First Hydroponic and using Packaged Grow Equipment

We use a popular brand of indoor garden for herbs and have never used one for cannabis. Using Autoflower Sweet Mix order number 2602963. Planted one of each, middle seed never sprouted. Using ILGM fertilizer, ph around 6, electrical conductivity 500, ppm = 5000.

Plus, how do I add pictures in this forum to document the grow?

Ok, day three two of three seeds open.

1 week

2 weeks

week three… middle little lady is trying to catch up!

Yep almost time to raise the light. Fertilized when the PH started to rise.


Click on image icon and load pictures one at a time,make sure they have loaded 100%
Screenshot 2023-02-11 at 11-53-44 First Hydroponic and using Packaged Grow Equipment


Thanks a ton!

This grow started on January 21st. The center seed of which the first didn’t open was a Gelato. Replanted second Gelato in same spot on February 4. Left hand in the bottom pic is Wedding Cake, Right hand Pic is zskittlesz.

Bottom Photo was taken today, Feb 10.


:point_up_2: welcome to the community Growmie. This doesn’t seem right?? EC would be approximately 1/2 the value of PPMs.
EC of 1.0 would be roughly 500 PPMs :love_you_gesture:

Not sure I have the PPM instrument scaled right. Plants look great…
Today 2/11/2023
PH= 5.99
EC = 1074 micro siemens/m
PPM = 703

I will check how to use the instrument. It is one of the little cheap blue ones (no brand name intended)

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They look great Growmie and nice work! It’s not easy getting through the seedling period especially with hydro. I would suggest a PH of 5.8 and mix your nutrients at an EC of 1.0 for their growth stage. Your TDS pen should give you the option of of EC or PPMs and the 500 or 700 scale. Are you planning on growing all 3 in this set up? :love_you_gesture:

Yes, the light on this one will go 24" high. It also has a net attachment I plan to use to create a sea of green if all goes to plan… we shall see. Tried this because we grew massive tomato’s in one. I see a lot of questions asking if this kind of device will work with the auto flower girls. The girls seem to like it :slight_smile:


Gotcha, the net will help since their close in spacing. My only concern would be the reservoir size and depth. The roots will explode, is this an aeroponic or Hydro set up with air stones? Here’s one I’m currently growing in a 7 gallon tote and the roots almost have the bottom covered :love_you_gesture:

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It is aeroponic. Roots have gone bonkers. This is a unit that holds three gallons of water. 32" light extension with net and is commonly used to grow herb gardens. We wanted to see if it would work… thus far, it is 100 percent working. The base is 24" x 18". I don’t think we are supposed to use brand names on here, but it is not hard to figure out. The attached pic is two days after the last one with the sticky notes on it.
EC = 1.01
PPM = 602
PH = 5.85
Lights = 18x6
ILGM Fertilizer switched to Grow Time.


Hate to say it Growmie but their going to outgrow that in a few weeks :love_you_gesture:





Probably right, but wanted to see what happened. We have done zkittlesz before in soil, and they flower rather quickly. Not sure about the wedding cake and gelato. Let’s roll with it and I will keep everyone posted. It is an easy alternative. I have a yellow stone aeriated container like yours, but wanted to see what happens :slight_smile: with this dude. One plant in it would certainly be a successful grow for anyone that makes sure the PH and all are correct, or it would seem.


2-16-2023 – Grow began 1-21-2023 using ILGM Fert with hydroponic setup. Comparative photos above. Little Gelato in the middle is a week behind becasue first one didn’t pop. Replaced a week after the Wedding Cake, (on right) and zskittlesz on the left.

EC = 1.01
PPM = 504
PH = 5.8

Growing like wild. Light raised 3" yesterday.



Raising the light one more time before netting and go for the sea of green.


20 Feb 2023

Wedding Cake has some flowerage. Raising light again.


Wedding Cake has gone into flower. 1 month and two days. zKittlesz are close. Little guy in the center is a week younger but digging. Pics in a little with water readings.


they have very thick stalks. See flowers starting. 1 month 2 days.


Yellow leaves are our fault. On Flower time now.