First Hydroponic grow over...Horrible results...HELP


So I’m brand new to growing. Got a 3 ft grow box and followed all the instructions to a tee. Used their nutrients (Dealzer), Had 2 White Widow Autoflower plants which sprouted and grew no problem at first. Then they seemed to get a little spindly and in the end I got almost no harvest. I have two more seeds…any suggestions?


What kind and how much light were they getting?


The box is from Dealzer. A Cash Crop 5.0. Came with LED grow light. I started them with 18/6 and after vegetation 12/12.


Most hydro fails IMO go like this, water too warm > lower O2 level > root troubles > nute deficiency > ooh heck I have a calcium deficiency, I’ll add some calmag > spend next 2 weeks chasing your tail until it croaks. Then ya start this thread, lol.


Its super EZ, fun and no bug’s :man_farmer:t5:
We’ll help you and I would say its your light,you can grow a plant on anything but to flower it well you need a lot of light


Well I would sure appreciate some direction on my next grow. They sure were spindly.
No bugs though !


Water temperature and to small of a reservoir… were your biggest problems…
Light quality and ph and air temps and humidity … were the other problems…
Dealzer box set up was the very first problem…
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news… dont get me wrong… I have seen a couple of successful grows with those dealzer set ups , but they eventually ran into all the problems that I just mentioned and the dealzer box ended up just being a clone box… :wink:



What setup do you have in the box: light,how many plants ,co2,yata yata yata


Well that’s depressing news…


I had the LED light that came with the box…Quasar LED light. Only two plants. Didn’t have any CO2 added.


Sorry about the dealzer box… I’m gonna see if I can find the guy that had success with those boxes and see if I can point you to that thread… :wink:



Thanks…any help so appreciated.


Lots of factors for a good grow: light is a big one, growing media/hydro, nutes, temp, and a very VERY BIG ONE…PH. If you don’t have already, a PH n PPM meter set is critical. $20 online.
Once you learn from the mistakes…it gets easier. The EC/PPM very important.


Is this the light?

If so it’s only 20 watts. Those guys are some serious con artists.


lol let me get this straight. Dealzer sold you a setup with a 20 watt light? Big enough for a 6 inch by 12 inch rectangle? That is a new low.


Looks like it could be. Mine’s attached to the top of the box, but I checked and it is 20 W so I bet it’s similar to this light.


Well then why are they allowed to promote on ILGM? I only considered it because I needed a contained environment and it seemed easier than building my own set up. Silly me. Too good to be true and all that BS.


I actually never noticed the dealer section. But yes it’s complete garbage. I’m sorry that they ripped you off but that’s basically what happened considering you could’ve got way better supplies for less money. I’m sure that dealer section is people that paid to advertise here nothing actually to do with IlGM.


Your light is ok for seedlings. Ya might be able to get away with just a light upgrade


Yes maybe a light upgrade and do one plant. But definitely not the 6 plants they claim on that setup lol I’m not to sure about their hydroponics setup either. Not enough pics of it to see what it looks like.