half pint. Whichever. And running it at 220 for an hour and a half. Then leave it closed until

If it all works out, will let ya know.


@SmoknGranny @daz49 @bob31 @Alton66

Well, got my new microscope today. Works pretty good I think. Just got the drivers and such installed and made sure I could see something with it. Will try taking some photos later today and see what happens. Right now my legs are cramping too bad to sit at this desk any longer right now. Back in a while.


Looking forward to seeing your great pictures


Looking forward to seeing them. I hate getting leg cramps :rage:



Excellent!! I can’t wait to see photos from it.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@Alton66 @daz49 okay, here is the best I can get from this microscope and camera. NOT happy with it at all. I took the small bud off the plant and put it right under the scope. And this is the best…crap.@SmoknGranny

Sun Nov 19 14-40-18

I dont know…just dont know what the crap is. If you think its okay…I mean really. dont say it is if it isnt. please.


OMG what is that?



If you post one pic per post we can use the site zoom

When the pistils are browning it is time to look at the trichomes with a jewelers loupe or magnifier

Here is what to look for

Clear Trichomes are still growing

Milky trichomes are mature

Amber trichomes are past maturity


Those pictures are great and you can always zoom on the pictures you take,looks mostly clear and a few white to me



What are you talking about?? Those photos that you took are fantastic!! I’m impressed.
Like was said, they can be blown up.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Pics are fine. I see clear trichomes mostly so you’re getting there :+1:


@bob31 Yea, I know about the one per post. This time just didnt feel the need for it, so just put them all in the one post. Wasnt happy with them. I guess just too critical of my own works.


You should be able to get better pics. It takes a little practice @cyberblast I have to use mine in a tripod or I cant get good enough pics


Yes you are!!! If I can see those darn little trichomes then they are good. :hugs:


@daz49 @SmoknGranny @Alton66

Thanks for the compliements. I guess I am just too critical of my own works, ya know. Dont know why. Just am.

@bob31 I took those from a bud that I plucked off the plant. So it was under the microscope on my desk using the stand.


You’re welcome and I’m the same way about myself :grin:


ok, practice some more with it, but you should be able to zoom in better than that. practice and you will get good pics in no time @cyberblast


@Alton66 and others. I went ahead and flushed my OGkush. The leaves on it were not doing good and were not good colors. So flushed it yesterday afternoon. Today planned to add some nutes. Maybe a half of normal amount. Anyone think its okay or should I wait another day or two? I figure to maybe flush the White Widow today or tomorrow as well. The Gold Leaf is okay.

The other thing I plan to do is even though these are in mid flower, I am going to go ahead and transplant the OGK and the WW into 5 gallon, possible 7 gallon cloth pots. I think infact I know those 2 are root bound so need to give them some room. Will slow them down some but will flower better I think. Since the gold leaf is doing so well am not going to mess with it. Its doing fine as is, messing with it, transplanting it could cause problems.

Any thoughts on the above? @bob31 @Myfriendis410 @Laurap @Wishingilivedina420state



Will do my friend. All I can do. Used cameras for years. I know I can do better. That is why I guess I am so critical of my work. Can only try my best.


I find they are a little tricky to use. It took me about 100 pics before I started seeing good ones. @cyberblast



Hey buddy!!

I’m sorry to hear about the plant.

In my opinion I think it would be wise to wait before giving it any nutrients as it’s waterlogged from flushing.

Forty eight hours then check moisture levels, then, if relatively dry then add nutrients at a less than full strength.

That’s what I did with my tomatoes with good success.