First indoor attempt. Quantum boards 324, soil


Pictures speak more than words. I just lsted the plant because the qb doesnt do a great job of penetrating the canopy. Hopefully the lst will open up the plant.

Board is at about 24 inches above plant.

Im starting 3 more plants which are on a heating tray right now

Im going to be topping soon. This one is a auto ak47

The others starting are phyto amnesia haze.

Please share any questions or comments. Thanks! :slight_smile:


welcome to the forums @amosmoses looks like you hit the floor running, a good start, congrats, and good luck with the rest.


Beautiful plant good job.


Looking good :+1:


currently i dont have an exhaust set up… what are your thoughts on having one?


Don’t want to step on @monkman 's toes, but an exhaust fan will help keep a fresh supply of CO2 for your plants, even if you’re not worried about smells. You want something rated high enough in cfm to replace the volume of air in your tent about every few minutes, as a rough rule. For example, a 3 x 3 x 8 tent would be 72 cubic feet. 72 x 3 minutes = 216, so you’d want a fan that moves about 216cfm…ish.

Edit: I might’ve done that math wrong, but you get the idea.


@elheffe702 pardon me? i don’t see any toes of mine to be stepped on here. maybe you are getting a couple of threads intermixed… as far as adding co2 i’d stand by what i said in the other thread which has nothing to do with exhaust fan or the little fan to help the plants by allowing them to strengthen their stems by adding some movement to air.

@amosmoses by my understanding… an exhaust fan is a must and most if not all tents are designed to have one. i will have mine with a filter so as to keep smell down.


Think he was referring to the exhaust question was directed at you and he answered it


Yessir, exactly! He tagged you, was just hopping in to answer.



so you run an exhaust for the entire life of the plant(veg/flower)? i want to cut down on electricty costs, so im thinking i can just open some windows in my tent now and put a fan there to circulate air in.

once its preflower time, i will install one to cut back on the smell. sound good?


One of the amhesia hazes hatched!

Its in the corner so it wont get nuked by the qb


Yes, I ran (not currently growing) my exhaust fan 24/7. It uses very little power, compared to something like lighting.


i would think you would want the fan to run the whole time, but u might need to turn it off or down due to lack of heat. that would be the only reason i could see or have seen in the forums for turning fan off

also, i am a noob that has just got 3 plants to pop out of peat pellets for the first time. i would not be asking my advice on anything about growing anything lol


@monkman sounds spot on to me. I sped mine up sometimes to help with humidity control as well. And we all start out as noobs, no worries! We’re all here to help one another. :v:


The size fans you would need on your grow would not need much power at all, for reference I use two 6 Inch 240 CFM Booster Fans on independent speed controls. Combined they are pulling 38 watts so little more than half a standard 60 watt light-bulb.

I have been very pleased with them, my current grow space is 6’‘x 4’‘x 2’’ On my second grow now, three weeks from harvest and they have been rock solid.


Soon after the election in Michigan I figured I’d try to grow again. Planted 9 seeds from my”collection” and believe I just found out I am having a girl. Looking for some confirmation

Only 2 of the 9 seeds were viable so I kept both and figured I would try taking clones during veg state. And take my chances

Brought my grow indoors

I have deemed the thicker stalked plant “A” and the smaller one “B”
Three clones were takes from “A” about 2 weeks ago. I took an additional 4 from “A” yesterday and 3 from “B”


I see pistils! Congrats on the girl :wink::v::bear:


Seriously thinking about pulling the smaller plant as I have taken 3 clones from it and already have 7 from the confirmed female…what do you think?


If you don’t have space for them all, then I’d pick the best looking ones and go from there :v:


Another amnesia haze sprouted. Put it to the side of the qb to aclimate it