First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe


Sorry for the delay in response @cyberblast. Been dealing with life. Anyway the Lecithin doesn’t do anything to the butter or THC and isn’t “needed” per se. It helps your liver absorb the THC and CBD better which ultimately gives you better delivery of your meds or a better high.


@AnneBonny Okay, that makes sense about the lecithin. How much do you have to use to be effective in the butter?


@Myfriendis410 Yea, that is what I have started doing. I looked at my buds and they are really ripening. about 10 percent and less brown trichombs with the rest mixed clear and cloudy. This OGK seems to be ripening alot faster than expected. Maybe because of the burn to it by the light. Dont know.


1 tsp to 1 TBS. sort of a personal preference. @cyberblast


@AnneBonny I thank you so much. Will have to order it the end of the month. Wont have the funds till then. I presume you mean to use 1 of tsp up to 1 tbs per recipe.
I will get it right…I hope.


@SmoknGranny yea, I will stick with 220 and just bake it for a little over an hour. I do know that the jars wont explode. Not something tempered glass will do at that temperature. Crack, maybe, shatter, no. Am getting the jars today. My wife was to get them yesterday but she brought me storage jars instead. The ones I have right now are the jelly jar size. A bit small really.

Well, will see what happens later. Things arent going well for me at the moment.


I’m using pint jars for storage and rationing🙂 I hope things improve for you. I have my good & bad days along with those “everything goes wrong” days.
Fingers crossed the jar doesn’t crack, decarb gets done then buttery goodness :+1:


Two hours in boiling water, sealed in a canning jar is supposed to decarb correctly.


I’ve heard or rather read about that. @cyberblast and I are both cooking somewhat stealthily so I ‘d have to buy a hot plate. I wonder how many amps one of those pulls :thinking:


Yes that is correct. And you don’t have to add it, it’s just a suggestion to help with absorption. You will still get the effects without it.


Barbecue outside? Sealed in jars, there’s no smell.


No BBQ. I may try canning jars in the oven if there’s no odor or chance of me blowing it up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl:


I think boiling water is safer if you want to prevent odor. A covered roaster with jars immersed and the lid on?


Good point. I’m considering trying it. Guess it’s time to use up some data on YouTube :grinning:


@SmoknGranny @Myfriendis410

Thing of it is, a canning jar is tempered glass. Made to withstand up to 400 plus degrees of heat. The thing to watch for is pressure. So do dry bud in the jar, not wet bud or leaf. Done alot of research the last few days online. There wont be any explosion…a crack in the glass. And any pressure would be when cooling. So putting it in a covered pan while cooling would help keep and glass from going anywhere. And like I said…no explosion just cracks. Its tempered glass.

And if you are using dried bud, there would be not much outgoing pressure other than the moisture in the air inside. So pressure is what opens the seal fo force moisture out to create the vacumn inside. That is why there is little smell using the jar.

Having the jar in boiling water only heats it to the temp of the water, not to the temp of the oven or container.

Now another method of doing it is in pressure sealed bags. If you have a vacumn sealer you can use it to seal your bud inside and boil it in water for like 1.5 hours at 200 degrees. You have to make sure it sinks into the water. The guy I read this from used a couple of butter knifes to add weight to his bag to sink it. The knives were sealed seperately from the bud so nothing would transfer to the bud from the knives.

In otherwords, seal your bud…leave enough bag to put your knifes or spoons in, then seal the bag again…use a couple of seals…then heat your water, drop the bag into the water and let it boil. He used a 12 qt pot, but the size is up to you. This is the chart he made with tests made by a lab showing how much TCH was freed by this method…using different methods. This was at 200 degrees water temp. This is what he used to heat his water to precise temp.

Cannabinoids #1 (no decarb) #2 (1 hour decarb) #3 (1:40 decarb)
THCA 12.2% 1.44% 0%
THC 3.37% 8.9% 9.37%
Total THC* 14.07% 10.16% 9.37%
Total THC Adjusted 14.14% 10.31% 9.78%

I cant show the link to his article, but google the title: Decarboxylation: Marijuana Alchemy
You can read the whole report.and his method.
Now, I cant afford nor you guys likely his heating method, but a stove top or whatever to the temp or above even will work I am sure. Worth trying if you are worried about using a jar. The thing about a jar is that it can tip on its side in the pot and more than one jar they can bang against each other and crack. Unless you have a canning pot and the jar rack that comes with it. I do as it happens so guess I can try it and see what goes. Cant hurt I guess. My wife got half gallon size canning jars. maybe too big but least they are canning jars.


@SmoknGranny @Myfriendis410

Link to one of those emersion cooker things…alot less expensive.


My concern was drying out in the oven and having an explosion. Good information.


@Myfriendis410 You are right though. That should work as well.


@Myfriendis410 Yes it is a concern and if you were using non tempered glass and at a higher temp, yes, a legitimate concern. With tempered glass, no really at 220 or 250 even since the glass is made to tolerate much higher temps. Even dry. 220 to 250 isnt really that high. 200 is max temp for boiling plus adding pressure externally and internally. But temp is less a concern than pressure. Dry or not, at 200 to 250 a boom moment is unlikely. More chance if you have water in the jar. Using dry bud is actually better too. Grind it up too. I have researched this heavily since @SmoknGranny and I really have to be stealthy doing this.


Yep :+1:. I’m also paranoid about things like , uh, burning down my house due to substandard electric​:grimacing:. One fire :fire: was enough. So for me the KISS method is best for a stealth grow, harvest and processing. It also helps my budget.
That doesn’t mean I don’t want advice or suggestions :slightly_smiling_face: which is why I’m here learning and asking questions. Sometimes one just has to adapt recommendations to try to get the same results.
Speaking of … I already have my second batch almost ready to pop in the oven. Oh! I’m only putting leaves & stems in the blender. I hand crush the pea buds :+1: