First Hydroponic grow over...Horrible results...HELP


@DoobieNoobie it came with a 1.5 gallon reservoir, circulating air stone for the reservoir, a fan/exhaust, timer…3 ft tall. I only plan on trying one plant my next grow…I suppose I can get a better light and try to replace the one in the box. I can be pretty handy if I have to. And I believe I actually read on ILGM about the Dealzer box, I don’t pay much attention to the ads. I’ll start over with a tent if it’s a better idea. I don’t want to throw more money at the box if it’s hopeless.


Nah I’m sure you could use the box and by the sounds of it the hydro setup to. What do you mean by reservoir? Like the whole setup only used 1.5 gal? If so probably need to upgrade that as well. The light is really the biggest failure in the setup. It’s just so far under powered that it’s not even funny. @bryan can probably give pointers there but you can learn some from reading his grow journal.


@DoobieNoobie. By reservoir I mean the box the net pots sit in and the roots grow down into the reservoir box. It’s only 1.5 gallon size…I only had to replace a gallon of water each week. Thanks for your help and I’ll definitely look for @bryan journal. I gotta admit, I’m sitting here being totally bummed. But I’ll rally and try again. I’ll just ask for more help next time…you guys are super patient and helpful.


You could’ve made the same mistakes even sourcing the parts on your own. There’s a lot of intentionally misleading marketing when it comes to growing supplies. You aren’t the first and won’t be the last to fall for it. The good news is you found this place where there’s lots of people that can help get you on the right track. In the meantime have a look around here. Read a few grow journals. There’s a lot that can be learned from them.


@kmc0720---------------sometimes it’s best to sit on the sidelines, watch, listen, learn and then ask for recommendations. Yeah, not all advertising is honest. I have yet to see a burger as big juicy and loaded with RED tomatoes and GREEN lettuce. As the big posters on the walls of the burger places. Always GREEN tomatoes and White lettuce.

Give this some thought and see if it might work for you:
IF you have the space…a 4x4x8 tent would handle three bushed out plants. About $70 on sale online. 5 gallon black buckets can be found at Lowe’s for $3.30. Half what the local grow store charges. The black lids can be found online or at any decent grow store. A PH - PPM Meter set is ESSENTIAL. $20 online. A good light is another ESSENTIAL component.
LED or HID your choice. Check the actual strength before buying. A $10 pond pump will make changing water…draining or adding a lot easier on your back and less messy too.

suggest you check local online for sale ads(Craigslist) for used grow equipment.
Once someone has failed at indoor growing, they are stuck with the equipment. They won’t use it again and will be relieved to have someone give them 25 to 50% of what they paid.
Make sure all the used gear works as its supposed to BEFORE you hand over the cash.
If it doesn’t look almost brand new…don’t buy.

I would tell you how many crops I burned to crisp or lost to white flies(hate them…die, die…DIE!!!) little vampires ghost bastards. Jeez. But, You would get bored after the first day or two.
We ALL learn from nothing. All of us…tried, lost, learned and finally got it going the right way.
Ask questions…we love to give advice. Some of it is actually helpful…lol. :face_with_monocle::thinking::clown_face::cowboy_hat_face::star_struck::vulcan_salute::v::v::v