First Indoor Grow, a few problems Maybe


Will post some photos later. But right now will go over what I have. First I got my seeds from IGLM, a totl of 15 seeds. 5 of each, Gold Leaf, White Widow, OGKush. Started one of the GL’s first to see if it would sprout, it did. Its now in week 3 of total grow or end of week one of veg. Started 2 OGK’s and one White W about a week later. I know…its screwy doing it that way, but newbie.

All seeds started are growing. One OGK is about 3 inches tall and about to start veg week one. The other OGK and the WW are in their second week of seedlinngs. All of them look very healthy though I did burn the GL slightly because of having my light too close. No damage and it recovered in a couple of days. And I learned where to put the lights. I have two 600 watt LED lights. I had read that LED’s wouldn’t burn plants, but I am here to say that they can. But I had no real idea how close or far I should put the lights. Right now just using one since it covers all the plants easily. PLus I have a fluorescent 3 bulb lamp hanging vertically at one side. I felt like I wanted more white light. The flouescent is a grow light.

Now just waiting till I hit at least 4 week level for all and then go 12/12. Am thinking of doing a scrog so I can control the height of the GL and maybe the WW. Never grown any of them before but reading up, the GL is a tall grower so figure to crop it once or twice to get it to bush some and then do the scrog. The others I think should do okay once they hit 4 weeks and the GL will be at 6 weeks. The GL is round 4 maybe 5 inches tall right now. Not sure if that is normal or not.

Temps in the tent, a 4x30"x 80". Avg is around 72, with a 40 to 60 percent humidity. Temp in the pots run from 64 to 68 around the roots. I do have a fan and charcoal filter outflow and use it part of the time during the days when it gets warmer in the house. Sometimes let it go 24 hours. Also have a fan just to keep air moving and to bring in fresh air as well. All I can say…any comments, help, thumps on the head, whatever.

Strawberry kush and white widow challenge

Welcome to ILGM!

Your going to have a very full tent.
You should be running your exhaust fan 24/7 to keep fresh air in there.
You don’t need to have your filter hooked up until they start to get stinky. You will get more life out of the filter by only hooking it up until you need to.
Pictures of your set up and plants will help us to help you.



Welcome to ILGM.

We’re all here to help you make it through your grow!

Any reason why you want to start flowering st only 4 weeks? (Height issue, timing, etc). I would think that if you can you would want to veg at least 6-8 weeks.


@cyberblast welcome to the best forum bro as both @Rugar89 and @Ray4x stated will get you a successful harvest
A few pictures would be great :+1: also
If you do a scrog do one plant at a time to get the most out of technique
You can lst mans super crop to help control gieght also fim or top the plant
Anyway if I can assist in any way just tag me
Happy growing :+1: :cowboy_hat_face: :v:️ CB


Hi welcome to the forum! As you can see there are lots of helpful growers & newbies as well. If ever in doubt ask here first. Only problem you may have is in size of girls. Your GL will tower over so you may need to raise the others. Using LST and scrog is very helpful.
Anyway, Happy Growing :herb:


Hi guys, thanks for the replies. In answer to why I was looking at starting flowering at 4 weeks, well, that is what I had read in a book was the minimum that a person should start flowering, was at 4 weeks of veg. Or 6 weeks total growth. Which is 2 weeks of seedling growth and 4 weeks veg.

I will take some photos of my grow later today. I have to wait for family to take off.

I put the filter on the fan after I added some fishy imullsion to an empty pot of dirt in the tent. I was trying it out and, boy, did I find out about it. Ended up transplanting the GL to it. But in the meantime, out of necessity I had to run the fan with the filter. I don’t plan on using that fertilizer again. Boy, was it a stink, still a fair amount of stink in there from that one use of it. Newbie mistake. Didn’t use much, but what a smell.

I know it is likely to be crowded in the tent with 4 plants. Especially with the GL girl. I have no choice but to top her fairly aggressively to keep her size down. Been reading Roberts guides and expecially the one on how to top properly for different uses. I shouldn’t have started 4 girls, but as a newbie, I was anxious to see the difference in the different plants. Should have done 3 at the most, but since the OGK was supposed to be a short girl, I started another and have them in the same 5 gal pot. Using fiber cloth pots so the roots have good aeration.

Am going to scrop just the GL, and only as a last resort, the WW. The two OGK, I think should be ok, and yea, I might raise them up so they aren’t screened by the scrog. Not sure how, just yet, but should be doable.

Thanks for the great replies


At 4 weeks veg for the GL, it is going to be tall, especially when it starts into flowering. Otherwise I can just keep topping it into a bush, but then it will take over the tent if I let it get too bushy and then go into flower too long after the others veg. I don’t mind at this point if I don’t get the production I could expect since this grow was/is my first and is more an experiment for me this time. Long as I get enough produced to help control my pain till I get another grow started. Another reason I started so many, I needed to see which would work best for my pain. I suffer from chronic pain, severe. Tired of being under the control of the establishment. Hoping, that one of these days it will be totally legal in this country.



I totally hear you on that!

It was just a recommendation. I know a lot of people on here on concerned with yield and I just wanted to make sure that you could maximize your efforts if that was of importance to you.

We’re all here to help so tag us with an @ and then our names if you have a question.


@Ray4x I am going to try to post some photos. IF it works. The first one should be the GL girl then the next one should show the OGK’s. Then just my general setup. Cant get back far enough with this camera to get a larger view of things.

This first one turned out to be the one of my general setup.


This next one is of the OGK girls in the one pot.


This next photo is of the GL girl

And this last is of my filter and fan and the last one is of my other LED light.




Looks good brother!

Just an FYI you don’t need to run the carbon filter until it starts to stink. It will extend the life of your filter. :smile:



Yea, I know I don’t need the filter, but I used some really bad fishy emulsion in the one pot and it stinks to high heaven. Didn’t know it smelled that bad. So I run with the filter to keep it out of the room. Needs it. It was stinking things up bad. And I know the filter works. Good filter.



Had a question on the GL girl. If you look at the side photo above of her, it is starting to branch already. Is that normal for as young as she is or what?


She looks great. Just showing what she can do. They look like they’ll grow big bushy plants.


Thanks. Well, that GL is surprising me at how bushy she is looking. She is supposed to grow tall, but looks like a bush right now with branches already growing from the second stems. Not sure just yet how I can get the plant to grow them more. Its only going into veg week 2 and not sure if I should clip the tip yet or maybe just crush the tip to get the growth more on the lower branches. Is it too young to top yet you think?
The plant is already 7 or 8 inches wide and just under 5 inches tall and starting week 2 of veg.


Start thinking about SCROG pretty quick. Those GL can get huge on a hurry! I fimmed mine twice and she was getting huge fast. Had to throw her into flower to slow her down! Haha



She’s looking great. From what I can tell it looks like your about on your 5th node. So now is a good time to top for the first time. You can also start doing some LST if you want those plants to be super bushy.


Bit sure what you mean by LST? Havent heard that term before, at least what I remember.
Going to FIM the plant then in the morning and see what happens from there.

I measured it again a couple hours ago. Its 6 inches tall and a hair over 12 inches at its widest. Done that just in a couple of days, maybe less. Thing is growing like a…well…WEED :laughing:


Yea, it is growing fast. Just measured it and its 6 inches high and 12 inches wide. Will go and get me some scrog screening this weekend. Also need to get some kind of table so I can elevate the OGK’s so they wont be in the scrog. Not sure what to do with the WW. Its still a seedling and will be for several weeks likely. Not sure if its a fast grower, but I do know all the others have really sprung up, especially the GL, but the OGK’s are really growing now. Added a dilute fertilizer to the group. NOT that fishy crap I used before. That stuff was so stinky it almost rain me out of the room until I just closed up the tent and rain the fan with the filter. Not so bad now so might be able to take the filter off for a while in a day or two as some have recommended.

I can believe the fast grow on the GL’s from what I have read about the breed. But mine seems to be getting bushy rather than tall. I have 4 lower branches already growing out. :roll_eyes:


I can foresee a problem: The purpose of SCROG is to get everything at the same height so your light is not too close to some buds and too far from others. If some plants are in the SCROG and others not, then the others may grow far above it and force you to raise your lights too far above the SCROGed plants. I suspect it’s better to SCROG everything in your tent unless they can have separate lights.


You can top them after 5 sets if leaves. To LST is to gently pull down on the plant letting the whole branch get light. Kinda of a like doing scrog but using veggie tape or string ( nothing that will injure her) and tie down the tallest limb.) I had two different strains going & had to put two of the plants on bread pans to be same height. Was first grow, made Plenty mistakes, but harvested almost 14oz., so not too shabby.