First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe



Sounds great!!

That should help any pain.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@SmoknGranny dont remember now. How long and what temp do you decarb? I want to do that in a canning jar so no or little smell. Then how long in the butter and crock pot. My memory is going. Need that recipe again.


@SmoknGranny Dont matter about amber right now. Going to pick some under buds, small ones and dry them and go from there. Might not be the best, but it and the butter will get me by till it is actually harvest time and dry and cure.


I’m calling in @AnneBonny for this :blush:as I used a Pyrex plate wrapped tightly in foil and not a canning jar. I was going to try 110 minutes at 110 degrees. Neither the kitchen oven or the toaster oven would set that low. Now I have read that with dried trim you cook less time than fresh frozen (30 minutes vs 60 minutes) from 220-240 degrees. So to my high mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I went 45 minutes on 230. Guess I’ll find out if that worked soon.
I bookmarked about cooking cannabutter in a crockpot here. I will try to find that for you :grinning:



Thanks for the tag @SmoknGranny. @cyberblast I decarb at 240F for 60 minutes as I have read that’s the sweet spot. I haven’t tried the mason jar method but I believe you just place the covered jar in the preheated oven on an oven safe dish and let it go. Once your hour passes, take the jar out and let it completely cool before opening the jar.

From there you can add your butter or oil and put it in your crockpot. Are you keeping the butter in the mason jar too or doing the add water method? Opinions vary on the length of time for the butter/oil in the crock pot. Some say 8 hours, others say 4 days. Depending on what’s going in my life I may start it in the morning and let it go through until that night. Or I may start it after work and let go through until the following day after work. I can’t say I have seen a huge benefit to letting it go for days, but others swear it’s more potent. Oh, and don’t forget to add the sunflower lecithin if you have it to help your body absorb the thc/cbd. Enjoy your end result! ~ AB


Thanks for chiming in @AnneBonny I want the best advice for @cyberblast


@AnneBonny what is sunflower lecithin?? And where do I get it?


@SmoknGranny Thanks for your advice and assistance. Am making notes of everything now. Thanks.


@AnneBonny @SmoknGranny I have a question. For me, since I am not harvesting yet, what parts of the plant can I use? I have leaves that have fallen off that I have gathered in and put in a paper sack, other leaves that I have plucked, and leaves that were not the best looking that I have plucked and put in the sack. Are those no good or should I stick with the leaves that are good and green and then dry them. Are the kinda bad leaves any good to keep? I simply dont know. Dont want to use something that will make me sick for my butter. SmoknGranny, you know what I am having to use right now as my harvest isnt ready yet.


I’m of the opinion that if it’s not black or brown it’s okay. Just remember it won’t be as potent as buds and/or sugar leaves. But I think it will take the edge off. Heck until this years Grow all I had pretty much was just leaves to smoke :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Even though I get to smoke buds now I’m keeping a reserve of dried leaves for emergencies.


Yummy brownies!


@SmoknGranny okay, dried green good…dried brown or black bad. Gotcha. Kinda what I was doing sorting. Got a few nice buds and sugar leaves off the OGK that were up underneath. I got a light on one side that gets underneath, so have some nice mini buds growing there. Very sticky too. And it is kinda ending up a modified lollypop which isnt the best in my opinion but will be okay this time. The GL gal and the WW are doing good. Buds getting bigger and very sticky. Also, more brown pistills on the GL too. The OGK has ALOT more brown pistills this morning. Going to look closer later and see what she looks like.


Okay :ok_hand:. Go for the butter and remember to 1) baby step until you know how much & 2) it’s a slow high & 3) ration it as you still have to harvest, dry & cure :slightly_smiling_face:. I’m heading out for the day and will check on you later :hugs:


@SmoknGranny okay lady. Going to freeze what I got and then do the decarb in a couple of canning jars. Never done that before so hope it works. Hope i dont end up with a batch of exploding jars. Will see at 220 it shouldnt go boom. Got a metal lid I can put over just in case. Or should it be at 240? rrrrrrr. will wait till the weekend to do anything. only for an hour decarb so should be good. Have to do it in my house oven cause my oven in shop too small.


From my experience i didnt care for my brownies made with just sugar leaves. Not much of a high. Then a week later i decarb an oz of bud turned into butter & OMG!


@Laurap well, I do have two small paper sacks with buds and sugar leaves in them. Havent weighed them yet, but guestimating about and ounce wet. Would guess then just a bit under half once they are dry. That is both sacks together. Then I have a couple of sacks of sugar leaves and plan leaves. about half an ounce total dry. Having to work with small amounts right now. Couple of days I am going to trim off a few more buds from the OGK.

@bob31 @Myfriendis410 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Alton66

The OGK is showing alot more brown pistills and I looked with my little microscope (no camera), and saw some brown tricombes Guessing about 10 percent. And about 30 percent looked cloudy. Far as I could tell. It seems to be ripening up fast and early. Now please understand, my eyes are not great, even looking through that little microscope. Its clear…but not my eyes. Dont have anyone else to look. Ordered a small microscope with camera that @Daz49 has and hope I can get some decent photos with it. I have good cameras, but my closeup photography isnt that great so maybe this chinese camera/microscope will work… 20 bucks worth. :grin:

The Gold Leaf has developed brown pistills but the tricombs look mostly clear. And the WW is about a week behind the GL girl.:sleeping: As always. And a few weeks behind the OGK.

Going to be fun in a few days cause the buds that I will be picking then should be pretty good for drying.

Forgot, @AnneBonny I found that lecithin you mentioned on Amazon, but dont understand why it could be needed.


I’m sure you’ll get lots of great pictures, you can definitely keep a good eye on the trichomes


I’m such a cautious person anymore so I would stay with 220 this time with the canning jar.


I always mention this and it sounds obvious but when you take a sample, it’s a lot easier to clip a few pieces and take them to a flat white surface to look at. Just sayin’ haha!