First ILGM seed ever planted -AK 47 Photo on Mother’s Day update

This is Gizmo, my first cannibus seed ever planted with thought process of NY legalizing cultivation for medical patients. October 5th I will be fully legal to have and harvest Gizmo.I think I’m in clear…but seen some copters in last couple days do flyover. Think I should be concerned?


I wouldn’t be concerned of helicopters over one plant. It is a gorgeous plant by the way! Nice job!


Thanks!!! I have 4 though

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NY can be a bit unpredictable :pinching_hand: but at least they are on the right path toward legalization. :+1:
My state barely recognizes the medical benefits, let alone recreational use. :unamused: My little 2x4 indoor grow of 3 tiny plants would be considered a major, sophisticated, advanced cultivation laboratory that threatens family values. :farmer: :male_detective: :policeman: :police_car: :policewoman: :oncoming_police_car: :man_judge:


I have contributed thru purchase on the black market for over 20 years…with this October 5th deadline I am almost there. I am still paranoid though but feel as if I am coming out of the closet being a cannibus lover lol. The country is on right direction. My grow will last me two years minimum…that’s 8k back in my pocket


2 years? You hardly smoke at all seems unlikely they would bust you now. You would just have any conviction overturned or expunged from record.

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Yea…I smoke 1 ounce a month basically…figure ounce rubs me 280-320/mo…unreal

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Id get bored of a strain after more then 3 months

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I completely agree with you. I am growing white widow, bubble gum, and ak47. I also have network of people that I can trade with or go to dispensary to fill in. Have to grow multiple strains for that very reason

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