First indoor grow 2 strains

Wish I would have started this in the beginning but maybe I can still make something out of it… Forgive in advance!

This is my first indoor grow and what alot of fun it has been. The information on this site has answered my unknown questions and guided me silently to where I am now and I just wanted to share.

4- Zkitellz freebies I thought was auto’s but are photos

Planted seedling Sept 14th, Nov 20th flipped lights. Low stress training only and defoliating lower leaves during veg. Plants are short but undergrowth is solid from side to side. About 20/21" all put up a scrog but I was unable to reach the back of the room. Took it down for now.
Spider farmer SF2000 led QB. 12/12.

3- White Widow freebies also photos

Planted seedlings Oct 15th, they’re 21/22" tall only low stress training. Getting ready to flip don’t have alot of height in this side.

Mars Hydro TS1000w led 18/6

All plants in 5 gal fabric pots

25% coco, 25% perlite, 50% compost/worm castings

Water PH 5.5/6

Fox Farm Trio and cal/mag



Zkitellz on 12/12 and looking good. I think I’m going to build a wooden frame around them so I have something to tie down too and I’ll start opening them up more.

White Widows on 18/6 aren’t as full and have very large leaves. raised light today looks like they were getting a little light burn. She’s starting to fill in now. Only water and tea last 2 feedings on all 7 lady’s.


There looking great, maybe time to trim some of the lower leaves to get a little more light and air flow down there. But looking good!


I would have to agree with @Teacherttom1, looking good. I am set to watching, I am going to bum a ride on this one, fo sure


Thanks!! I’ll clean up those bottoms tomorrow…

I haven’t had any that thick and full, I have 2 fans blowing pretty hard that should help with moisture. RH been looking good we’ll see.


Look really happy @Oldtimer69! Thick as shit!. Can I jump on and watch


Plants are looking beautiful.


Hi @Oldtimer69! Gonna set to watch if you don’t mind! Your plants look great!

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Had some time this morning to clean up those bottoms and built a frame I can tie down to, or lay under my scrog so I can lean on it to reach the back. Is this enough off the bottoms?


Your plants are looking very nice.


Yep looking great! Good job on the trim, as it gets Into the Scorg and fill out the canopy you can just strip All the leaves Under the screen to just leave the clean stems and you will be rewarded with a THICK Lush canopy and no more maintenance under the screen except for watering. But they will love what you did for them in just a few days time itll look like you never touched it…Lol! Hang on as your getting ready to have a bud show!!

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Thanks, I’m ready… Its addictive getting that feelings everytime I go in there to see them grow sooo much in such a short time.


Watered the lady’s this morning. Tap water that sits for a minimum of 5 days, FF Trio, calmag and ph’ed down to 3.8 to 4. PPM 784

Run off PH 6.2 and PPM 215.

Can definitely see light burn on the WW moved the light up a little more… This light is hot compared to my QB… I’m going to run out of height in here… I’m 30" from the canopy. Might have to move them we’ll see.


Opened the girls up to let some light in, it will be hard to collect run off now not being able to move them. I’ll have to figure out something.

Moved the light up on the WW again… This light is hotter than I like, flipped them last night maybe that will help. I bought 2 more clip fans to see if that will help moving the plants around more. If not I’ll have to buy a QB like the Zkitellz have, it seems to be a much better light.


Hey bro, plants look great. I think you can dim it at a lower set, it may solve the hot problem.


I’ll check it out today, I hope that helps. I have the light as high as I can go. I bought another QB should be here Tuesday.

Well… She looks worse today, Not sure it’s light burn. It’s been on 1 plant now I see signs on the others. Its only in this area tho, same water and nutrients used on all plants. Ph is mid 6’s watered yesterday with just ph water and calmag. Any help would be great!

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Ph is 6.8 on run off PH water, calmag, and big bloom last water

Can I post this here or do I need to move to the help section?

I don’t see why not. It’s your journal and everyone that is set to watching will be tagged.

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Here’s a chart I use, it’s been pretty handy.

From the looks of you leaves Nitorgen def?? Can someone with better eyes than me compare the chart?

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